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Happy Birthday sister Angel!

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On: Aug 12, 2011


Trey handed me my crutches so I could try to get up. I had to sit back down. Oh my gosh that pain was too much. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get dressed on my own.

“Take it easy baby…here lemme help you.”
“Baby can you help me to the bathroom?” I put a lot of my weight on Trey to get up. Then he gave me the crutches. I was in pain but I had to move around. We finally made it to the bathroom. He came back out to bring me my dress and then he stayed in there with me and helped me to get dressed. Once I received my discharge papers we were out and headed to my mom and dads. It was nice getting to spend time with my two favorite guys. My mom of course was still on the ship so she couldn’t find out about this until they docked. Her and my dad used calling cards. The expense to use the ship’s phone was just way too much. I watched Trey and my dad talk and get caught up. My dad cooked dinner for us that evening. Before I knew it, it was time for Trey to be leaving. In that instant I started losing my feelings of being safe and secure. I knew I had Evan and Marcus but it was nothing like having the certainty of your mans words to comfort you. Knowing that because he loves you he won’t allow anything bad to happen to you but he’s leaving and so are those secure feelings.
“Ight baby I’m bout to be out. You call me if you need me ok?”
“I will baby…kisses…call me once you get settled.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too.” I thought, there goes my baby…what now?



Trey got very little sleep on the Red Eye. He was arriving back in Detroit because he had a show to do that night. He had some interviews to do and a sound check and then he had the rest of the day to relax and get ready for the show that night. Once they arrived back to the hotel suite Buggzi and CiCi had a surpise for Trey.

“Lonzo you seen my chain wit the cross on it?”
“Nah man I ain’t seen it.”
“Damn! Ight I’ma lay down for a bit.”
“Ight nigga.” Trey goes to lay down.

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On: Aug 12, 2011


“He must’ve seen me come out of the store and followed me to the car. He kept saying he wanted to talk to me and that he wasn‘t going to hurt me. I panicked and got away from him and the next thing I knew I woke up here.” Trey was quiet for a minute.

shakes head up and down…he fuckin wit the wrong one…”
“Trey I’m gonna go get a restraining order against him so he won’t be able to come near me without getting arrested.”
“Yeah you do dat…but he won’t be coming near you again if I can help it anyway.”
“Baby please let the cops handle this.”
“They had their chance to handle it the first time and they fucked it up.”
“So what are you saying Trey?”
“Look baby let’s not get into this right now.”
“Trey promise me you’ll stay out of it.”
“No…I can‘t tell you dat. If I see him Shanell all I‘ma say is it‘s not gone be pretty…look lets not talk about him right now ight?”
“Okay…so how long will I be graced with your presence?”
“I’m afraid not long. I gotta catch the Red Eye tonight and get back.”
“Aw baby…come here.” Trey moves closer to me. “My baby always on the go…I’m glad you came to see me babe. I know you got a lot on your plate right now and I’m sorry to add to it with this.”
“Baby you don’t have to apologize…I’m just happy you’re gonna be ok…you had me stressin. There was no way I wasn’t gonna come and see you.”
“How am I suppose to get dressed with this leg cast? I wore jeans here.”
“I guess you’ll be wearing skirts for awhile to show off them legs….well the one leg.” I bagged up.
“Trey what am going to wear up out of here…seriously?”
“Wear dat.” laughing again.
“A hospital gown Trey?”
“Nah I’m just playin…here.” He hands me a bag. I open it to find a brand new dress in it.
“Trey this is so cute baby. How’d you know I was gonna need something to wear?”
“Ya dad actually wanted me to come by there to bring you something but I had CiCi pick a few things out for you…the rest you’ll get later.”
“Aw..thank you babe.” I leaned over to get a kiss.

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On: Aug 12, 2011


“Don’t you ever scare me like dat again.”
“Aw babe…I’m sorry.” Trey turns his attention to my cast.
“Ya leg all fucked up in shit. How you gone mess my shit up?” I started laughing. “I better still be able to lift it like I use too…if not, dat nigga that ran that stop sign gone get fucked up.” I just couldn’t stop laughing. “I should fuck him up anyway…puttin my baby in here…nigga shouldn‘t be drivin.”
“Oh my goodness…here we go.”
“I’m serious. He lucky it wasn’t worst than it was because had things turned out differently I would be on his ass…no joke!”
“I see I still have a thug on my hands.”
“Nah I ain’t no thug I just don’t like unfinished business…anyway you know you being discharged today right?”
“Good. I’m ready…what day is it anyway?”
“It’s Wednesday.”
“What! OMG! I’m suppose to be back at work!”
“Baby relax…pops called ya job…they know the deal.”
“Ugh!” I laid my head back in frustration. I couldn’t help but to think it never fails. It always seems like something just has to happen to me.
“Man…my baby was in a car accident…can‘t believe dat shit.”
“You! How do you think I feel…whining… Gosh Trey I had some great interviews set up. I just hope I still get to do them. I gotta get back to work.”
“Not right now you don’t. You gotta take care of that leg. You gone hafta go through physical therapy so work gone hafta wait.”
shaking my head “I can’t believe this…I mean it all happened so fast. It all started from me rushing out of the parking lot to get away from El…”
“El! Hold up! That nigga came near you?”
“Yeah. I was coming out of the supermarket…”
“Where was Evan and Marcus?”
“Trey don’t get mad at them, they were listening to me. I told them to go because I didn’t think I was going anywhere.
“Nah fuck dat! I’m payin them to protect you…I give the fucken orders not you.”
“Baby calm down. They have been protecting me. This is not there fault. Promise me you won’t say anything to them…promise me Trey!”
“Ight I promise…go head what else happened?”

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On: Aug 12, 2011


I was trying to get my breath along with saying El.
“Nurse! What’s going on?”
“Mr. Weiss I’m gonna have to ask you to leave out just until we can get her to calm
“Baby what about El?”
“Please Mr. Weiss!” My dad left out of the room. He had a puzzled look on his face. He couldn’t understand why I suddenly went into panic over El. He walked down to the café to get some coffee when his phone rang. It was Trey.
“How she doin pop?”
“I’m afraid not good.”
“I don’t mean it like that son. Health wise she seems fine. I just was in the room with her talking about the events of that day…”
“She’s up?”
“Yes she’s up, but out of nowhere she started mentioning El and then hyperventilating. They had me leave the room.”
“I’ll be there.” Shanells dad hung up with Trey and went back upstairs. He stopped at the front desk since he spotted her nurse.
“Is is ok if I go back in and see Shanell?”
“Yes you can. We had to give her something to help her to relax so she’s probably feeling the affects from it. Her blood pressure is a bit high so we‘re monitoring that.” My dad came back in the room. He came over to me and stroked my hair as he talked to me.
“Aw I hate seeing you like this. Nelly belly you’ve been through so much…eyes began to water…. I love you so much. I couldn’t have asked for a daughter to be any more special than what you are to me.”
“I love you too daddy.”
“Just relax ok.” I did just that and ended up falling to sleep. I don’t even remember the rest of that day. All I remember is waking up the next morning with Trey asleep in the chair beside me. My head felt clear. My sprits were pretty good. I stared at Trey for a minute. He looked so cute. His hand was resting on the side of his face as his elbow leaned on the arm of the chair. I was so happy to see him I woke him up.
softly says “Babeee…” He quickly looks over at me. Surprised that I was up he gets out of the chair and give me a gentle kiss. His look turns serious.

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On: Aug 11, 2011
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