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“Son, you’re a father now and I’m sure you would do anything for your children to protect them.”
“I would pops, you right. I would do anything to protect my family. At first my main reason to come here was to give you the latest with the case, but now in light of some new information, I just wanna know how’d you know he was going to be there?” My dad thinks for a minute. He has this perplex look on his face. Then he responds.
“I didn’t know for certain, but I won’t let you take the fall for any of this. I promise you that.”
“I think you owe me the truth. You knew she had a baby already by him, so if that wasn’t enough to make you wanna kill him before, what made you shoot to kill this time?”
“Look son, there’s so much more at stake now. I had to do it. I did it for you too.”
“Nah, you didn’t do this for me. Why’d you really do it?”
“…I received a call and found out that it was a chance that Shanell’s secret about the adoption was about to come out.”
“Received a call from who?”
“My sister, Linda.”
“Where is she, and what she got to do with this?”
“She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Apparently her and her husband are going through a bitter divorce. He knows Hailey means the world to my sister and…”
“Who’s Hailey?” My dad got quiet for a minute.
“Hailey is Shanell’s daughter. My sister adopted her.” Trey had to sit down for a minute. All this news was just too much for one day.
“Hold up, Shanell’s daughter is living in Phoenix right now being raised by her aunt?”
“Son when Shanell got pregnant all those years ago, as bad as she didn’t want a child in her life, I knew I couldn’t have a grandchild of mine being raised by some strangers; even if I didn’t like the father. She didn’t care who the child went to, she just wanted daddy to take care of it, so that’s what I did. I knew my sister had been struggling to have a family, so we still went through the proper channels and she officially adopted her. She didn’t want to just take care of her for me, because she was afraid that something might happen one day and the baby would be taken away from her. Then she wouldn’t have a legal leg to stand on.”
“So since ya sister has her, you mean to tell me she’s never seen her with her daughter before or wondered about her suddenly having a child?”
“No, my sister hardly ever comes here or is around the family much. Shanell knows nothing about her struggle to have her own child. She just knows Linda has a child, but no clue it’s her own that she’s raising.”
“That still doesn’t explain how El found out.”
“His mother seems to believe that he knew and that’s why he was there that night, but we don’t know if El knew or not. It’s many reasons why he could’ve been there.”
“He was there after Shanell. He said he was gonna kill her. Maybe he did know.”
“All I know is my sister believes her husband whose she’s divorcing got a hold of the paperwork for the adoption and sent it somehow to El’s family. The timeframe is what’s sketchy.”

On: Jun 06, 2013

“I guess we’ll never know since you took my chance away from me now will we, but if you loved me as much as you say you do, you would’ve given me a chance to handle it. React however that was gonna be and just dealt with it.”
“I had a lapse in judgment Trey, okay. I’m not perfect!”
“I never expected you to be Shanell. Just upfront with me would’ve been good enough.” He gets up. I follow him.
“Trey wait!” He stops. “Baby please tell me that we’re gonna be able to get past this. I know you’re hurting right now, but babe will you ever forgive me?”
chuckles “I don’t know what hurts the most man. The fact that you have a child with him or the fact that you felt like you didn’t trust me enough. So as for right now, I can’t give you an answer on that…I can’t.” He goes in the room and starts getting his things together. I stood in the doorway with my arms folded and watched him with tear filled eyes. I wanted to stop him, but I figured maybe he was just getting prepared for when we left tonight, so I stayed as calm as I could.
“Would you like for me to do that for you?” He said nothing. He continued to get his things together. Then I saw him take his suitcase and wheel it out like he was leaving now. “Tremaine where are you going?”
“I got something I need to take care of. I’ll meet you at the airport.”
“You’re gonna be gone that long?” He walks by and heads to the door again to leave and I follow right behind him. He stops once he’s in front of it.
“You can handle check out right?”
“Trey please…let me come with you. I promise not to be in your way or cause any trouble. I just wanna be near you babe…don’t go.”
“The only problem with that is, I can’t be near you right now. Just lay off for a bit a’ight.” That right there stung, but I thought about Dre’s and Aleen’s advice.
“Okay, fine. I’ll do as you ask and lay off. I guess I’ll see you at the airport then.” He starts to leave. “Trey!” He stops and stares at me. “I know you may not want to hear this right now, but I do love you, very much and I believe in what we have. I’m not gonna let you give up on me, because as long as I live I will never give up on you.” We held each other’s gaze for a few seconds, then he continues to walk down the hall, stopping at Buggzi’s room. He came out and then they both preceded to the elevators. Marcus came out of his room and over to me. It was weird how all that took place. Trey must’ve told him he was leaving.
“Looks like you’re stuck with me till we go.”
“Did my cousin leave?” He follows me back into my room as he answers.
“Yeah, she told me to tell you that she’ll call you.”
“Do you know where Trey just went?”
“Don’t even try it. I have no idea. I was told that Trey and Buggzi had somewhere to go and would be awhile, so it was going to be me and you together till we got to the airport.”
I walked back to the bedroom. Marcus saw all the broken glass everywhere. “What the fuck done happened in here?” he shouted.
“Marcus, you really don’t want to know.”
“On second thought, you right. That’s y’all business. Keep whatever it is to yaself.”
“It’s been enough of that already.” I whisper.
“I’ma go head and clean up this glass. I don’t want ya to get cut.” He said.
“Marcus, after you do that I need to run out somewhere. I’m gonna get dressed then I’ll be ready.”


Trey decided to ride over to my mom’s house to speak with my dad. Luckily when he had gotten there, dad was home. He saw it on Trey’s face that it wasn’t a chummy visit. He invited him and Buggzi inside and told them to come in the living room. Buggzi knew they needed some privacy, so he told Trey he wasn’t going to stay. He said he’d be back and for him to just call him if he wasn’t back before they were done. After he left, Trey wanted to know if my mom was there.
“No, she’s not here and won’t be back for some time now.”
“Is everything alright?” Trey asks with a probing look on his face. My dad and Trey both stare at each other.
“You know don’t you?” Dad said.
rubs chin “I know a lot actually. The picture just became a lot clearer…where should I start?”

On: May 30, 2013

“Yeah I remember. She quieted down and fell right to sleep.”
“It was then that I got up the nerve to talk to you and tell you. I thought I was ready and could do it, until you started talking about how you hated being away from us. You assured me that we would be safe while you were on the road and I would never be hurt from El again. That moment just didn’t seem like the right time anymore.”
“But now it is? After how many years Shanell! Why now?”
“Trey…El’s mother knows about the baby. I really don’t know how she found out, but she wants some answers and I refuse to give them to her.”
“So you also been talking to his mom behind my back.” He says.
“No! She went to see my mother.” Trey shakes his head feeling foolish.
“I guess ya mom already knew about this too, huh?”
“She didn’t know either. I kept this a secret from her as well.” Aain I couldn’t even look him in the eyes to finish the rest of this sentence. “The only one that knew about this was my father. He helped me to place her up for adoption.” Trey now looked like he felt a bad vibe. Like he was betrayed by him too. I just waited for his response.
“So all of this is only coming up because El’s mom found out?” I knew it was going to take a lot of convincing to get him to see why I did what I did.
“Baby I know that’s a poor excuse to come clean and honestly, I don’t know how long I would’ve held this from you, especially now with El being dead. I’d like to think that I would’ve come to you, since he can no longer pose as a threat. Him knowing has been one of my worst fears, but keeping this from you and possibly losing you because of it is my biggest fear. I never, not once, was comfortable knowing I held this from you. I just felt as long as he was alive I could never say anything to put her life in jeopardy. Tremaine you’ve experienced his madness first hand just like I have. I couldn’t even imagine what our lives would’ve been like had he known he had a daughter by me. When this happened, I was young and very afraid. My father wasn’t even supposed to know, but he saw me one day when I didn’t expect him to be home and I was caught. At that point I cried and pleaded with him not to say anything to anyone. He didn’t want to, but he agreed. He even agreed not to tell my mother. He took care of things and with a little time I didn’t look back. In my mind she didn’t exist. That was the only way that I could live my life.”
“And all this time you were so hard on me when it came to certain things being kept from you, when I was only trying to protect you. But you wasn’t no better than me but the difference is ya main concern was protecting her. You wasn’t even trying to give me the same respect that you wanted and been straight up with me. Thanks a lot for making me feel like I don’t mean shit when it comes to you.”
“That’s not fair! I get it that you’re upset with me for keeping this from you, but can you at least try to understand why?”
“I understand it. Whatchu sayin’ is I’m not trustworthy to you. Is that it? Or was it just a matter of you thinking if you told me sooner I would’ve left. But that’s the problem right there doe Shanell, obviously you don’t give me enough credit. You think I wouldn’t have understood, if you told me that you were a young mother who gave up ya child because of the situation that you were in? I was raised by a young mother and that wasn’t an easy thing for my mumma to do. You don’t think I would’ve gotten that? You could’ve come to me.”
“Trey I hear you and I wish I would’ve not been afraid and known that I could’ve talked to you. I’m sorry! It wasn’t even on my mind to tell you in the beginning. Then later, once El started creating problems I knew how much you despised him, and I didn’t know what your reaction would be like.”

On: May 30, 2013

I put my feet on the floor and sat up. I was so overjoyed to see his face, but I didn’t get the same in return. His face was stiff and tight, looking very angry still. He walked over to the bar and made himself a drink.
“Trey when you’re done fixing that can you please come over here so I can talk to you?” He finished making his drink, but stood there drinking it. I watched him take a sip then hold the glass, take another sip than hold it as he looked at me. I wished so badly that I could read his mind even though his expression had spoken volumes. I couldn’t look at him anymore. I was so ashamed with myself. He then came over and sat in the chair that was next to the couch I was on. I took that as a great sign. It meant he was willing to talk. He even started up the conversation.
“I never thought in a million years that I’d be hearing something like this from you.”
“Babe I’m sorry I had to say this to you. Tremaine when we first started seeing each other I never imagined how much you were going to change my life. You came in and made me see all the beauty in love. My past with El at that time had been one that I wanted to forget so much. I know I didn’t make that easy for you, but you broke down that wall and got me to finally open up. Seeing you that day in my office when I did that interview on you, I wanted to put everything out on the table. I wanted to tell you about her and I was going to, but not there. I was going to talk to you later on that evening over dinner. Then El came and turned my world upside down again. I had shut down. He made me hold on to that secret even tighter. I hated him and I knew if he was coming after me this hard and he didn’t even know about her, than he’d really try to destroy me and what I was trying to build with you if he knew. It was like if I didn’t say anything it didn’t exist.”
“But it does exist. She exists, and still not once out of all these years have you ever came to me to tell me. You didn’t think I had a right to know?”
“You had every right to know. I wanted to tell you so many different times, but as soon as I found the strength to do so El was back pulling another stunt. He wouldn’t let up. He kept deterring me. Tremaine I needed you so bad and I was afraid that I would lose you if I said anything, especially telling you something like this. Then you had the accident and I became pregnant. My telling you then wasn’t even a thought with everything that we had went through. It wasn’t until the birth of the twins when things were looking up for us that it crossed my mind to finally say something. I came so close one day when you were in the nursery holding Treyonna when she was almost two months; shortly after Mrs. Vanessa had gotten here. You had just come home from doing your video shoot for Bottoms Up, and you took her straight out of Mrs. Vanessa’s arms when you came in. I remember because Treyonna was crying, which prompted me to peek out of our bedroom to see what was wrong. I saw you carry her right in to the nursery. When I peeked in there you were sitting down in the rocker singing to her. Do you remember that?”

On: May 30, 2013

“Are you done?” she asks.
“Only if it made you not be mad at me anymore, if not than no and I’ll continue to sing…and dance.”
“Please don’t!” She commanded.
“Oh so you’re not mad?”
“I don’t know why I expected anything more from you anyway.” Marcus distorts his face.
“So you’re insulting me now? You are still mad.” They get off the elevator and he continues to follow her to her car.
“Why are you following me? Shouldn’t you be worrying about my cousin’s safety?” He takes his phone out and starts dialing numbers.
“Marcus where are you guys?”
“I’m out here with ya cousin.” My heart starts beating fast.
“Trey’s back!”
“Nooo he’s with Buggzi. I was just calling and checking on you. You straight though? You need me to do anything for you?”
“Yes! Bring me my man!”
“You know I have no control over Trey, but I’m on my way back up there with ya cousin alright?”
“Yeah.” We hang up.
“See, ya cousin’s fine.” Aleen had grabbed her charger out of her car since Marcus continued to follow her while he was on the phone with me. They were back on the elevators again.
“Can you please not be upset with me for lying to you; well technically I didn’t lie and I don’t like what you said about not expecting anything more from me either. I know I wasn’t completely truthful with you a minute ago, but I didn’t really wanna get involved like that…” She cuts him off.
“Nah, just here me out for a minute. If you don’t listen to anything else I say, I just need you to listen to this. If you was my woman, I would never give you a reason to doubt me, but you keep playing.”
“That’s because I know what I’m dealing with…a player. You wanna win the game, start making all the right moves.” They were standing side by side at first, but Marcus moves in front of her forcing her to inch back up against the elevator wall. She looks up to him as he’s looking down at her.
“And when I do, make sure you ready for ‘em, because they will be all the right moves.” He stressed. The elevator doors opened and Marcus put his hand out for Aleen to pass. She quietly walks by him with her right hand rubbing her neck. She felt a bit of tension after that conversation. Marcus was slowly pacing himself behind her smiling as he watches her walk. They both were now in my room. I had been still crying. While she was gone, I saw the bedroom and noticed what Trey had broken. It was the champagne glasses that we had drank from last night along with the bottle, shattered everywhere. That just added to my misery. Marcus saw how upset I still was and tried to comfort me.
“I don’t know what happened with the two of you, but whatever it is I’m sure you’ll work it out. Y’all been with each other too long and have always managed to kiss and make up; no matter what it was, so stop crying. It’s gonna be alright.” I knew Marcus had no clue what the problem was this time, but I remember his talk with me when he found out I was pregnant with the twins. He thought I was going to keep that from Trey and said he would never be able to forgive a woman who knowingly kept a child from him. I know he was talking about his own, but still I don’t think he could forgive this either. This time around it won’t be that easy to just kiss and make up, I know it. I didn’t say anything and sat balled up on the couch hugging my legs.
“I think I’ma leave you two alone and go ahead to my room.” He looks at Aleen. “I’m not finished with you either. Come see me before you leave…I mean it.” Then he looks back at me. “Shanell if you need to go out or anything let me know alright?” I shook my head yes, but I knew I wasn’t leaving this hotel room until Trey was with me. He finally came back an hour later. Aleen left and went to go see Marcus as soon as Trey came in.

On: May 23, 2013
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