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(F) “Damn! I done fucked up my shirt…brushes it off…I’ma hafta change diss….what up doe we still doin the casino…anyway where Kev at?”
(T) “Up there talking to some chick.”
(D) “I’m bout to do the same. It‘s too many hotties up in here.”
(F) “Ight I guess I’ma go change my shirt and catch y’all niggas later.” Shortly after, all these fans started coming up to Drake and Trey wanting their autographs and tryna holla. Drake ended up sitting down at a table with the ladies. Trey was still standing in the same spot trying to finish his drink in between autographs and small talk with the fans. Some would get what they wanted and leave and others wanted to stay around for more.

Fan #1 “So Trey won’t you come to my room tonight? We can do what ever you want?”
looks her over admiring her assets “You’ll lemme do what I want?”
Fan #1 she stresses “WHAT EVER YOU WANT!”
“Baby you look and make dat sound very temptin…but I’m chillin.”
Fan #1 “Aww…well how about you come and chill with me in my room. I‘ll promise to be a good girl.”
laughs “Thanks for the offer baby, but I’ma hafta pass on dat.”

Nikki noticed Trey was in the club and without Shanell. She felt like her prayers have been answered. Now she just needed a guy to help her pull off the first part of her plan. She noticed a nice looking guy bumping to the music with a drink in his hand. She figured she’d work her charm and hopefully get him to do what she needed. She walks over to him and whispers in his ear. He looks at her as if to say what she’s asking is crazy.

“Yo why you want me to do this?”
“I’ll buy you a drink. How’s that?”
“I’m sayin who the dude so I’ll know.”
“You don’t need to know all of that. When I say “when” you do it.”
“I mean I’m just sayin you too fine to have to play games like this with somebody.”
“Are you going to do this for me or do I need to get someone else? I mean what I’m asking won’t even take you five minutes and your getting a drink out of the deal.”

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On: Jul 30, 2011


“Nah I like it on the inside….right in the middle..” Then he kisses my cheek. “Babe I told Kev, Fab and Drake I’d meet ‘em at the casino…you mind if I go?”
“No baby go ahead. I’m getting tired anyway. Go enjoy yourself…I’ll see you when you come in.” He walks me to the cabin and then he goes off to the casino. I was tired so I fell asleep.


Trey was on his way to the casino when he saw Kevin standing in front of a club called Catacombs talking to some female. Trey walked over and busted up his mac.

“Yo I thought we was all meeting in the casino…where er’body at?”
“Man can’t you see I’m in the middle of something…” points with his head
“Aw…my bad…how you doin sweetheart…sorry I interrupted my man right here.”
chick “That’s alright…love Neighbors Know My Name by the way.” Kevin responds.
“Oh you like that…psss….we can make that happen…the whole ship can know my name…you know what I’m saying…if that‘s what you wanna do of course?” Trey started laughing at Kevin and so did the chick.
“Thank you baby…alright Kev… I’ma go inside and check this place out…ya’ll decide to go over come get me.”

Catacombs was two levels. They had people upstairs but that only held a bar. The dance floor was downstairs but you could look down from the upstairs to see it and people dancing. Once Trey was down there he ran into Drake and Fab just getting their drinks. He was surprised to see them. They slap hands and then Trey orders a drink.

(T) “I thought we were goin to the casino…y’all niggas up in here.”
(D) “You know we gotta check out the hunnies.”
(T) “Yeah I see.” he glances as chicks walk by
(F) “Trey where ya little hunny?”
(T) “She in the room sleep.”
(D) “I’m bout to go wake her up.”
(T) “Shid…ight nigga…go head…she gone cuss yo ass out too.”
(D) “Nah she always happy to see Drizzy.”
(T) “Drizzy gone get fucked up too!” Fab was too busy laughing not paying attention and he spilled a little bit of his drink.

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On: Jul 30, 2011


“Can you believe her?”
“Baby don’t pay attention to dat shit.”
“How can I not when every time I turn around she’s there. Trey what is it with this girl? Why can’t she accept the fact that it’s over?”
“I don’t know…I don‘t know why she doin this.”
“I don‘t know either…she’s turning into a stalker.”
“Baby Nikki is harmless… and anyway I don’t want dat girl.”
“Trey she’s far from harmless and does she know that you don’t want her? Because for whatever reason she doesn‘t seem to get it. How many times do I have find her around you? How come you’re allowing her to do this?”
“Do what? Win a contest…be on this ship…sing karaoke…I can’t stop her from doin none of those things.”
“You like the attention you’re still getting from her don’t you.”
“Shanell now you startin to sound ridiculous.”
“No I’m not! You need to make it clear to her that it’s over and she needs to stay away from you and accept that!”
“Baby I’ve told her already. She just tryna get to you….come here.” He wraps his arms around me from the back hugging me as we slowly walk.
“Well it’s working! Seriously Tremaine. I don’t know how much more of her I can take.” He turns me around to face him.
“Baby do you trust me?”
“So why are we wasting our time worrying about Nikki. I don’t care about her baby and what she thinks is gonna happen. I don’t love her…I love and am in love with you.”
“Trey she’s making me crazy! I don’t want her around you!”
“Will you stop worrying about Nikki…come on…we suppose to be enjoyin ourselves this week.” I knew Trey was right but I loved him so much and the thought of losing him tugged at me more and more. I was starting to let my insecurities get the best of me.
“Okay…I will try my best to not worry about that pesky mosquito but if she keeps buzzing around you I’m gonna be out for her blood.”
“I ain’t never heard you talkin like dat! You think you bad now?” I laughed
“I am bad…you just better make sure to always stay on my good side so you don‘t have to see it.”

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On: Jul 30, 2011


(MC) “How are you doing this evening.”
(N) “I‘m wonderful.”
(MC) “So you ready to sing for us tonight?”
(N) “Yes I am.” He gives her the mic. “This song goes out to my first love who‘s in the room tonight…you know who you are. I will be singing “You‘re Gonna Love Me” by Jennifer Hudson.”
(MC) “Whoa! Ok…I hope you’re ready to be serenaded Mr. First love…Naughty Nikki said this ones for you…take it away Nikki!” she starts out softly…


And I Am Telling You (crowd goes wild and tells her to sing girl)
I’m Not Going.
You’re The Best Man I’ll Ever Know
There’s No Way I Can Ever Go.
No! No! There’s No way! (walks back and forth on stage)
No! No! No! No! Way!
I’m Living Without You.
I’m Not Living Without You.
I Don’t Wanna Be Freeeee
I’m Staying!
I’m Staying!
And You…And You! (points in Trey’s direction)
YOUR GOINA LOVE MEEEE! (cheers and whistles cry out)

I looked at Trey and he looked at me. He didn’t know what I was expecting him to do. I just shook my head. She got a lot of nerve to be up there dedicating a song to my man. She even had a nerve to sound good. Then she’s gonna be pointing in our direction telling him that he’s gonna love her. I can’t take this. I had enough and Trey was about to hear my rage…once we were alone. I guess he sensed my discomfort. I mean the crowd was eating her up.

Singing We‘re Part Of The Same Place! We‘re Part Of The Same Time!
We Both Have The Same Blood! We Both Have The Same Mind!

“You wanna leave…you know we don’t have to stay.”
“Yeah I think that’s a good idea.” Our timing couldn’t have been any worse. She just showed out even more once she noticed.
sings pointing Please Don’t Go! Away From Me! Stay With Me! Stayyy With Meeee!

We walked straight out to the deck on that level, because I needed some air real quick and definitely wanted to talk.

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On: Jul 29, 2011


I don’t know there ain’t no explanation why I’m sharing love at last this way
I won’t try to go uncover the reason I use these words to simply say….
I love you….

Right when I was bringing my song to an end I saw Nikki. I swear it seems like I can‘t get away from this bitch. I’ve officially promoted her to bitch status since she continues to disrespect me and what I have with Trey. I knew after seeing her we wouldn’t be in here long. The crowd was very receptive to my performance and sang most of the song with me. Did I sound good,..hell no, but it was fun and Trey loved it. I didn’t even have to walk back to our table to hug him. He was right on the side of the stage when I was done. I guess that’s what captured her attention to bring her ass in there. He grabbed me up so tightly and kissed me. Then he puts his arm around me and we walk back to our seats.
“Thank you for making me do this babe, because I needed to get out of the mood I was in and this was actually fun.”
“Yeah you looked like you were havin too much fun up there.”
“I was…It felt good to sing and have the crowd react and sing with you…even if I can’t really sing…I see why you like it so much.”
“You know what else I like and love so much?”
“You …Ms. Just Because…the fact that you came out wit me when you didn’t want to and you sang when you didn’t want to…but you did it…just because I asked you too.”
“Well you do things like that for the one you love. You know I meant what I sang up there. I love you for who you are and the man that you have become…”
(MC) “Ok ladies and gentlemen…coming to the stage next is Nikki aka Naughty Nikki…I’m not kidding…seriously…that’s what it says…I didn‘t make that up.” Nikki walks up to the stage. That just brought me and Trey‘s conversation to a complete halt. I couldn’t believe she was going to sing. I feel like she has to be apart of everything I do…down to my man…but that was one taste she better find a way to forget. Her season was over.

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On: Jul 29, 2011
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