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He thought she would at least understand that he was only looking out for what he thought was her best interest. She completely reacted the opposite. Now he really was shook about telling her what happened with Nikki and knew now was not the time. Shanell got up off the couch.

“Sorry for not wanting to be kept in the dark about the man that has tormented me being released from prison.” She goes over to look out the sliding door.
“I didn’t mean to come off like dat. I just wasn’t expecting that reaction…I mean…I don’t what I was expectin, but I know it wasn’t that.” He walks over to her, stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders.
“Baby by no means am I leavin you to deal with this all by yaself. I made a promise to you that no one was gonna hurt you. I meant dat. I’m here if you need me. I might can’t always be by you physically but you know I’m just a phone call away. I will try my damnest to talk to you when you need me…be by ya side whenever I can. I don’t want you to be worrying about El. Let me do dat…give me that burden. All I want you to worry about is me getting upset if I find out that you’re not happy.”
“I‘m scared.” He tells me to look at him.
“Don’t be. I promise you’ll be protected this time…you hear me. I won’t let him touch you. You gotta believe that baby.” I grabbed onto Trey so tight I never wanted to let him go.


Hate Me Now


It’s been one hell of a week and I can’t even say that I’m glad to be home. I wonder if I would’ve been better off not going on that cruise. I guess I can’t call it a complete disappointment because a lot of good things happened too. Got some great interviews coming up. Met some new people and I did have a wonderful time with Trey. Even though Nikki tried her best to ruin it. I still can’t believe she pushed my buttons enough for me to want to fight her. She does still deserve her ass beat, but I don’t have to see her anymore so I’ll just let that go.

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“Shanell it’s gonna be alright now ok baby.” Trey had his arms around her as she walked crying in his chest. She couldn’t even respond to her mother’s words. They finally made it to the room. He walked her over to sit on the couch. Then Trey grabbed some tissue to wipe her tears away as he tried to talk to her.
“Shanell listen to me baby I’m not gonna let anybody hurt you. You hear me?”
“How is this possible! He should still be in jail!”
“Baby I know…some how LAPD screwed up and they couldn’t hold him for all the charges.”
“He’s gonna make my life hell!”
“He’s not gonna hurt you again baby…I put my life on dat shit!”
Softly asks “How long have you known?”
sighs “Ya dad told me the day we boarded the ship.”
“You’ve known all week and you didn’t tell me?”
“Baby I had my reasons…”
“So you having your reasons justifies you keeping stuff from me?”
“No, I just didn’t want that to ruin our time together this week. I didn’t want you to be worrying about this. I was gonna tell you. I just was gone do it once we got back.”
“That’s not good enough Trey! How could you think it would be better when you’re not gonna be with me to deal with it. You’re not staying in California with me! I’m gonna be alone with Evan and Marcus! I need you to lean on not them!”
“Shanell I thought I was protecting your feelings just so you could enjoy yourself baby without the stress of worrying about that. I just wanted you to be able to relax and be happy.”
“You needed to be honest and tell me! Help me to deal with it while you’re here. How could you wait until I got home to dump some news on me like that and then leave me without you to cope?”
“I fucked up ok! I wasn’t thinking about it that way.” Shanell was not expecting that response. Shock was written all over her face but Trey was exasperated. He knew Shanell was going to be upset about hearing this news, but he didn’t think she was going to take it this way once he explained his reasons.

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On: Aug 09, 2011

@cneislove - lol it's ok. You're on the right track. CB stands for (citizens band) radio. It's for short distance communication luv :)

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“I think she did. I hate that I’ma have to give her bad news and tell her about El but…”
“What about him?” Trey paused for a second.
“You don’t know?” Shanell’s mom got real serious.
“Know what!”
“Aw man.”
“Spill it!”
“El’s suppose to be released.”

As soon as Trey said that Shanell was standing right there. Her sudden appearance made her mother jump which made Trey look to see why. He saw Shanell and she had this paralyzing look on her face. They both went over to her because she looked like she just stopped breathing.

“Shanell sweetie…Trey let’s get her over by the bed.”
“Baby say somethin.”

Shanell went into a panic attack. She started shaking her hands like she was trying to get something off of them. Her mom and Trey was trying to get her to calm down.
“Baby don’t talk just breathe.”
“Shanell sweetie please calm yourself and stop talking…focus on your breathing…you can ask questions later.”

Trey was not happy at all that she over heard that news. It seemed like everything was starting to fall apart. Trey was not ready to deal with this too right now. Shanell was terribly upset. She didn’t easily calm down either. Her mother insisted that she try to stop crying so much so she could breathe to calm herself. It took her some time to listen but she finally was coming around. Shanell’s mom still had some questions since she never got to say anything.

“Trey do you know this for certain.”
“I actually found out from ya husband.”
“Well if you heard it from him then it’s definitely true. Sweetie I’m sorry…ooo I can‘t stand that boy! There‘s no way in hell he should be out!” Shanell just cried. Suddenly someone walked in the infirmary with an injury.
“I’ma take her back to the room. I’ll call you or have her call you.” Shanell’s mom gave Trey another hug and a kiss on the cheek. She also hugged her daughter and kissed her too before they walked off.

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He also was wondering if he should keep what happened with Nikki from her. She would be devastated if she found out about if from someone else. Then again he knew either way hearing he had sex with Nikki was going to kill her. He didn’t know how he was going to face her hiding this secret. Once they made it back on the ship Trey went to Buggzi‘s room and called his cabin. He was hoping Shanell wasn’t in there because he needed to shower. When there was no answer he went to their room. He hurried up and got in. He scrubbed himself thoroughly.

Then he just leaned his hand on the wall with his head down as the shower water fell on his head. He couldn’t believe what just happened. He didn’t want to lie to Shanell. He understood what Buggzi was saying but he was all to familiar with how lies can only lead to hurt. He needed to find Nikki. The fact that she drugged him and took advantage of him like that angered him. He couldn’t let her get away with it. He needed to see her. Once he was dressed he checked the spa to see if Sonya was in there. She was. She saw Trey and immediately started to walk away from the desk.
“Don’t worry I’m not gonna do anything to you. Have you seen ya cousin?”
“No. How was you guys date?” Trey ignored her question.
“What’s her cabin number again?”
“Deck 4 C24.” Trey walked off. “Aye!“ Trey kept walking and ignored Sonya. Before he could get to searching he bumped into Shanell’s mom.
“Hey baby!” they hug
“Hey mom Shiela how you doing this evening?”
“I’m doing pretty good. I caught a little bit of your performance last night. You had them ladies going crazy for you.”
laughs “You know it’s all for show.”
“And a good one at that. Where’s that daughter of mine?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t been with her since earlier. I came back to the room and she was gone.” Trey ended up walking with Shanell’s mom back to the infirmary.
“So did she really enjoy herself this week?”

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On: Aug 08, 2011
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