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“I see where her son got his madness from. That lady done lost a few marbles.”
“Yeah,” I muttered. I didn’t say much because I knew Marcus had heard her mention a grandchild. I guess I was waiting to see when he was going to bring that up.
“You okay,” he asks.
“Not really.”
“You wanna talk about it?”
“Not really.”
“You do understand why I had to make you leave right?”
“I know. It was stupid for me to go over there anyway. I don’t even know what I was trying to accomplish. She doesn't deserve to know anything.”
“Is it true?” I realized I was saying too much. I got quiet again. Marcus continues to talk. “I pretty much have an idea now of what’s been going on with you and Trey…why you guys are on the outs right now.”
“Marcus I really don’t want to talk about this, okay.”
“You don’t have to, but I am here if you ever want to.” The rest of the drive back to the hotel was in silence. We walked back to the room and I got my things together. My focus right now was getting to the airport to be back with Trey. I really wanted to know where he had to go, but I’m sure he’s not going to tell me if I was to ask. Once I was done we walked down to get the rooms all checked out and then we left. When I got to the gate where we were to board I saw Trey, hooded up with shades on. I was so relieved that he was actually here. He seemed distraught. I figured that had a lot to do with me. I walk over to him and speak.
“Hey.” Buggzi moved so I could sit beside him.
“Everything is all squared away from our stay at the hotel.” Trey slouches down and leans his head back on the seat crossing his hands over his chest.
“Mm hmm…thank you baby.” I’ve seen that look on Trey before. His mind was deeply bothered by something. I knew that something was my secret. I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t going to push it, so I didn’t continue to bother him. We boarded our plane and sat
quietly on our flight. I just looked out the window while Trey rested. I was so happy once we got home to see my babies. I held them like I’ve never held them before. It was late and they were sleeping, but I didn’t care. I picked them up one after the other holding them as they still laid asleep in my arms. Trey came in the room too when I was holding Treyonna. He kissed her cheek then walked over to check on his little man who was back in his crib sleeping. He smiled at him and tucked him in a little more than walked out of the room. I finally put Treyonna back in her crib and went into our bedroom. Trey had a towel over his shoulder, his toiletries and a clean pair of boxers in his hand that he’d just took from the drawer.
“I’m gonna sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. I just need some time to digest everything.” He stops beside me before he leaves out of the room. He kisses me. “Goodnight,” he says.
“Goodnight.” I solemnly say back. I appreciated the kiss, but I wanted him to be there lying beside me more. He’s really taking this hard and as tough as this was going to be for me, I knew I had to give him some time and space. I got undress, took a shower and later cried myself to sleep, which I tend to do at times when Trey’s not around. About 4:00 am I was awakened from a nightmare. El wasn’t dead. He was back, holding on to our daughter, but I couldn’t see her face. I just heard her crying saying mommy where are you over and over and over again. I couldn’t get to her because my hands were tied to some sort of bars. I was yelling for him to let her go, but he wouldn’t listen. He just taunted me, laughing. It was so horrible. I woke up sobbing because it seemed so real. I’ve never had a dream about her…ever. This was the very first and I actually felt emotions for her. With my hands covering my face I just cried. I couldn’t make any sense of this. Eventually sleep found me and I was able to rest, but not at all comfortably without Trey.

On: Jun 19, 2013

Once I was dressed I had Marcus take me to go see El’s mother. I know I was supposed to be letting Dre handle this, but I needed to see her myself too. It had been so long since I’d been to their house I almost forgot how to get there. I wasn’t even sure if she still lived in the same spot, but this was the last address that I knew so this is where I stopped. Marcus had no idea this is where I had him bring me. I told him it was an old friend’s house.
“You sure ya friend lives here?” he asked.
“Well I’m about to find out.” I hopped out of the car and told Marcus to wait while I went up to the door and knocked. Ms. Francine answered. Bingo! I thought.
“What the hell are you doing here?” She unkindly asks.
“Ms. Francine, I think we need to talk.”
“You damn right we do. As much as I despise your ass right now, get in here!” She says briskly. She pushes me inside of her house. Marcus saw this because he was leaning on the car while I went up to the door. He came rushing up to the porch. Ms. Francine looks at him. “Who are you?” I’m standing near her front door now on the inside.
“He’s with me Ms. Francine. Marcus I’ll be fine. Can you wait for me in the car?”
“Hell no! You’re not going in her house alone, not after what I just saw. Who is she anyway?”
“I’m Arvell’s mother.” Marcus looks at me cross.
“No, not this time. Let’s go Shanell.”
“No! I need to talk to her. It’ll only take minute.”
“Trey’s not gonna like this Shanell,” he warned. Ms. Francine was irritated.
“Look, you two are not gonna stand here and have my door open. Look you!” She loudly shouts to Marcus. “I have some things that I need to know from her. You’re welcome to come in with her, but dammit if you two don’t shut my door.” For some reason I wasn’t ready for Marcus to know anything yet.
“Marcus please! This is a private matter. Can you just wait for me in the car?” Marcus opens Ms. Francine’s screen door even wider and comes in her house.
“I’m not leaving you alone.” I wished now I would’ve come alone somehow. “Go ahead and talk,” he says.

On: Jun 19, 2013

“Come on chile, walk with me in the den,” says Ms. Francine. She crossly looks at Marcus. “This is my house, you wait right here.” She told him.
“I can respect that this is your house, but if you lay as much as a finger on her again you will answer to me. I won’t care whose house we in.”
“What? Excuse me?” She says eyeing him. “How do you think you’re gonna come up in my home and make threats to me? I’ll have your goon ass locked up so fast your head will be spinning. Matter of fact, I don’t even want you in my house no more.” She swats her hand. “Get out!”
“If I leave, she leaves,” he says. I jump in.
“Ms. Francine, maybe I should do this some other time. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”
“No child! I want to know what you did with my…” I panicked and cut her off.
“Ms. Francine! We’ll talk, but please, this matter needs to be handled privately.”
“Fine! He stays.” She says, rolling her eyes at him.
“Shanell that’s it! We out of here! I can’t let you be here with her. You wanna come back, do it with Trey. Come on, or I’m calling him.” Ms. Francine didn’t like that one bit.
“Un ahn! I don’t know when I’m gonna see this girl again and anyway who do you think you are telling her what she has to do? She’s gonna tell me where my grandbaby is and what happened to my son today!” She snaps, while pulling on my arm so I wouldn’t leave. Marcus reacted and grabbed Ms. Francine by her neck. Immediately she lets me go because she couldn’t breathe. Her hands try to remove his hold, but he was too strong. Marcus yells.
“Shanell go get in the car!” I left out of there real quick. Shortly after, Marcus came out rushing to get in the car. He started it up and hurriedly pulled off. I was looking at Ms. Francine’s door to see if she was going to come out of it yelling and screaming at us, but she didn’t.
“What did you do to her,” I asked dramatically.
“She’ll be alright. She’s just been put on pause for a minute.” I ran my fingers through my hair with frustration. I couldn’t stop shaking my head at myself. I sat there thinking why did I even go over there. Marcus interrupts my thoughts.

On: Jun 19, 2013

“Does ya sisters soon to be ex-husband think Shanell knows that they were raising her child?”
“He does think that she knows and doesn’t want any part in her life.”
“So you been knew that this secret was about to come out, but never said anything?”
“I was trying to prevent it from happening. That boy has cost my nelly belly so much, more than what one should have to go through in a lifetime. So when I went to help my brother set up for the party earlier that day, I made sure I had protection around just in case it was needed. Then when I noticed you and her weren’t inside of the tent, it made me wonder if there was problem, so I left. Took a walk around and that’s when I noticed the lights on in the barn and heard a gunshot. I came up from the back side and when I saw Shanell down, blood, and you holding her I thought he’d shot her.”
“That’s when you grabbed the gun you had stashed and shot him after I shot him thinking he was down.”
“It’s a good thing I had that gun in there. He almost tried to kill you son.”
“You know…I never said anything to her and went along with ya plan because one, you saved my life and two, because I didn’t know what that would do to her, since she thinks the world of you, but now I don’t even know what to think of you.”
“I will do anything to protect her from the likes of El or anyone else who tries to cause harm to my family. It’s that simple.”
“I get that, but how could you let ya own sister adopt her child? She’s right up underneath her nose. How do you think Shanell’s gonna feel if she ever found out that’s her daughter?” Bruce lights a cigar and takes a pull of it as he sits with his legs crossed looking at Trey.
“Do you plan on telling her son?”
“I don’t know what I plan on doing at the moment. I can’t even be around Shanell right now to be honest witchu.”
“I wouldn’t act too imperial if I were you son.” Trey gets defensive.
“You tryna say something to me man?”
“No…no…I just know my daughter, and she would be devastated if she knew about some of your extra-curricular activities that you seem to have hidden, plus aside from that, I did save your life.” That did it for Trey. No more fatherly love. He now declared war against my father.
“Bruce man, I never expected things to come to this with us, but you testing the wrong one.”
“My daughter is very precious to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love you like my own son. The son I’ve never had, but I wouldn’t mess up what you have with Shanell if I were you. I’ve done some digging of my own. I’m not proud of the way I had to go about getting this information, but for my daughter I’ll do anything.” He puts the cigar in the ashtray and sits up. “What I’m saying son is you haven’t been all that forthcoming with your dirt either, so don’t be so hard on my daughter about this. I really don’t want to see her hurt anymore, but one phone call from me, I could have your whole world destroyed and you’ll be going down for the murder of Arvell Harris. I will make you look so bad you won’t even recognize your own self and Shanell will feel betrayed by you. Now my daughter loves you and I know you love her. I think you two can work this out without things having to come to that.” He says confidently. “Don’t you think son?” He smugly asks.
“This family is something else. She really has no clue the type of father she has, does she POPS?” he stressed.
“I’m the type of father that wants what’s best for my daughter. I want to see her happy. You make her happy. I just want you to think about whatever it is you’re about to do.” Trey stands up.
“Well, I live by my own rules. You ain’t got shit on me nor will you hold shit over me. Plus Shanell would never believe you.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that son. I’ve spoken to Shanell’s old nurse Kelli and that crazy ex of yours Nikki.” Bruce stands. Trey’s expression completely changes. “Now I’m not at all interested in your little sexcapades, my point is, you are just as imperfect as my child. I wouldn’t judge her about her secret when we both know you’re holding a few of your own. I’m sure if she heard what I found out she’ll believe it, but that will be the least of your problems. We both know that murder wrap will sever your relationship alone. Now, I’m not against you son. We don’t have to have any hard feelings here. I’m talking to you from one father to another.”
“Bullshit man! You’re talking to me like you tryna threaten me ‘n shit, but do what you feel is necessary. I’ma big boy. Whatever you tryna dish out believe me I can handle mines.”
“Sorry you feel this way. That’s really not my intent.”
“I can clearly see what ya intent is. I’m outta here.” Trey walks out of the living room and goes outside to call Buggzi. He was fuming. He waited for him on the step till he returned. As he waited he couldn’t believe everything that he just found out. Even though he was so upset with me the thought of how I had no clue that my father was such a snake angered Trey. He knew if I ever found out that my father had my child being raised by my aunt, that news would shatter me. Then to goad him into not telling me or he’d try to send him to prison really hurt Trey. He thought my father always had his best interest at heart too, but now he knows differently. He views him in a totally different light, one not very appealing. My father having my daughter raised right underneath our noses, he felt was right immoral. Then to have Trey possibly take the fall for El’s murder and wave saving his life over his head if he told me, was downright heartless. Not to mention bringing Nikki and Kelli into this, to point out his past indiscretions. It’s a lot that he’s not proud of that he did when he lost his memory, but to use that time against him, my dad couldn’t get any lower in his eyes. He lost all respect for him and really was bothered by his tactics toward him. Now he didn’t know what he was going to do regarding telling me or not.
"Another fuck’n secret." he says under his breath. "Fuck'n bullshit!"

On: Jun 06, 2013

“But Shanell just told me El’s mother recently found out, which is after he was killed, so why wouldn’t she had already known before now if El knew?”
“We don’t know if El really knew, or if he contacted his mother for her to know. It’s just speculation. My sister believes once he was killed her ex sent that paperwork to his family, so his mother probably didn’t know anything about this before then. She probably would’ve been wanting answers before now if that was the case along with her son.”
“Makes sense, but you don’t believe he was there because of that.” Trey says.
“No, I don’t believe it. He’s been on the run. My only other guess is he was there because somehow he knew you and Shanell were gonna be there. Honestly, we could come up with tons of theories, but the truth is something we may never know. I don’t know what he knew, but I was gonna be prepared if he showed up.”
“Where does this leave Hailey?
“There were some things about the adoption that didn’t make it fully legal. Her husband knew that. My brother-in-law right now, will do anything to destroy my sister. Having Hailey taken away from her would do that.”
“But she’s his daughter now too. How could he just turn his back on her like that?”
“Who said he turned out to be a good father? I think a part of him still resents my sister because they couldn’t have their own child. After some time had went by I started regretting my decision. Not because of my sister, she’s a damn good mother, but because the only father that Hailey knows turned out to be an asshole. I never saw that coming.”
“Is he Caucasian too?”
“No, he’s African American. Hailey has no idea that she’s adopted if that’s what you’re wondering. She’s a happy, healthy, beautiful seven year old who doesn’t see race when she looks at her parents. All she’s ever known is Linda as her mother and that jackass as her father.”
“So there’s still a chance now that she could lose her?”
“Not now with El being dead. He can’t contest it.”
“What about his mom?”
“She has no proof of anything except for the child was adopted. She can’t prove that El knew nothing about it and didn’t consent to it. It would be her word against Shanell’s if she tries to pursue anything.”
“What about ya sisters husband? If he knows it wasn’t legal couldn’t he cause a problem?”
“He doesn’t know all the details of the adoption. He just knew it wasn’t full proof. What made it illegal was only between me, and Shanell. He wouldn’t know the first thing to dispute to make a case to a judge. Everything on those papers look authentic.”
“Except the fact that El’s signature and everywhere he was supposed to sign wasn’t authentic, right?”
“Well, right.”
“Who forged his signature, Shanell or you?”
“Shanell did it.” Trey took his hand and started smoothing his eyebrows. He was so disturbed right now. “Son, it really was the right thing for her to do. El was poisonous in her life, caused nothing but trouble to her. If he knew she was pregnant, no telling the kind of hell he would’ve tried to put her through.”

On: Jun 06, 2013
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