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We didn’t know what we wanted to do first. It was kinda hard to do anything once we did decide, because the fans were right there. You couldn’t get away from them like on the ship but finally a little bit of peace was restored. Trey knows I love the water so I suggested we have fun on the beach. He wanted to go Zip Lining. I told him you can go right ahead. I’ll sit right here with our moms, your grumma and Lynn. So all the guys went to get in line to do it. They had to do a turtorial run first before the real thing. While they were doing that his mom and the rest of us sat in the lounge chairs on the beach and relaxed. Shortly after, you started seeing people floating from the line in the sky making there way from the top of where it started down to the bottom. They would be screaming as they came by. I couldn’t wait to see all of them come down when it was their turn. I had my camera ready and waiting. That thing was moving fast too. I’m glad I didn’t try it because from that distance I would‘ve chickened out. Especially being in a harness all by myself. It must was a long line because we were waiting some time before we saw anyone that looked familiar. My mom was talking about being hungry so I decided to go over to the hut where the food was and make her a plate. No one else had wanted anything yet so I just fixed one for her. Lynn decided to walk over with me. I was quickly fixing my moms plate and telling Lynn I hope I didn’t miss Trey come down yet. Some fans of his were having a conversation on the other side of the buffet table. They were speaking loud enough as if they wanted me to hear it.

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On: Aug 04, 2011



I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. The shows have been the bomb. Trey is scheduled to perform tomorrow. We’ve seen performances by Lloyd, Nelly, Usher and Mary J. Blige already. Drake performs tomorrow too. Kevin did a late night comedy show that we saw. He is one funny dude. He’ll be doing another one on Friday. I guess for the most part this trip has been a pleasure. I can’t really say I’ve gotten away from stress but it still has been relaxing. I just found out from Trey that they’ll be picking a lucky winner after his performance to go out on a date with him once we get to Nassau, Bahamas. It was apart of the promotion for the contest. Well they get to have dinner with him. I’ve been trying so hard to be in good spirits and not worry about it, but it’s really hard. I know I probably shouldn’t be worried but when it comes to him I can’t help myself. I know once I start this counseling and really begin to heal I’ll be ok about stuff like this. I hope.

This trip is going by so quickly. Today we’ll be docked in Labadee, Haiti. Our first stop was in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. If was fun. The whole crew along with his family hung out together that day. I got to go Jet Skiing with Trey. We did some shopping and site seeing. We had drove through Fern Gully and had a tour. His mom and grumma went ahead to the beach after that. We gave them our stuff and then went to climb “Dunn’s River Falls” and then met back up with them. That was a good day. Now we have a fun filled day planned in Labadee. This is actually Royal Carribbean’s own private island so today the only people that would be on it would be us. I thought that was pretty cool. I was looking forward to this because they were having a luau and today was the day Beyonce was going to be performing. The weather was 81 degrees so it was pleasant out. Once we got off the ship we were blanketed by the warmth. The sun kissed our skin and there was a light wind blowing.

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On: Aug 04, 2011

@toniayati22 -,yes Trey has been an inspiration to me but my inspiration for writing wasn't because of him though. I've been writing before I was a Trey Songz fan but since I've been one he has become an inspiration to me. My passion for writing is of my own but thank you for the comment.

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On: Aug 04, 2011

lol thanks for the comments guys...I think!

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“I promise…shhh…it’s gone be ok…just relax…it was only just a dream.”
“Just hold me please!”
“I’m here baby…I‘m here.”

I never want to have that nightmare again. As much as I hated having them about El the fear I felt when Trey walked out on me cut just as deep. I don’t ever want to feel that way. That dream about Nelly really scared me. Sometimes I don’t even want to sleep. My nightmares seem so real. They have me questioning what’s real and what’s not when I’m awake. They just keep getting worse. After that one I decided once we got back home that I was going to talk to someone. I know I can’t keep going on like this. I love Trey too much to lose him and I love me too much to lose myself. I have yet to tell Trey this, I figured I’d surprise him. I did still end up meeting with Nelly that night. That conversation wasn‘t a dream, but I kept my questions very brief and I had Lynn come with me. I did feel awkward sitting there with him after dreaming about him, but I don’t think he could tell. It went very well.

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On: Aug 03, 2011
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I'm a independent woman & mother who strives 4 the best 4 myself & my fam. I luv 2 write & would luv 2 become a famous author, which is a dream of mine, & soon 2 bcome my reality. I've jus wrote my 1st book. I know it's a process, but at least I'm n the game & I play 2 win. I'm a new fan of Trey Songz. I've always heard his music, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by MJB featuring him, that piqued my interest about him as an artist. I have all his cd's now & I'm lovin the latest 1 PPP. I"ve said it b4 & I'll say it again Trey u inspire me as a writer. I luv ur work. I can honestly say that ur songs make me feel like ur talkin 2 no1 else but me. That feels so good, esp. when ur single & u've had a long day & u need that “pick me up" or somethin 2 jus remind u that there r sum good men out there. 2 have that ability is special which is truly what u r Tremaine Neverson. I have nothin but luv 4 u as a human being, artist, & a man. U make me smile Trey Songz. Lol:-) God Bless!
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