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I opened up my eyes and just looked around the room. A nurse was in the room looking at the monitor jotting down my vitals. Then she speaks to me.
“Good Morning! It’s good to see you up. How you feeling today sweetie?” she opens the curtins in the room. "The doctor will be in shortly to see you ok?” I just stared at her. Then she took my temperature. I moved a little bit and this sudden pain shot up my leg. I didn’t realize that I had a cast on it. The nurse noticed me flinch.
“You still feelin pain sweetie? Here let me increase your pain medicine just a bit.” Then the doctor walks in. He introduces himself as he checks my eyes and looks over my chart.
“You’re doing very well. Just a few broken bones but luckily they were clean breaks. We just need to keep an eye on your head injury and you’ve had some issues with your blood pressure fluctuating. Other than that you’ll be able to go home before you know it.” I’m wondering what in the world happened. Next thing I know my dad comes in the room. He rushed to my side.
“Babygirl…kisses my cheek…God it’s good to see you open up those eyes.”
clears throat and slowly speaks “Daddy what happened?”
“Baby you were in a car accident. You been out of it since yesterday when they brought you in here. Another concussion and a broken leg. I called Trey and let him know. I don’t know when he’s gonna get here, but he does know.” I suddenly felt my face. I had a small bandage on my forehead.
“Your face is fine you just suffered a scratch from your head hitting the stirring wheel. Don’t worry you still look beautiful.” I smiled. “Shanell what were you doing going to the store by yourself? You were suppose to be with Evan and Marcus.”
speaks with a raspy voice “I know dad…but they had gone…I didn’t think…it would be a problem.” Then I thought about El. My pulse started racing. The monitors were going off the hook and I started hyperventilating again. My dad called the nurse in the room. He didn’t know what was going on.

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On: Aug 11, 2011


“I’ll try but as soon as I see you I’m leaving. I don’t want her to know I talk to you.”
“Ight hurry up!”


I was almost done getting the last of the things on my dads list when I heard a familiar voice call my name.

“Shanell!” I look and see it’s Crystal. Why the hell did I have to run into her I thought, but I spoke.
“Hey Crystal how are you?”
“I been good. I’m sorry about what happened with you and El. Wow! I can’t believe he did that to you.”
“Well I gotta go…if you talk to Paige tell her I said hello.”
“Wait! I mean I haven’t seen you in a while….how’s Trey?
“You haven’t been keeping up on his status?”
“Well you can’t believe everything you read so I’m asking you.”

“Trey’s great…look Crystal I really have to go.” Crystal saw that El had arrived.
“Yeah I do too. I’ll see you later.”

She quickly got out of there before Shanell noticed him.

I was glad she had to go too. I paid for my groceries and put them in the back seat of my dads car. As soon as I shut the door and turned around El was standing there. I looked at him with pure horror.

“I’m not here to hurt you baby.” I instantly start to hyperventilate. “Shit! Shanell…yo…don’t do that…look I just wanna talk to you.”
Barely getting out my words “Giiiiittttaa waaaaayyyyy frommeeeee…”
“Shanell please just hear hear me out…I’m sorry…I never loved…” I finally was able to scream and cut him off.
“LEEEAAVVEEE ME ALOOONNEEE!!!” I frantically tried to get in the front seat. He moved out of my way because he was worried about causing a scene.
“I just wanna apologize and make up for what I did Shanell!” I slammed the car door and nervously put the key in the ignition. I backed out. He was yelling something as I pulled off.
“I REALLY NEED TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT!! YOU GOTTA HEAR ME OUT!!” I sped out of the parking lot. I was shaking uncontrollably and crying immensely. I had to get to the police. SSKKKKRRRRRR…..BOOM!!!

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On: Aug 11, 2011

@JamRoC_4eva LOL!!! All you guys comments are great! Your starting to catch up to me as I'm writing. I'll put a new post up later on today :)

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On: Aug 11, 2011


“I still can’t believe you came just to see ya old man.”
“Daddy you know that’s not the only reason why I’m here.”
“You know already don‘t you?”
“Yes. Not the way Trey wanted me to find out but I know. Daddy how could you two keep this from me?”
“We thought it would be for your own good…just while you were away. I wanted you to enjoy yourself.”
“Yeah Trey said the same thing. I don’t want you two to look after me by keeping things from me.”
“I’m sorry baby….but you did have a nice time right?”
“We did.”
“Good. You know I wish them screw ups would’ve made the mistake on someone elses case.”
“I still can’t believe it ither. The more I think about it makes me sick.”
“Well it looks like Trey has you well protected and you know you’re definitely protected as long as I’m around.” I hug him.
“I know daddy.”
“So what do you want for dinner tonight…my treat.”
“You’re actually taking me out to dinner?”
“Yes. I hardly get to see you anymore or I could make you dinner and we can catch up on your trip.”
“I think I like that idea better.”
“Ok. I need to run to the store to pick up a few things first and then I’ll get dinner started.”
“Well daddy let me go to the store then. You’re already doing the cooking so make a list of things you need and I’ll go.” My dad looks out the window first to see if Evan and Marcus was still there.
“Ok only because they can take you.” He writes down what he needs and then gives me the list. My dad walks upstairs as I head out the door. I noticed that quick that Evan and Marcus had gone. I just grabbed my dads car keys and decided to go to the store. It wasn’t that far of a drive so I figured it was no need to call Evan and Marcus back for that. I pulled into the parking lot and walked in the supermarket.


“El…you're not going to believe who I’m staring at right now.”
“Ya girls back in town…”
“You see Shanell?”
“Yes I do. I’m staring at her right now going in the Food Mart.”
“Crystal do me a favor…stall her till I get there.”

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On: Aug 09, 2011


I wish I could let the thought of El go just as easily. Just the thought of that bastard being out makes my skin crawl. Marcus and Evan have been made aware of the situation so they are on high alert. I really wish Trey could be here with me. He’s preparing to go on tour with Jay-Z. My baby is in such high demand I can’t even keep up with him. The first thing on my list is to file a restraining order against El. Not only will I do it in LA. but I’ll also do it in Atlanta. Thank god I don’t have to be back to work until Wednesday so that leaves me a few days since it’s Sunday.


Monday morning Evan and Marcus escorted me down to the LA. Police station so I could file a restraining order against El. Once that was done I got caught up on some laundry then it was back to the airport for me. I figured I’d go visit my dad in Atlanta since I was filing a restraining order agaist El. I wanted to take care of this immediately. When I got to the house it was like six something their time. My dad was so happy to see me.
“Ayyyeee…embracing… how’s my nelly belly doing?”
“Dad! Please don’t call me that.”
“Look you don’t let me say it in front of Trey or in public so when I got you alone I’m going to say it.”
“I guess…Daddy come out front I want to introduce you to Evan and Marcus.” We walked out to the car and my dad had a chance to meet my bodyguards.
“I appreciate you gentlemen looking after her like this. It gives me a sense of comfort knowing she’s not alone.”
(M) “Our pleasure sir. You have a very lovely daughter.”
“Thank you. You gentlemen want to come inside.”
(E) “No sir. We’re fine right out here.”
You know what guys…you can go. I’ll be here with my dad. I won’t be going out anymore.”
(E) “We’ll sit around for bit just incase you change your mind then we’ll go.”
“Ok…so I’ll give you a call when I’m ready to go somewhere.”
(M) “Nice meeting you sir.” My dad gives them a salute. The we walk back in the house.

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On: Aug 09, 2011
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