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“You bout to see a whole nother side to me that you ain‘t gone like. Now I‘m tryna be as considerate as I can because of how you feel…but you honestly don‘t give a fuck about how I feel…so if you kiss me again or pull another stunt like this…you will hate me.”
“I will never hate you Trey.” He walked over to the door and banged on it some more but it was pointless. The spa was closed. His only hope was if someone heard him as they were on there way down to the fitness center.


Morning arrived and I was suddenly awakened by another nightmare. I noticed Trey wasn’t by my side. I sat up quickly breathing trying to calm myself down. I didn’t know if I should be relieved that Trey wasn’t here to see me like this, or suspicious because I don’t know if he ever came in last night. I decided to check and see if he went to the gym. I know how he likes to work out all the time so maybe he had gotten an early start.


Trey heard the door being opened and it made him wake up. He looked and saw it was Sonya. He sat up on the bench fully waking himself up first before he stood up. Nikki had gotten up too.

“Yo man dat’s fucked up what you and ya cousin did.”
“Trey I’m really sorry…please don’t be mad at me…I just wanted to help her out.”
Trey didn’t have nothing else to say to her after that. He walked up out of there quickly. Nikki came running behind him not wanting him to go just as I was walking in. I couldn’t believe what I was seeeing. Why was he with her? Confusion showed all over my face.
“Baby this isn’t what you think!” He started walking towards me but Nikki grabbed his arm.
“Trey wait!”
“Get off me!” He abrasively shook her off. That was it for me. I’m not one for confrontation but Nikki had broke the last straw. Trey was coming over to me but I walked right by him, over to her and got dead in her face.
“What you wanna do Nikki! Cause I’m tired of you disrespecting my relationship!”
“Get out my face Shanell!”
“Stay outta my mans face bitch!

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On: Jul 31, 2011


“Fucks wrong witchu! Do you really hear yaself! We haven’t been wit each other in years…I’m wit who I belong too!”

“It’s not gonna last…I know you…you’re never satisfied with only one woman and I know you still love me. If you didn’t why would you care if I went with that guy tonight?”

“I thought you were drunk and he was trying to take advantage of you. I just didn’t wanna see anything happen to you.”

“Because you still care!”

“Fuck! Ya ass is crazy! Somethin ain‘t right up there!” Trey was beyond frustrated with her. He wanted to shake some sense into her so she would understand that it’s over, but it was like expecting a brick wall to understand English. He figured he’d take a different approach. He asked her to come and sit on the bench by him.

“Nikki I’m not in love with you baby…I care because I have compassion and I’m not heartless regardless of our situation. But stop mistaking it for love. I’m in love with Shanell whether you want to accept it or not. I have no intentions on leaving Shanell…for anyone. I can’t make it any clearer to you, so please stop tryna make somethin happen that’s not there.” Nikki looked closely at that handsome face and his enticing lips and went in for a kiss. Trey didn’t even see that coming. He pulled away from her and jumped up off the bench. He had to laugh because he couldn’t believe after what he just said to her she still wouldn’t listen.

“Why’d you do dat Nikki?” she walks over to him and stands in front of him really trying to get a gage from his eyes.

“Why do you protest me so much? I hear what your saying but I’m not convinced.” She tried to put her arms around Trey’s neck but he grabbed them and held her still. He looked her directly in the eyes and spoke once again.

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On: Jul 31, 2011

LMAOOOO!!!! @stlgirl4lyfe2010 & @TSAngel_Ty I got y'all though...I got the power to do that...stay post coming up!

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On: Jul 31, 2011


“It’s in the back. You can come back here if you’d like.”
“That room say authorized personnel only…I don’t think I should be goin in there.”
“You‘ll be with authorized personnel…it‘s late anyway…no ones around…it‘ll be quick.”
“Nah you do whatchu gotta do and then come back out here…I gotta go.”
“Just come on…why you scared?”
“What I gotta be scared fo‘.”
“I’ll go too so you won‘t be by yourself.” Suddenly Trey noticed Nikki didn’t seem like she was tipsy, something about her changed.
“Come…come take a look.”

He walked through the door and noticed it looked like a mini locker room with a sauna back there and some showers. As he was looking around he thought Sonya was going in her purse to take out what she wanted him to autograph since she had it in her hand, but instead he heard her say “please forgive me Trey…I love you…” then she left him and Nikki in there and locked the door behind her. Trey ran over to the door to see if he could open it.

“What da fuck you doin!” He was heated.
“Trey look please don’t be mad I wanted to spend some time with you and this was the only way to get you alone.”
“You set this shit up just to get me alone!”
“I just wanna…” banging on the door
“When ya cousin comin back Nikki!”
“I don’t know…she didn’t say…morning maybe.” Trey moved away from her because he was ready to do something that he would’ve regretted.
“Nikki if I’m stuck in this room all night…for your sake…you better hope I’m not.”
“Why don’t you want to be here! What do I gotta do to make you love me again!”
“You think doin shit like this gone work!”
“I didn’t know what else to do Trey! If I had asked you to come with me because I wanted to talk to you, would you had come?”
“Fuck No! Nikki we don’t have anything to talk about anymore…How can I make you understand that!”
“You’ll never get me to understand it! You belong to me! Not Shanell!”

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On: Jul 30, 2011


“Alright. I’ma need my drink first.” She buys him a drink and then gives him his queue.

Suddenly Trey noticed Nikki in there. It looked like she was being harassed by some guy and she looked a little out of it. She walked right by him along with the guy tugging on her and trying to get her to go with him. Her hope was to get Trey to intervene so she could put the rest of her plan in action. It worked. He excused himself from the fans and walked over to Nikki and asked her if that guy was bothering her. Nikki said he was. Trey didn’t even have to say anything to him, dude just put his hands up and backed off. Nikki was glad her plan was working.

“Nikki I think you should go to ya room. You seem like you had enough.”
“I can’t…my cousin has my room key…giggles…can you take me to her?”
“Where she at?”
“In the fitnesss center.”
“Damn! She way over there? Dat’s on the other side of the ship.”
“I know…giggles again.”
“Ight man.” Trey walks with Nikki to the fitness center making sure she didn‘t stumble or end up hurting herself. He just wanted to see that she got to her cabin ok since she seemed to be tipsy. To get to the fitness center you had to go down the steps to the lower level of the spa. Trey started walking toward the steps until he turned around and noticed Nikki just standing there. Then he saw someone come out of this door on the spa level.
“OMG! I can’t believe you actually came!” Trey didn‘t know what she meant by that. As soon as he thought to ask Nikki interrupted.
“Sonya I need my room key.”
“Oh this ya cousin?”
“Yes I’m her cousin and I work here and I’ve always wanted to meet you and I was hoping you would come in here so I could see you and…”
“Whoa…whoa…slow down baby…it’s ok. I thought you said ya cousin was in the fitness center?”
“Well fitness center…spa…same difference…but I‘m right here and so pleased to meet you Trey…oh my god you’re so handsome…can you sign something for me?”
“What is it?”

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On: Jul 30, 2011
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