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“Trey I’m so sorry! I had no idea he was going to do that. I didn’t even know he was going to come here or that he even knew our room number. Please don’t’ be mad at me…I honestly don’t know why that happened.” He looked at me as if he was looking at a stranger. It was so cold. I wanted him to say something to me. He just gave me this infuriating glare. It scared me. I instantly got teary eyed because I didn’t like the way he looked at me. I begged him to talk to me, to say something…anything, but he gave me nothing just a stare that scared the hell out of me. The next thing I know he was headed for the door. I quickly ran to lean on it and block him from opening it. I was desperate for him not to leave.
“NO! PLEASE DON’T WALK OUT OF HERE TREMAINE…PLEASE TALK TO ME!” He just pulled me out of the way. I kept a hold of his arm crying.
“NO…PLEASE BABY TALK TO MEEE!!!” He was as quiet as a mouse. He grabbed my hand and took it off of him and pushed his way by, making me stumble to the floor and he left. I cried out “COME BAACCKK!!!” as I watched the door close in my face. I was too queasy to go after him. I couldn’t believe this had just happened. I was so distraught. All I could do was make my way to the bed and continue to cry out until I couldn‘t cry anymore.

“Shanell! Shanell baby wake up!” Trey pulled me up and held me. “Ayeee…it’s ok…baby I‘m here!” I was in a haze for a minute still pouting. I was seeing him, but I didn’t know what to think yet.
“Baby you gotta really consider talking to somebody. Look at you cryin in ya sleep.” I continued to stare in Treys face. I noticed he was talking to me and he wasn’t upset.
“Yeah baby I’m here.”
I grabbed him tightly. “Trey! I’m so sorry…I love you so much.” He pulls me back to look at me.
“Hey it’s ok. You were having a bad dream baby…you were crying saying come back but it wasn‘t real.”
Hugging him once more “Promise me you’ll never walk out on me!”

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On: Aug 03, 2011


“Well I hope you feel better.” He kept getting closer and closer to my face. “I’ma let you get some rest.” My heart was starting to beat fast. My breathing became even faster as I stared at him.
“Ok.” That was the last thing I said before Nelly kissed me and I didn‘t stop him. Once I realized what just happened I jumped up.
“Omg! What did we just do?”
“I’m sorry…I just couldn’t resist.” I started pushing Nelly toward the door. “Why did you kiss me?” Then I was starting to have a panic attack. I needed to stop and catch my breath but I was still trying to talk. “Ya…ooo…got…ta…go!”
“Not until you calm down…stop talking and breathe.” He walks me over to the chair and I sit on the arm of it. His hands are still on my sides as I’m sitting there trying to calm down, catch my breath and breathe.
“Come on take slow breaths in and out.” I ended up doing as he said slow breaths in and out. While I was doing this he started pushing my hair back.
“Is that better…yeah breathe…just calm down…” It took me a few minutes but I finally was settled down.
“I’m sorry…but I’m gonna be fine…takes another deep breath…you gotta go.” He was just staring at me still rubbing my hair. Our eyes were locked. It was something about them that made me unable to look away. I called his name. “Nelly.” He leaned in again and pressed his lips against mine and we kissed. I don’t even know why I allowed it to happen again. Trey walked in the room. I jumped up off the chair which made Nelly inch away from me some.
“Fucks goin on!”
“Trey let me explain.”
“Nigga whatchu doin in my room kissing on my girl?”
“Nelly you really need to go.” Trey looks at him.
“Nigga it’s like dat?”
“Look man I ain’t mean no disrespect I..”
“Nigga get da fuck outta here wit dat bullshit!”
“Nelly please just leave…Trey you need to talk to me it’s my fault.” Nelly sized Trey up and gave him a smirk. Trey looked at him with the animosity. Then Nelly casually left our room.

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On: Aug 03, 2011


“Oh Hey! What are you doing here?”
“Is it ok for me to come in?”
“Oh sure.” He enters the room. “If you’re looking for Trey you just missed him.”
“Nah I actually came to see you.” I go back to laying on the bed.
“Excuse me for laying down, but I was feeling sea sick.”
“I know my fighter’s not getting sick.”
“It’s crazy, just out of no where I started feeling nauseated.”
“You sure that’s what it is?”
“Yes! What brings you to my room anyway?”
“I just wanted to let you know I couldn’t meet up with you later like I had planned.”
“Oh that’s ok. You didn’t have to come and tell me that though.”
“Well I actually was coming to see if you wanted to talk now, but since you’re not feeling good we can do it another time.”
“Yeah can we…I really would like to pick your brain but I don’t have the right mind set right now.”
“Nah it’s cool. I don’t wanna stop you from relaxing anyway. I’ll see myself out.”
“No hold up…I can at least walk you to the door.” I got up off the bed and started to the door but got a little dizzy. Nelly held me up and walked me back over to the bed.
“Are you gonna be ok?”
“Yeah. I don’t know what happened.”
“Here let me get you some water.” He goes in the fridge and gives me a bottled water. He opens it for me and puts it up to my mouth to drink. I grab a hold of it myself, drank a bit of it and then I was just holding on to it.
“Thank you.”
“Here let me take that for you.” He takes the bottle and sits it on the dresser in the room. “You go ahead and lay back down.” He pulls the covers back for me to get under them. I really appreciated his kindness. I thought he was being very sweet. I slid under the covers and laid my head down on the pillow. Nelly is leaning over the bed closely watching me.
“Can I get you anything…you want me to sit your water closer to you in case you need it?”
“No it’s fine right there thanks.”

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On: Aug 03, 2011

@TEE Yes! I like the idea of everyone walking away with something.

I hope we Angel's could get along and be different from the other reality shows...but we are human so problems will arise it's how we handle it that's gonna make us better than or no better than rest.*if that's what your talking about* lol

On: Aug 02, 2011


We had lunch together in one of the pizzerias, went to the arcade and played a few video games and then I started getting sea sick. The waters were starting to feel more and more choppier. Trey walked me back to the cabin. I needed to lay down. It was getting close to dinner time anyway. I told Trey he could go out if he wanted too. I didn’t want him to sit around while I was laying down so he did end up leaving. I fell asleep. Ten minutes later there’s a knock on the door. I get up to see who it is. It’s Nelly.

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On: Aug 02, 2011
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