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Buggzi punched the pillows. Trey was finally dressed and getting his senses about him again. He was looking around the room.
“Who room we in?”
“Boy I got some shit to tell you.”
“What’s goin on?”
“You were just up in here wit Nikki.”
“All I know is when I came to the door looking for you, you were ass naked as the day you was born.”
“Fuck outta here man!”
“Look nigga I ain’t gone lie about no shit like dat…Nikki brought ya ass up here. Nigga go use the bathroom and you disappear. I just saw her and she gave me some bullshit bout you not feeling good and was up here laying down. I’m wondering what the hell you doing in the rooms. Get up here…you come to the door with no clothes on.”

Trey started remembering the dinner and him feeling hot all of a sudden, and was trying to figure out why? He started to think the only time he wasn’t paying attention to Nikki was when he picked up her napkin.

“Dat bitch put somethin in my drink…fuck!”
“Man you got bigger problems than that. She got yo ass to sleep wit her. I hope she strapped you up.” That made Trey think about a baby conversation.
“Damn! I don’t believe this shit!” He got up off the bed. “How da fuck I‘m gone tell Shanell!”
“Whoa! Nigga is you crazy! You can’t tell her dat shit!”
“What if she finds out from Nikki?”
“Lie ya ass off!”
“Fuck! I‘m tired of her shit! Shanell definitely gonna have a hard time believing this shit.”
“Look I‘m telling you don‘t tell her. You gone wish you listened to me on this one.”

Trey didn’t know what to do. He didn’t have the energy at that moment to think about it. Him and Buggzi left the hotel to hurry up and get on the ship. Trey had so many things going through his mind. Nikki really messed up his head. She was the last thing he needed to be worrying about. He was hoping she used a condom because he didn’t want any babies or anything else. He already had on his mind Shanell and how she was going to react once she heard the news about El.

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On: Aug 08, 2011


“Yo how you got four titties?”
“You see four?” He started reaching out to touch them. “Touch the ones in the middle.”
Nikki started kissing on Trey getting him ready and aroused so he could make love to her. She succeeded and that’s what he did. She made sure they went at it long enough for him to cum twice inside of her. She knew she had to quickly get out of there because Buggzi was going to be looking for him. Trey had that CB on him but Nikki smothered it in pillows and put in the bathroom. While Trey was still groggy she got dressed and left out of the room. As soon as she got to the lobby Buggzi spotted her.
“Yo! Where da fuck is Trey!”
“Oh. The last time I seen him he said he was going to room 1214 to lay down. He wasn’t feeling good so he cut my dinner short. Nikki got out of dodge and Buggzi went up to the room to find Trey. He banged on the door. Trey lifted his head up and said come in.
“Nigga come open the door!” Trey got out the bed butt naked to answer it. “Mofuker get some damn clothes on!” Trey just went and sat on the bed. He still was feeling the affects of the drug. “What da fucks wrong witchu!” He was making Buggzi mad. “Nigga here!”
Buggzi threw Trey a towel. Trey was looking all wide eyed rubbing the top of his head.
“Yo where Shanell go?”
“Shanell? Nigga Shanell ain’t been here. Why da fuck you up here?”
“Yes she was. I was just wit her.”
“Trey nigga look at me.” Buggzi looked at Trey’s eyes and his pupils looked dilated. Trey do you know who brought you to this room?”
“Nigga it wasn’t Shanell.”
“She told me her name was Shanell…laughs a little bit…yeah nigga I was just wit her.” Trey ended up falling back on the bed with a goofy looking smile on his face.
“Damn! Nikki did this shit…Look man we gotta get back on the boat. You gotta get dressed.” Buggzi threw Trey his clothes and went in the bathroom since he noticed pillows in there on the floor. He picked them up and noticed the CB underneath. “Bitch! Dat lying ass!”

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On: Aug 08, 2011

@TSAngel_Ty & @stlgirl4lyfe2010 - LMAO!!! You guys haven't found out yet...but you patient.

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On: Aug 08, 2011


Nikki figures she better hurry up and get him to the room before Buggzi came back. She helped Trey up and told him to come with her. The restaurant was already aware of the promotion so he didn’t have to worry about paying. Everything was to be billed. Nikki quickly walked Trey out of the restaurant to go to one of the rooms that her cousin had gotten for her.
“Baby where we goin?”
“I’m just taking you so you can lay down.” Trey had his arm around her as they walked and caught the elevator up to 12th floor. He was smelling her hair. He was out of it.
“Dat shit smell good. Whatchu wash ya hair in candy?”
“You don’t remember what shampoo I use?”
“Skittles?” Nikki started laughing.
“That’s not a shampoo silly although if it was up to you it would be.” They finally made it in the room. She walked him over to the bed. Trey was helpless just laying there from the drug. It would soon make him hallucinate.
“Here let me get you comfortable.” Trey starts laughing out of nowhere.
“Baby why y’all dressed alike?”
“Who?” He’s still laughing.
“Dat shit is whack!”
“Oh Kayyy…you’ve officially lost it…whispers…drug definitely working.”
“Yo…when she get here?”
“It’s only me Trey she left.”
“Who are you again?”
“It’s me baby…Shanell.”
“It’s Shanell…my baby…I love you baby…witcha sexy ass.”
“I love you too. I’m gonna get you undress and you can show me how much you love me.”
“You a freak…I got somethin for you doe.” Nikki got Trey undressed and then she took her clothes off. She finally was going to get another taste of her first love. She straddled herself on top of Trey as he laid there.
“Shanell baby you look different…you sho dat’s you?” squinting his eyes
“It’s me Trey…just make love to me ok…who knows we might make a baby.”
“My babygirl want a baby?”
“Yes your babygirl wants a baby.”
“I’ll give my baby whatever she wants.”
“Give me a baby then cause that’s what I want.”

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On: Aug 06, 2011


She had on all white. She wore a half top that showed her belly with a white wrap around floor length skirt that exposed her leg on one side. Her shoes were a pair of white wedge sandals that tied up around her legs. Trey walked over alone. Buggzi sat at the bar.
“You look very pretty Nikki.”
“Thank you Trey. You know you always look good to me.”
“So have you had a chance to look at any menues?”
“No I wanted to wait for you…Trey I’m sorry.”
“Look how bout we just concentrate on gettin through this dinner.”
“I really need you to know that I really feel horrible about the things that I’ve done.”

The waiter brought over menus and took their drink orders. Trey just wanted some water. Nikki ordered tea. He brought over their drinks and put in for the meals. Trey wanted this dinner to go as fast as possible. He didn’t want to be rude so he made small talk with her. He couldn’t wait until the food came. That would give a reason not to have to say much.
“So have you had a nice time this week?”
“I’ve had a real nice time. It’s still more fun to be had as far as I’m concerned.”
“Yeah true…we still got the rest of tonight.”
“I just really feel bad about my behavior…you must really hate me.”
“I don’t hate you Nikki.” Nikki noticed that Buggzi was talking to a waitress and wasn’t looking in their direction. She faked dropping her napkin out of her lap so Trey could pick it up. When he did she discreetly drugged his water.
“Oh thanks for getting that for me Trey.”
“Your welcome.” There food had arrived and they began to eat. Trey finished off his water as he ate his food. Buggzi came over to the table and told Trey he was going to find the mens room and he’d be right back. Trey shook his head because he couldn’t speak for a moment. He started pulling on his shirt.
“You hot?”
“No I’m fine.”
“It’s getting hot in here or somethin.” He started to sweat. “Yo!” Trey started tripping. “Why the room spinnin…this shit look crazy…you see this?”

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On: Aug 06, 2011
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