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It tickles and it makes me laugh.
“You betta not mess with that.”
“You know I ain’t goin in there…I just love ya ass…it gets my dick hard.” We were silent for a moment just hugging each other. “Baby I gotta meet up with the Director to discuss this benefit and performing shedules and stuff like dat.”
“When you gotta go.”
“We still got some time…I’m just telling you…but after that the rest of my day is free.”
“Good…You wanna do Kareoke with me later on?”
“I don’t know baby…I gotta save my voice…you know if I get up there I’m gonna sing…I ain’t gone be bullshittin.”
“So what you tryna say Trey. That you’ll show me up?”
“Yeah!” I give him a love tap.
“I just thought it would be fun…you tryna be all serious wit it…”
“Ok. I’ll try to act like I can’t sing.”
“I believe you think ya shit don’t stink sometimes don’t you?”
“I on’t know…come in bathroom with me and tell me.”
“You so lucky I love you.” He holds me more.
“I am lucky you love me…Nah baby I’ll do karaoke and anything else you want us to do on here. I love you girl. Whatever you want…I want you to have…no matter how big or how small.” Then he kissed my forehead and squeezed me tight. He sat there thinking about El being released and how he knew the fear I was going feel when I found out. But this time was gonna be different. He was going to make it a point to protect me at all cost, so for now his mind was made up on making this the most relaxing and stress free break for me. Then once I got home and found out the news he was gonna see to it that I knew I would be safe and wouldn’t need to feel fearful or scared of anything.

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On: Jul 25, 2011


Once he was nice and wet I ran my tongue around the head and twirled it on the bulls eye.
“Ahh Fuck!” That really was sending him into planet erotica. I figured I teased him enough and went on to take him in my mouth and got my grub on. I sucked him into a metal frenzy that he came so fast I don’t think he was even expecting it. There was no need for my drink..he quenched my thirst. He had to calm down from the intense high that he was on but it was far from over.
“Hold up baby…breathing hard…gimme a minute…be patient…I’m gone please you.” I got up off my knees. Trey stood up and kicked off his sneaks and took off his clothes. I loved looking at his body and how it was a perfect fit to mine. He sat right back in the chair. He pulled my panties down and kissed my exposed skin. Soft gentle kisses one by one in different spots until he kissed my wet lips. One quick lick made me gasp. Then another made me moan and another had me saying “ooo yesss.” I propped my leg up on the chair and my baby sent me into the land of passion pleaure and a much wanted pain. The kind of pain that hurts oh so good. I couldn’t contain myself. Then he scooted a little closer to the edge of the chair and grabbed my hips.
“Guide me inside you baby.” His wish was my command. I put him inside of me and slowly sat down on his pleasure stick. He fucked me ceaselessly right in that chair. Lifting my body from time to time getting his stroke just right. I dug in his shoulders squeezing them tightly as I bit my bottom lip to hold back my screams so the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed but damn that after the first few seconds the neighbors would have to hear this.
“Fuck me Trey!” He had me calling his name and kissing his lips neurotically because I needed to have every part of my body envolved. We were so in sink with one another we climaxed together. Trey fell back in the chair and I collapsed forward on him afterwards. After a while I feel his hands tracing the split in my behind.

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On: Jul 25, 2011


Let me just say this Trey bumped into so many people before we finally arrived at our room it wasn‘t funny. Every time I thought we were on our way we weren’t. There were fans that won this trip by contest only so once they saw him they stopped him for autographs and photos. He also ran into Fab and Kevin and they talked for a quick minute. Then we ran into his family. Everyone hugged and was happy to see each other. Trey was talking to his Grumma for awhile, while me and his mom was doing a little bit of catching up. I was happy to see them, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to spend some time alone with Trey while we had the time. I swear I love his mom because she could sense that I wanted him all to myself. I guess too because I was holding on to him so tight like my life depended on it. Which Alex could not let slide.

(A) “Shanell whatchu a leech now?” Then he started making sucking faces while he sucked his arm. I started laughing.
(S) “Boy I’ma hurt you.”
(A) “It’s ok…believe me he ain’t goin nowhere…simulates reeling in a fish…hooked!” Trey shook his head at him.
(T) “Nigga always got jokes.”
(M)“Trey you two go head and do what you were about to do. We’ll get together later.”

Trey kissed his mom and grumma and then we left. I was actually surprised we finally got to our cabin room with no more interruptions. Trey walked in the room and sat in the chair and laid his head back with his eyes shut. I just watched him. His legs were gapped wide open and his print was nicely showing through. I sat my drink down and went to close the curtains. That made him pop his head up. Then I inched out of my shorts and took off my shirt. I walked over to him and unzipped his zipper. Slipped my fingers through the whole in his boxers and brought out my other companion. I massaged him very gently. He faintly spoke.

“Ooo…yeah baby just like dat” He moaned as he ran his hands through my hair and pulled it trying to give it a massage.

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On: Jul 25, 2011


“You know I‘m mister steal yo girl so once we do this ya man ain‘t gettin you back.”
“I guess if I do this he never had me in the first place huh?”
“I gotchu alright.” Then he wraps his arms around my waist as he sits. I look down into his handsome face.
“I love you.” We kiss again definitely creating an audience. I take his hand.
“Come on baby…lets get you fed.” I picked up my drink, and we walked over so I could say goodbye to Lynn. She sees us walking up hand in hand.
“Uh…I got some things I need to handle…hugging on Treys arm blushing…so you gone be ok?”
“Girl yeah…go head.”
“Hi Lynn.”
“Hello Trey…How are you?”
“I’m good and you?
“Good…not as good as you two though.” Me and Trey look at each other smiling.
“Ok Lynn we gotta go…see you at dinner?”
“Ok…be careful about something unexpected popping up.” Trey was like what she talking bout…I just laughed since I knew…I told him it was nothing. Little did I know he had concerns about me not finding out about El so her innocent comment raised a concern. He figured she couldn’t have been talking about that because my reaction would’ve been different so he let it go.

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On: Jul 24, 2011


If not than me and her plan on having lunch when she takes her break. I didn’t bump into Trey or anyone from the unit or even his family members…can’t wait to see them. I did however scope out the celebs that were on board. I saw Usher, Fabolous, Mary J. Blige, Tank, Kevin Hart, Beyonce was even on board…and that was just out of the ones that’s already boarded. I definitely gotta have a sit down with Bey.
Me and Lynn decided to go and sit pool side and just relax. They were having a parade later this evening so were watching the workers as they set up. They had music playing and people were dancing just enjoying themselves before the festivities. We laughed and joked about how this was the way to work and Bill could keep sending us out on assignments like this. I was starting to get thirsty since it was really hot out.

“I’m bout to go to the bar…you want anything?”
“Nah I’m good.”
“Ok…be right back.” I’m waiting at the bar to be served and as soon I was about to place my order I was interrupted.
“I think I just found my future wife.” I give him a seductive smile.
“You sure about that?”
“Fo‘sho mama…no lie.” Then the bartender is ready to take my order. I fixed my mouth to speak but his words came out.
“She’d like a Mango-Berry Daiquiri.” He knows me so well.
“Anything for you sir?”
“Nah…my thirst quencher standin right in front of me…thanks.” He was really blowing up my head. I wanted to kiss him so bad but I figured I‘d play along. He was sitting on the stool beside where I was standing. “So you drinking alone?”
“I guess I am since you‘re not ordering anything.”
“I’d rather eat…can you help me wit dat?” I start laughing. Then I move in on him and put my lips close to his face.
“I can feed you a meal so good you‘ll be begging for more.” Then he steals a kiss. “I’ma let that slide since you’re cute.”
“Baby what’s ya name?”
“Well Shanell I’m Tremaine. You mind if I take you to my room so you can be my meal?”
“Baby I’ll be ya meal and ya dessert.”

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On: Jul 24, 2011
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I'm a independent woman & mother who strives 4 the best 4 myself & my fam. I luv 2 write & would luv 2 become a famous author, which is a dream of mine, & soon 2 bcome my reality. I've jus wrote my 1st book. I know it's a process, but at least I'm n the game & I play 2 win. I'm a new fan of Trey Songz. I've always heard his music, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by MJB featuring him, that piqued my interest about him as an artist. I have all his cd's now & I'm lovin the latest 1 PPP. I"ve said it b4 & I'll say it again Trey u inspire me as a writer. I luv ur work. I can honestly say that ur songs make me feel like ur talkin 2 no1 else but me. That feels so good, esp. when ur single & u've had a long day & u need that “pick me up" or somethin 2 jus remind u that there r sum good men out there. 2 have that ability is special which is truly what u r Tremaine Neverson. I have nothin but luv 4 u as a human being, artist, & a man. U make me smile Trey Songz. Lol:-) God Bless!
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