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I realized we didn’t have any paper napkins. I was about to go get some, but Trey said he would. I followed him with my eyes as he got up from the table. My baby bumped in to Beyonce. I instantly felt jealous. She is so beautiful. I’m sitting there watching the two of them. I’m sure they were making small talk, but wow to see him smiling and her smiling back enjoying whatever was being said, had me feeling some type of way. I know Trey is such a fan of hers too, so to see that stung. I could never compete with all the beautiful woman that he’ll be around on a daily basis. I suddenly lost my appetite. The next thing I know he’s walking with her over to our table.
“Beyonce this is Shanell.”
Extends her hand “Hi Shanell it’s nice to meet you.”
I stand up “Same here.” I couldn’t believe he brought her over here.
“I’ve heard a lot of nice things about you.”
I look at Trey “You have?”
“You interviewed Jennifer Hudson and have done a few pieces of your own right?”
“I did, but Trey you didn’t know that.”
“How you know dat?”
“Oh no…he didn’t tell me. I read the piece you did on her a while ago. As a matter of fact I’ve saw a couple of your spreads. When I asked Trey if that was you he told me it was. I’m a fan of your work so I wanted to meet you.” My head was so far gone it was detached.
“I’m flattered. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.”
“I’m one of your fans as well…God you’re just as beautiful in person.” Beyonce smiles and tells me thank you.
“Ight yall two can go head and admire each other while I eat.”
side eyes Trey “I would love to do a sit down with you too, if you’re interested.”
“I would love be featured in the magazine.” Beyonce gave me her room number and told me to call her and we could talk about setting something up. I was so ashamed of myself for being jealous. It’s hard not to anymore. I instantly feel threatened when any woman crosses Trey’s path. I gotta stop this.

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On: Aug 01, 2011


Trey had a lot on his plate with Shanell. Her confidence and self-esteem was gone. She constantly was looking for reassurance from him. He knew this was going to be an up hill battle, but he loved her and if he had to drill it in her head for her to believe it then he would.

lifts chin “Shanell why do you feel like you shouldn’t be in my life…I love you…it‘s that simple.”

I knew he was telling me the truth. Not only could I see it, but I felt it. I realized that I’m the one that’s gonna end up sabotaging my relationship with Trey if I didn’t get it together. I had to find that girl that use to be strong and didn’t care what other people thought because I knew what I knew. I knew she was still in here I just had to find a way to get her to come out. I wiped my eyes.

“UH! I hate being like this and constantly putting you through all these changes…baby I’m sorry. I know I can be impossible at times and freak out on you…shaking my head…Nikkie just really irks the hell out of me. She makes it no secret that she wants you.”
“She’s not who I want…my heart belongs to you. Can’t nobody touch dat.”
“Baby I know you love me…I don’t know why I continue to question it.”
“So does this mean you‘re not mad wit me?” I shook my head yes. He pulled me close and we hugged each other in silence just letting our bodies do the talking. We were holding on to each other and not letting anything come in between us. Then he looks at me.
“You wanna go have breakfast together…I have rehersal at 10:00 am then maybe we can do somethin together afterwards.”
“Yeah, I am a bit hungry.” Me and Trey got dressed and went to have breakfast in the Windjammer Café on deck 11. It was a buffet of food. Trey didn’t waste any time piling up his plate. It was so much I didn’t know what I wanted. Trey put fruit on my plate grabbed me some strawberry yogurt, with some pancakes, eggs and a few strips of bacon. I got us some juice and then we found a table to sit down and eat.

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On: Aug 01, 2011


“Shanell.” Trey walks up from behind and stands beside me. He sees me crying. “Baby you gotta know I had no intentions of cheating on you or havin that thought cross my mind…all I could think about was this right here…wipes tears…how upset you’d be and that was last thing that I wanted to do…I don’t know how to make you believe that I don’t see any other women when it comes to you.”
“I think I’m gonna go and stay with Lynn for a bit ok.”
“No. I’m not lettin you leave…we gone talk this out…no runnin.”
“I’m not running. I just need to think about things and I can’t do it with you around me.”
“Why not?”
“Because Trey I won’t be thinking clearly. I get around you and lose my focus…I really need to think.”
“Nooo…that’s not happenin…not this time…putting his had on my wrisk…what you gotta think about? Let‘s talk.”
“Why do you feel this need to be nice to her…how come you couldn’t just let her go and whatever happened with her just happened…I mean she’s not apart of your life anymore.”
“Look, dude was grabbin on her and I just thought I’d help because I didn’t want to see nothing bad happen. I would’ve done it for a complete stranger if I thought a guy was tryna hurt ‘em. It just happened to be her. Baby I was only tryna be helpful that‘s it. Had I known it was gonna cause all diss I would’ve said fuck it. I’m sorry…believe me, I won’t be nice again.”
“Well I don’t think you should’ve been nice this time! She constantly disrespects me. Who the hell is more important to you Trey!”
sighs “Now you know you don’t even hafta ask that. I said I’m sorry…and you’re right she does disrespect you, but I’ma make sure it don’t happen again.”

I was a walking, open wound and any little thing that I came in contact with had the potential to irritate, spread and make things worse. My emotions would go from one extreme to the next. Never in between. All I seemed to do was cry.
“Why do you want me in your life Trey…why do you still care?”

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On: Aug 01, 2011


“Baby all I was doing was making sure she got to her cabin…she looked tipsy and she told me her cousin had her room key…she works in the spa… her cousin asked me to sign something for her and the next thing I know she locked me and Nikki in that room you seen us come out of…that’s how come I wasn’t here last night.” I look away for a minute, then back at him.
“Trey why are you concerned if she gets to her cabin or not ok in the first place? She brought that on herself.”
“I just didn’t want to see anything happen to her.”
“Why? Why do you care if something happened to… putting my fingers in quotes Naughty Nikki?”
“Look, she had some guy harassing her in the club…”
“The club…I thought you were going to the casino last night.”
“I was…but then Kev and them was in Catacombs so we hung out there.”
“I can’t believe you! Mr. Prince of Virginia to the rescue…”
“Baby, I was only tryna help…I didn’t know I was gonna end up getting locked in a room with her.”
“So how was that, being locked up in the room with her all night?”
“Look, nothin like dat happened if that’s what you’re thinkin…she did kiss me, but it didn’t last because I moved away from her.”
“She what!”
“I’m being honest with you Shanell. I was telling her over and over again how I was in love with you and out of nowhere she kisses me.”

I threw my hands up and walked out on the balcony. This story was getting to be way too much. Trey didn’t follow me out there right away. I saw him sitting on the bed with his head down. I shut my eyes and let the wind blow on my face. I was trying so hard to hold back the tears but I couldn‘t. I just felt like I was never going to get to happy and stay there. I wondered why was love so hard. Why is it so hard to hold on too and just as hard to let it go. Nikki is just like the millions of others that want Trey with the mentalily of by any means necessary. How many more times am I going to have to fight. God what am I suppose to do? I really needed an answer.

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On: Aug 01, 2011


“Ya man liked this bitch though!"

I was about to swing on her when Trey pulled me away but I wasn’t done. He’s steady pulling me walking me out of the spa toward the entrance while I’m still fussing.

“That may have been true once upon a time…stay out of our relationship ya desperate ass bitch! Find ya own man!”

“Whatever! Wit ya chopped up chucky face…get a fuckin face lift bitch!”

Trey had me right by the entrance when she said that. Out of nowhere I found the strength to break away and ran to whip her ass for talking bout my face. Trey chased after me. A few guys that was walking in as we were about to leave saw what was about to happen and blocked me and Nikki so we couldn’t fight. All I could get a hold of was her shirt. Her cousin was trying to get a handle on the situation too because she didn’t want to bring anymore attention to the spa. It’s a good thing this was early in the morning so no one was really in there yet. People were mainly in the fitness center downstairs. Trey grabbed me from behind and picked me up and carried me out of the there. I was beyond livid as we walked back to our cabin. I couldn’t believe he pulled me away from her. She deserved to get her ass whipped. Why wouldn’t he at least give me that pleasure. I just angrily walked.

“Shanell I know you’re upset right now but can you at least hear me out before you jump to any conclusions?” I had nothing to say the whole time. I was saving it all for when we were in our room. Trey opened the door to our cabin and I walked in ahead of him. I came in and paced the floor.

“Are you gonna hear me out before you get upset with me?” I look at him.

“Start talking Trey.”

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On: Jul 31, 2011
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