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On: Oct 26, 2010

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On: Sep 18, 2010

I like it!!!! Here''s the one I created a while ago before PPP dropped includes titles from his previous 3 cds ...


"While I am not sure if you are ALREADY TAKEN, I CAN"T HELP BUT WAIT!!!!! See I really JUST WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE, and who knows maybe you will see me as your WONDER WOMAN. OOOO ....Don't take this the wrong way. I don't need to see you with NO CLOTHES ON. I am a down to earth type of chick. So we can just chill and get our GRUB ON. I know ...I know ...I need to wake up and stop dreaming...LOL :-) You are too busy trying to be SUCCESSFUL. Well I GOTTA GO. But I want you to know I am READY and my ANTICIPATION grows each minute as I daydream about the day that I have my very own TREY DAY! So HOLLA IF YA NEED ME!!!!

On: Sep 18, 2010
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Hey!! I am a Dallas,Texas native that loves 2 have fun & has a big heart!! I am a CPA. When I am not working hard, I like to shop, play flag football, workout, mentor young girls, bowl, play video games,travel & much more. I've been a fan of Trey since 2005 when I first heard him on Live365 Internet radio!!!! I become more of a fan with each cd I purchase & every concert performance I attend!! He is without a doubt the Top Male RnB Artist out right now!! I got to meet him, take pictures and ask him questions on November 28, 2010 at the House of Blues in Dallas. Meeting Trey was an experience I won't forget!!!! Look forward to meeting him again!! My Trey Favs: 1 No clothes on 2 Wonder Woman 3 Store Run 4 Can't Help But Wait 5 Jupiter Love 6 Be Where U R 7 Neighbors Know My Name 8 Yo side of the Bed 9 Panty Droppa 10 Made 2 B Together 11 Love Faces 12 Alone 13 Whatever U Want 14 May I 15 Right above it(trigga mix) Follow me on twitter at
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