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On: Feb 06, 2011

Most of the time guys say tht & I say u must know personally. They can't argue with me then. Or I'll say something stupid like "Well I guess a gay person would recognize another gay person" or "Oooh I know u happy. Gone & get yo man." I just flip it around. To make them even more mad say something really vulgar like "How it taste?" lol They can't get me mad cuz he sexy gay or straight.

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On: Jan 23, 2011

I won't be in the NYC til June but I'll party with u in spirit. lol Plus, I don't wanna beat you too bad in bowling for yo bday. lol ;-)

On: Jan 23, 2011

When I saw his recent video message to us, he mention he was doing a music video for Love Faces and I would definitely love being the leading lady in that one!

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On: Jan 22, 2011

They look nothing alike PERIOD!!!! I'm tired of ppl sayin tht too. I don't even see similarity with them. Terrence J is not ugly but I hate his eyes. I love Trey's nose and how it flares and I definitely love Trey's lips. I don't see those features on Terrence J. Sorry.

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On: Jan 21, 2011
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