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I’m also anxious to find out who’s going to win this dinner date with him but I’ll be finding out just like he will.


“Trey I have something to tell you that you’re not gonna like. You might wanna sit for this.”
“What’s up CiCi?”
“Nikki was actually the grand prize winner.” Trey had to take a minute to absorb what he just heard.
“She what?”
“She…will be the one going on the dinner date tomorrow.”
“Oh hell naw we gone have to fix dat shit!”
“Well if it was only between us we could but it’s not in our hands.”
“Who da fuck hands it’s in then?”
“You know upper management also knows the prize winners Trey. The announcements going to be made tonight…cringes…by you.”
“This some bullshit!”
“I know and I wish we could’ve switched it somehow but…”
“Next time we run some promotion like this I need to be made aware of the winner first…fuck upper management!”


It was almost 8:00 pm. close to showtime. We all had a row of seats reserved for us in the Platinum Theatre. Lynn end up coming to my cabin and then we left from here to meet the others. I am so happy we had reserved seats. It seemed like the whole ship was in that room. He was doing two shows so he had another one at 10:00 pm. The lights went dim and the show was starting. They had this introduction play for Trey and then it went black. Then you heard this beep like a heart monitor. The lights flashed with each beep. It sounded like the intro to Hollalude but he didn‘t go into singing it and we still hadn’t seen him yet. Then you heard Trey’s sexy voice softly say “Holla” with the spot light flashed on him showing his hands together down in front of him, holding the mic looking down. Omg! Those fans went nuts. I did too. He looked so good. Unfamiliar music started to play and the next thing I heard was him sing “When we hop up in the bed you know what it is” I was like damn! This was sexy.

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On: Aug 05, 2011


Now everyone was waiting around ready to watch Beyonce perform. Before she came out some of the staff was dressed in Hawaiian clothes with the colorful shirts and hula skirts dancing the hula as the music was playing. Two staff members noticed me and Trey watching them so the girl pulled him up and the guy pulled me up and started showing us how to hula. Trey wasn’t trying to do it so I begged him to try it. His partner was standing there waiting for him to move.

“Nah she good....let her do it...I on't wonna do it...I'm chllin.” I called him a chicken. He didn’t care he wasn’t doing it. They both taught me instead. Then a lot of others were joining in trying to learn it. I stopped and walked over to Trey and asked him to dance with me on the beach. We started slow dancing. We was rocking to our own music. Then the next thing I hear is Trey singing in my ear. “Shawteee all I got is a dollar and a dream is ya gone roll wit meee…” Him singing that just took me back. That put the biggest grin on my face just thinking about how long we’ve been in each others lives and how far he has come. I stared him in his eyes as he continued to softly sing to me. Buggzi and Dontae had to keep people moving so we could have our moment. It was definitely a moment. The next thing you know it was time for Bey. Can she put on a show or what. She nailed it. I wish I could move like her. Trey wouldn’t know what to do with me then. On second thought he would know exactly what to do. It was a great show though, actually the whole day was perfect because I let nothing spoil it. Before you knew it, it was time for us to get back on the ship. We topped our evening off by catching a movie in the screening room on deck 2 and then relaxing for the night in our room.


I’ve hardly seen Trey at all today. He’s been preparing for his performance tonight which I’m so excited to see. It figures they would put him at the end of the week, but now it’s finally here.

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On: Aug 05, 2011
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People like that really bother me. I understand liking a celebrity and wishing you could be with them, but if they’re taken don’t hate on the one they’re with. They’re innocent. I think people should be happy for them if you claim to love them so much, but if I’m keeping it real not everyone is gonna feel that way. I can’t let it stop me from living my life with Trey. I’ll be in it as long as God allows.

“I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself Shanell.”
“Yeah well it probably won’t make a difference…they really didn’t care.”
“So what…you let them know how you felt.”
“And I did it without walking away and crying.” Lynn and I start laughing. We got back over with everyone else and just as I was handing my mom her plate Trey came rolling down the line.

“WOOO!!! GO BABY!!!” I was like a cheerleader. Everyone else starting cheering and yelling too because next it was Buggzi, Dontae, then Alex, and Forrest I mean now we started seeing people that we recognized. Once they got off and found where we were they were amped up talking about it. I was so pissed because I forgot to get it on camera. Had it sitting right here and didn’t even capture it. Trey was ready to eat after that. I was ready by then too so we walked over and fixed us some food and came back over and sat on the lounge chairs.

We walked the beach and noticed they were about to start a guys against the girls celebrity volley ball match. The team for the guys consisted of Usher, Lloyd, Kevin, Terrence, and Justin Timberlake. The ladies were Gabrielle, Monica, Keri, Zoe and Jessica Alba. We decided to go over and check it out. It was fun watching them play and talk trash to one another. Kevin of course was the leader of the pack but Gabrielle was giving him the business. Everytime he was up to serve she was right on him knocking them down. They played two games. The guys won the first one and the ladies won the last. Very entertaining games within themselves.

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On: Aug 04, 2011


Fan #1 “She ain’t all dat.”
Fan #2 “I know right…can you believe he goes out wit her?”
Fan #1 “He cheatin on her anyway. I heard he‘s been creeping with his ex.”
Fan #2 laughs “Did you see him the other night flirting with all them girls in the club?”
Fan #1 “Girl yes I was one of them…laughs…he damn near gave me an orgasm with the things he said to me…he know he can get it.”

Lynn saw me suddenly stop putting food on the plate and staring at them. They were busy making their plates talking to each other paying attention to what they were doing.
“Shanell don’t even listen to them.”
“Apparently Lynn I think they want me to.” My response wasn’t at a whisper either. The chicks look up laughing. I give Lynn my plate to hold and walk over to them.

“You know, I get it that you like “Trey Songz” and probably would love to be in my shoes.”
Fan #1 “Bitch please…who said I can‘t. You put yours on the same way I do.”

I let her ignorance slide because I wanted to make my point.
“You mind if I finish…I mean just a few seconds ago you two had a lot to say that you obviously wanted me to hear. Can I talk?”

Fan #1 folds arms…rolls eyes and looks away
Fan #2 “Say what you wanna say.”

“You wouldn’t have any problems if Trey was on your arm right now, but what you would have a problem with is people like yourselves being disrespectful to you. Not liking you when they don’t even know you at all. Constantly trying to come in between what you have with no regard that you’re a person with feelings too. People tend to overlook the fact that he chose me to be in his life. I didn’t magically appear here because “I” only wanted it, but I get criticized for it. So before you start trying to wear my shoes, make sure the ones you’re standing in can afford the price to walk in them, because it is at a high cost.”

Lynn put her hand on my shoulder and told me to come on. I left them standing there with turned up faces and nothing to say.

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On: Aug 04, 2011
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