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I was on the back riding with Trey. Buggzi was right along side of us. That was so much fun. I felt like a biker chick. I told Trey I was his ride or die chick. He started laughing. I was starting to get hungry since we didn’t eat any breakfast. Buggzi was too.
“Yo Trey let’s check out this place right here. I wanna try dat Conch er’body talkin bout.”
“Ight nigger you keep on fuckin wit dat exoctic shit…you’ll be right back in the hospital.”
“Yeah Buggzi I heard about it too. I want to try the Conch fritters.”
“Y’all go head and eat dat shit.”
“Baby you’re not gonna try it?”
“Nooo…I’m gud.”

We stopped at this little Caribbean shop and ordered something to eat. That place had a lot of people there so I’m assuming the food is banging. We sat outside and ate. People were coming over to Trey wanting his autograph and a picture. He did a few but then Buggzi pushed them away. He told them to let the man enjoy his vacation. Buggzi is very protective of Trey and I love that about him. Treys more than a job to him. He’s family. Trey has to get on him from time to time because he can tend to come off too harsh toward his fans, but he knows he’s only trying to protect him. We ate our food and road around a little more and then went to chill at the beach. He knows I have to get that in. We played around in the water. Trey picked me up and we both fell because of a wave. My body smacked that water hard. I was ready to be on top of it for awhile after that. We went water skiing again and then layed out on the beach. It was time for Trey to start getting ready for his dinner date. I wanted to go with him so bad. To have her come to the table and see me sitting there with him, that would be priceless. We planned to finish our evening together once he came back so I kissed him good bye and I walked around the Straw market before I headed back to the ship.


Trey and Buggzi walked in the Atlantis resort’s restaurant. Nikki was already there waiting.

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On: Aug 06, 2011


“Shanell about this dinner thing…I just found out last night that Nikki was the actual grand prize winner baby.”
“Well look it’s only dinner right?” He looked surprised by my attitude about it.
“I thought you were gonna be upset with it.”
“Oh believe me when I first heard you say her name I was.”
“I know I saw you…why you leave out like dat?” I just stared at him.
“You know why I left.”
“You missed a good show though. I had dedicated a song to you and you wasn’t even in the room.”
“Aw Trey why would you do that when you knew I left.”
“It was already planned…it just would’ve made dat moment if you were there.”
“What song was it?”
“It’s called, It Would Be You.”
“Aw Trey.” I kissed him. “That must be new. You have to sing it to me.”
“I will later…muah!”
“Yeah I never heard the one you did before I left either…with the sheets and pillow.”
“Yeah dat’s Scratching Me Up.” I just did another mix tape so you haven’t heard those songs yet.” I wrap my arms around him.
“I hope I was the inspiration on that.”
“Hell yeah…don’t nobody else be diggin their nails in me scratchin me up in shit…look…shows shoulders…you just did diss shit this morning.” I couldn’t do nothing but laugh.

I walked out on the balcony and noticed we were in Nassau, Bahamas. I told Trey to come look. The ship was approaching the island. It was a spectacular view. I saw the Atlantis resort…such a beautiful place. Me and Trey had our plans set for the day before he had his dinner with Nikki. Only him and I was spending the day together…well of course Buggzi was going to be with us. I wasn’t sure about Dontae this was suppose to be a vacation for him, but since this was our last full day we wanted to spend it alone together. We had until 4:30 to hang out. He was scheduled to have dinner at 5:00 pm. We had to be back on the ship by 8:00 pm. The first thing we did was rented some ATV’s (All-Terrain Vehicles) and went riding.

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On: Aug 06, 2011

@stlgirl4lyfe2010 - lol..Don't worry you guys day will come.

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On: Aug 05, 2011


I saw Trey look at me. That was the first time we made eye contact all night. I left my seat and walked out of the theatre. I really started having my suspicions about things. I was starting to wonder if he knew she was the winner all along and didn’t tell me. I walked around the ship on the deck. I needed some air. It was a beautiful night out once again. I had so much on my mind I felt like if one more thing happened I was going to break. Nikki being the grand prize winner I just couldn’t wrap my head around that. I’m so sick of her. I went to go talk to my mom. This is one of those moments that I really needed her and was glad she was within reach. I ended up having a good talk when I went to see her. She helped me to calm down a bit. She said I need to give Trey the benefit of the doubt first. Maybe he didn’t know, but always communicate first before jumping to conclusions. We discussed Nikki and how I feel like she’s been ruining me and Treys’ week together. My mom told me I can’t worry about Nikki. I have to keep my trust in Trey. Nikki is trying to come between that and all I’m doing is giving her the power when I lose my faith in him. She was right again but this was a hard struggle for me right now. I went back to our room and waited up for Trey to get in. I ended up falling asleep but he woke me up when he got in. He came over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek before he sat on the bed. He looked so exhausted. I got up and helped him to get undressed. He was so tired he just let me. I didn’t even say anything. Neither did he. We both got comfortable in the bed and went to sleep.

The next morning I felt the beast rubbing on my ass. Someone was feeling frisky. I was too, before I knew Nikki was going to be having dinner with him. I put that out of my mind for the moment and made love to my man. We had our showers and then Trey started talking to me about last night.

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On: Aug 05, 2011


I know the rest of the ladies thought so too because when he was singing about the sheets, the pillows, the dresser, the covers, the mattress and sexing you be scratching me up, I know he had a lot of them wet. I had to look at his mom and see her expression. She was just smiling looking proud. I was mesmerized and already in love with it. I was ready for the clap clap clap from the back back back. He had me so open. I was really feeling this song. What a way to open the show. That was the only song that I wasn’t familiar with. He sang a lot of songs from his “Ready” album mostly. Some lucky fan was aloud to come up on stage with him and he sang “Invented Sex” to her. I was jealous I ain’t even gone lie. She was too happy up there with him. Lynn was staring at me looking at my facial expressions then she told me to calm down it’s only for show. She has to know I’m a work in progress and the work hasn’t even begun for me to progress yet. Drake joined him on stage. That was a nice highlight. Then Trey had an announcement to make. I knew it was about the contest. The moment I had been waiting for.

“First I wanna thank y’all for being a great audience…give it up for yaselves…audience claps…Ya mind if I take this time to introduce you to my band…” audience whistles and cheers Trey introduced his band and then made the annoucement for the grand prize winner. His drummer played a drum roll.

“Ok now this is the grand prize winner who will get to have dinner with me at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island tomorrow…now baby when I call ya name you don‘t need to come up here, they already know who you are and what room you in…we‘ll be in touch ok…y‘all ready…audience screams” Trey opens up the envelope knowing who it is already. “Nikki Parker.” I heard someone scream but I didn’t know where it came from. Then suddenly the name registered. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. Trey’s mom looked over at me. She could tell I was instantly upset.

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On: Aug 05, 2011
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