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princess priya


My Comments

Heey flava..i just love trey so much, trey is such a inspiring role model.His songs are so meaningful and it actually reflects on what other people in the world might be feeling.I not only love trey songs for his songs but i also love him cause he's a really great guy. He respects everyone and he's sooo down to earth, hes always trying to make his fans happy and most of all he has such a good sense of humor. I love every song of his, and i love his stories from the past like how he got where he is now, and how he conquered some of the negative times of his life. I think trey is such a interesting person, he always has his own ideas and never really steals ideas or styles from other artists. I loved trey from the moment i saw him and from that moment my life changed so much, i was trying to find out everything about him , i watched all the interviews of trey songs i could find on youtube, and also all his behind the scenes video. I REAAAALY love trey songs and could do anything to meet him. All my hard work of trying to find out everything about him would pay off , if i win this competition, it would really mean a lot. I would be so great full of you guys. Pleeeease Flava pleeease let me meet him

On: Aug 12, 2012
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New Zealand