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use the chance 2 follow each other on twitter ! :D Leggo sisters - follow me @princess_iva14 :D I FOLLOW BACK

On: Jun 26, 2011

Hell yeah girl, no messin with the official angels ! Leggo everyone ! :) Love y'all! xoxo

On: Jun 26, 2011

I wish I could but I'm all the way in Serbia, Europe ! Unless all of u girls want to come over here ! :D

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On: Jun 26, 2011
Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Jun 05, 2011
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princess_iva #TenacityAngel
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I just love Trey ... :) LOL this is such a cliché, doesn't everybody here love him? I am from SERBIA... I don't think many people even know him here, but still.... He is very good at what he's doing right now... Go 4 it baby :) About me... well, I'm studying management at the uni, hopefully gonna do my master degree in the USA. I travel a lot & I love that, I also love meeting new ppl, but above all, I love good music. When they play Trey, club is going down!! :D Proud Trey's Angel !! #TenacityAngel :D I've met so many great people... this is more than a fan club, it's a lovely sisterhood 4 life! Even though I'm far, I feel like I'm really there, a part of it... :) email -
Yugoslavia - doesn't exist anymore :)
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