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Ms. Francine told him. I was frantic on the inside and didn’t know what to say. My mom jumps in.
“You have both. Shanell has twins.”
“I’m not talking about the twins.” My mom looks at me and then back at my auntie.
“What makes you ask that Sharon? Is that the reason why you’re in here? Were you and Elliot arguing over him saying he has a grandchild from Shanell?”
“He said Francine told him that they have a grandbaby that Shanell’s trying to keep from them. He thought I knew about it and wasn’t telling him. He got very angry and started accusing me of lying.” My auntie gets upset. “I never even knew what he was talking about. He kept pushing me and yelling all in my face. I just wanted to get away from him until he calmed down, but he wouldn’t let me go. Then finally I was able to get loose and I ran. I dialed the number for the police, but he was too fast and pushed me down the split level stairs before I could speak to anyone. I tried to brace myself for the fall and ended up hurting myself even more. When he realized I was hurt he called the paramedics and waited till they came, but why is he saying this?”
“Why is he putting his hands on you? Has he ever done this before Sharon?”
“No! You think I would marry a man that puts his hands on me? I’m not that desperate for love Sheila. He’s never done that to me before. That’s why this hurts so much. I never saw this side of him.”
“The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” I muttered.
“Well, I hope you press charges so they can keep his ass locked up,” says mom. “You do know he’s been arrested right?”
“I know. They came as I was being put in the ambulance. But you have yet to answer my question. Why is he thinking he has grandchild that’s being kept from him… Shanell?” She looks at me wanting an answer. I dryly reply.
“I don’t know what he’s talking about.” My auntie looked at me like she could tell I was being deceptive. She expresses her distaste for my response.

On: Nov 26, 2013

When Trey had gotten back I was still sleeping. I felt him getting in the bed. He snuggles up against me laying his face on my cheek.
“Where’d you go?”
“I had a little talk wit ya pops.” I tried to turn my head, but Trey kept me pinned down with his face.
“Relax baby.”
“Trey what happened?”
“What happened was we came to an understanding.”
“Baby, just know that we talked and all this bullshit wit El is gonna be over real soon,” he says, getting a little more comfortable on me. “All of it.”
“Before you left you weren’t so sure, now you can trust him?”
“Do you want me to stay out of jail?”
“Of course I do.”
“Then I have to trust him.”
“Well, is he turning himself in?”
“I wish I could answer that.” Trey kisses my cheek. “Get some sleep baby, we’ll talk more in the mornin.”
The next morning when we got up I noticed it was pouring out. I didn’t want to do anything that day anyway until it was time for us to catch our flight that night. I was mentally exhausted so I didn’t even bother asking Trey anymore about him and my father’s conversation. I really just wanted to be home with my babies. In that moment I decided to call Mrs. Vanessa to check on them, than I remembered the time difference. I figured they might still have her up early, so I called anyway. She answered and told me they were still sleeping and everything was alright, so I didn’t need to worry. As soon as I hung up with her Trey got a call. His face changed drastically.
“Trey who is that,” I ask while he’s intently listening. I wondered if it was my mom because she had called when I was talking to Mrs. Vanessa, but I didn’t click over. I stood there antsy watching Trey as he held the phone silent. I was ready to jump out of my skin with anticipation of finding out who he was speaking to and what they were saying to him. He finally brings the call to an end. “Trey what is it?”

On: Nov 06, 2013

Marcus made it to Atlanta to accompany me to Virginia. When we got to the hospital my mom was so happy to see me. I had already spoken to her and she told me the extent of my aunties injuries. She told me she suffered from a herniated disc in her back and a clavicle fracture (Broken Collarbone). I felt so bad for my auntie. She was resting when I got there. My mom said her surgery was a success. She hadn’t been awake since my mom’s been there, but she has been up. The medication that she’s been on has kept her out of it and groggy when she’s up the nurse said. She just wanted us to be prepared in case she did wake up while we were there. Me and my mom just sat there talking. She still didn’t know what all had happened between her and Elliot. Ricky and Raven luckily weren’t there when the confrontation took place. Somehow or another my auntie managed to call the police. We don’t know if it was before she got hurt or afterwards, but my mom said the neighbor Mrs. Ruth saw the police and the paramedics shortly after and came over. She was the one that called my mom. I really hated seeing my auntie laying there like that. Even though she was sedated she looked so uncomfortable. Just looking at her reminded me of the times that I was in here because of El. The only thing he did that was good was give me Hailey, even though I don’t have her. As far as I’m concerned even the grave is too good a place for him. My mom and I noticed my auntie starting to wake up. When she opened up her eyes she looked at my mom first and then her eyes traveled over to me. The next thing we saw were tears running down her face. That made me and my mom both start crying too. My mom took her hand and I just stood beside her. Then she smiles at me. She clears her throat.
“Uh hmm…is it true? Do I have a great niece or nephew Shanell?”
I couldn’t believe she asked me that. How’d she know…then it hit me...Elliot.

On: Nov 06, 2013

I got my room for another night and then got on the phone to get me and Marcus a flight to Virginia for when he arrived.

Meanwhile at the airport…

“Trey man, it’s Dre.”
“What’s up man?”
“It looks like Ms. Francine fired the P.I.”
“When she do this?”
“To my knowledge yesterday. The person she used is a friend of mine name Lorenzo. He told her he wasn’t coming up with anything about a grandbaby and that the documentation she had was basically bogus. She got upset with him and fired him.”
“Wow! So do you know if she’s lookin’ into getting someone new?”
“That I don’t know, but most likely she will. She doesn’t seem like the type that will give up on something so easily. I’m gonna keep an eye out though. We got lucky this time with her finding Lorenzo, but I’m not so sure about the next person she may hire. He might really do his job. Really try to do some digging.”
“I mean isn’t it a way you can prevent all that though. People make shit disappear all the time. You know what I’m sayin?”
“Aye, I definitely know what you saying. Believe me, I’m working all angles with this so my hands stay clean. I’m on your side though.”
“You don’t know how much everything you doing for us means man. If I’ve never said it, thanks.”
“You and Shanell good peoples man. I hate to see good people get a raw deal you know?”
“I feel the same way. Have you spoke to Shanell’s dad yet?”
“No, I noticed he called me though. I’ma go by there on my way home. You know what he wants?”
“Nah, he just mentioned he needed to talk to you.”
“Alright, I’ll get with him in a bit.”
“No new information on my case yet?”
“Nothing. It seems the leads that they keep finding don’t pan out to anything concrete. They trying hard man to bring you in though, but lack the evidence.”
“That’s good to hear. Well, I’m in the airport right now, so keep me posted on this situation a’ight.”
“I’ll be in touch.”

On: Nov 06, 2013

“I actually was thinking maybe we could have it at The Little Gym. I think they would have fun there. We wouldn’t have to worry about any clean up and food. We could rent it out and have a private party with close friends and family.”
“I like that idea.” I look up at him.
“Plus you’ll be able to relax before you guys have to be in San Diego…”
“I’m sold baby.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll make some calls when we get home and see if what we need is open.”
“We better start getting ready to go.” He says.
“Trey, I’m not gonna go. I think I should fly to Virginia to be there with my mom and to see what’s going on with my Auntie.”
“Baby but ya mom is gonna be there. Don’t you think you should wait to hear from her first before you decide to just up and leave to go there?”
“I can’t do that. Look, I know I need to be home with the twins, but this is really nagging at me and I think I should go.” Trey didn’t say anything for minute. I could tell he didn’t like it though.
“Okay. Lemme make a few phone calls and see if I can free up some more time to…”
“No Trey. I’m going alone. If I can’t at least be there with the twins you should be.”
“No Shanell. You have no one to be witchu. I’m not lettin’ you travel alone.”
“Well, call Marcus or Evan to come and then I’ll leave once they get here.”
“Why you don’t want me to just come witchu?”
“Babe, I feel like I’ve taken you away from home enough. It’s bad enough that you’re gone all the time with work. I’ll be fine doing this on my own.”
“How long you think you gone be there?”
“I don’t know, but I promise you I won’t stay long. I just really wanna see my auntie and go check on Ricky and Raven.”
“Okay, if that’s whatchu feel like you needa do then I guess you should go. I’ll call Marcus and get him to fly here as soon as possible.”
“Thank you babe.” I hugged Trey for being so understanding. He got his things together and I rode with him to the airport to see him off. I had an open ticket so I didn’t need to make any arrangements for my return.

On: Nov 06, 2013
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