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Hey guys, I didn't forget about this story, just been busy and doing some writing for CLG anniversary. I'll get a post up as soon as I get my mind back focused on this story :)

On: Feb 04, 2014

“Trust me. I know that’s asking a lot from you right now, but can you do that?”
“Like you told Trey to do? I know you and Trey talked…”
“Nelly belly everything is gonna be just fine. I spoke to Dre and I have a detective already in place to work for Francine and make sure she will never know anything about a baby.” My dad was so distraught that he didn’t realize he just told me something that I didn’t know till I questioned him.
“You spoke to Dre about this?”
“When Trey told me you had Dre looking into this for you I had to do something. I’m glad I did, because now that Elliot suspects something he can be convinced too that there’s no child. Look, don’t worry about this. I’m gonna handle it.”
“How do you expect me not too? Everything seems to be falling apart daddy.” He hugs me. I was so scared and really needed his assurance at that moment.
“I won’t let no one try to destroy this family. You let me worry about Elliot and Francine.” I look at him.
“What about Trey daddy?” My tone is now a whisper. “I don’t know what connections you may have, but he’s trusting you. Don’t let him down. Me either. I will never forgive you if he goes to jail.”
“I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I have a lot at stake Shanell. I’m not going to let either one of you down.” My dad kisses my cheek and hugs me once more before he leaves. As angry as I am at that man I can’t deny his love for me and my mother. It baffles me to know that a man so gentle and caring has this side to him that was devious and threatening. I honestly don’t know all the things that my father is capable of and it scares me. After my dad left I realized that I hadn’t heard from Dre in a while to even know what the latest was, yet he’d been talking to my father. I was going to give him a call at first, but then I decided to call Trey; give him an update.

On: Nov 26, 2013

“Then you know what you need to do to get me back.” He grabs her hands.
“So we do still have a fighting chance?” My mom looks around the hospital since people were around and my dad was making a scene.
“I really don’t think this is the appropriate place to get into this Bruce,” she says through clinched teeth. She moves her hands away.
“I just need to know that you still love me and will give me a chance to make things right before doing anything crazy.” She whispers.
“It’s a little late for that. I’ve already saw a divorce attorney. I’m going back inside now.” She turns to leave.
“Honey wait.” She looks at him.
“I will not discuss this any further with you right now Bruce.”
“Well I’m not leaving until we do. This is our marriage we’re talking about here for heaven’s sake.”
“One that you decided to play God with.” My dad takes my mom by the hand again.
“Can you walk with me to the cafeteria? Please Sheila, just give me a moment of your time.”
“There you go making this moment about you. I’m here for Sharon. I didn’t come here for this. If that’s your reason for being here than you should go.” Mom says pointing.
“Tell me that you’re not gonna divorce me first…that’s all I ask.” He begs.
“I don’t think I can at this point Bruce. Now excuse me while I go be with my sister.” My dad was really hurting. I saw it all over his face when he came in the room behind her to say goodbye to me and my auntie. I didn’t know what all had been said between the two of them, but from the way he looked I knew it wasn’t good. I decided to have a talk with him before he left, because now I was concerned that Elliot knew about Hailey. I wasn’t sure if he knew or not. I followed him out as he was leaving.
“So now Elliot knows… you happy daddy?” I say as he walks ahead. He stops and turns to face me since he didn’t realize I was behind him.
“Elliot knows no more than what Francine does if she told him and it’s gonna stay that way I promise you.”He puts his hands on my shoulders.

On: Nov 26, 2013

“Yes! But if you expect me to be happy about it right now, I can’t.” Her voice softens. “I loved him.” Even though I hated to see my auntie hurting in any way the thought of her being through with Elliot made me happy. I wanted no parts of El’s family near mine. It bothered me like crazy that Elliot now knows. I was gonna fight like never before to keep Hailey hidden from that family. Since my auntie was still upset over Elliot there was no way I could let her know about Hailey. It was just too risky. I didn’t trust her. She was still crying over him.
“Can I get you anything?” mom asks her.
“No thanks. I’m fine. I know it’s gonna take some time for me to get over him, but I know I will.” Shortly after, my dad walks in the room. My mom and I were shocked to see him here.
“Bruce! How’d you know we were here?” mom says.
“Trey told me.” He walks a little closer looking at my auntie. “Sharon, I’m sorry he did this to you.”
“Yeah, so am I, but thanks Bruce.” My dad had a big bouquet of flowers in his hand. “Are those for me?” she asks.
“Yes, I’m sorry.” He sets them down in the window seal.
“Thank you! They’re beautiful.”
“You’re welcome.” My dad observes my aunties injuries. “Are they taking good care of you here?”
“So far so good.”
“You know you’re gonna need some help at home once you get out of here. Do you have someone in mind?”
“I’m sure me and the kids will manage just fine.”
“He’s right Sharon. I could be with you until I start my next stint at sea.”
“Look, I appreciate all the support that you guys want to give me, but really, you don’t have to change your lives for me. I’ll be fine.”
“Sheila I didn’t know you were going back to work so soon.” Dad says.
“Yes Bruce, I am.”
“Can I talk to you for a minute please?” My mom and dad walk out of the room.
“Sheila I miss you.”
“Is that really why you’re here and not out of concern for my sister?”
“Of course I’m concerned about her. That still doesn’t mean that I can’t miss my wife does it?”

On: Nov 26, 2013

“I am in this hospital because my fiancée was told by his ex that he is a grandfather, and that his soon to be wife’s family, maybe even his fiancée knows where this child is. Now you’re gonna stand here and say me that you don’t know what he’s talking about?”
“Sharon please calm down,” mom tells her. “You’re hearing it from the source. There is no grandchild. Francine is delusional anyway. She’s just making things up.”
“But why would she make this up? It doesn’t make any sense.”
“Nothing that family seems to do makes any sense Sharon.”
“But a baby Sheila? Elliot wouldn’t have gotten that upset if he didn’t believe there was some truth to what she told him. He doesn’t blindly listen to Francine like that. She would have had to have some type of proof in order for him to believe her.”
“Why are you so set on believing that man? The same man that’s caused you to be here. It’s that hard for you to believe your own family over an abuser?”
“It’s funny you say that when you’ve been doing most of the talking.” She looks at me. “Shanell how come you haven’t said anything more about this when it mostly concerns you?”
“What more do you expect me to say? There isn’t another baby. The end.”
“You’re not the least bit surprised that they’re even saying this or wondering why they’re thinking that their son has a baby with you? That doesn’t bother you?”
“Auntie Sharon I’ve had it, I mean had it, with that family. I refuse to let anything that they do affect me anymore. I have no ties with them. None! And I hope after what Elliot’s done to you, you won’t either.”
“For someone who said they don’t let that family affect them you sure sound like they still do.”
“Well, if you’ve been through what I have with them then you would sound the same way. If I’m passionate in the way that I sound towards them it’s because I haven’t forgot the hell I’ve been through.”
“Sharon are you really through with Elliot?” mom asks.

On: Nov 26, 2013
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