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Yes great job! Looking forward to more

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On: Jul 27, 2011


Lloyd, Drake, Monica…I was steady thinking which one was I gonna talk to first. But for now we eat. We had so many laughs at the table. I was surprised Forrest and Alex was eating with us. I probably will only see those two at dinner time. Then again the way Alex was talking about getting some real food, since the formal dining wasn’t fried chicken or ribs, I may not see them after tonight. My mom got to eat with us for a bit and then she had to get back to work. I love my mommy. I felt a certain comfort knowing that she was here even though I knew we weren’t going to get to spend a lot of time together. Lynn was also at the table for awhile and the she wanted to do some things on her own so she ended up leaving.

I was sitting by Trey hugging his arm and laying my head on his shoulder when we had an unexpected guest come to our table.

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On: Jul 27, 2011


“You get to see me now with no clothes on…blows him a kiss…You were gone a long time.”
“I know.” Trey is steady staring at my naked body. Then he holds himself. I decided to pull him right in since he was staring so hard, clothes on and all.
“Yo! Aw…ok…someone’s in one of their playful moods I see…done got my sneaks all wet in shit.”
“They’ll dry.” He kicks them off and I help him take off his shirt and the rest of his clothes before they get too soaked.
“Baby you got this water hot!”
“I can’t help it if you make my temperature rise…get it…I make it hot…temperature rise…”
Trey shakes his head smiling… “I must really love you girl.” I wrap my arms around him and press my nose to touch his while wiggling my head.
“And you better not ever forget that!” We kiss and made time for one more love making session before dinner. Now we were pressed for time. I still needed to get my hair straight and Trey needed time to get his swag right…he‘s so extra. We were rushing around that cabin looking for shoes and the right accessories, his cologne and my perfume. I guess that’s what I get for not unpacking our things before having fun. My baby looked sharp
with his tux on once we were dressed. I wore a pretty short length, red spaghetti strapped cocktail dress with silver heals and accessories. I pulled my hair up in the back, but left some straight down on the side where the scar was. I still hated looking at that thing and even though I’m on this beautiful ship with so many reasons to be happy, I still sit here and think about it. Instead of my mole being an admired feature this scar has become the main attraction and not seen in a positive light. We all met up to get our pictures taken with the captain first and then headed to dinner. Everyone looked so beautiful. That’s all you saw were people in formal wear like it was the awards or something. I saw people on the ship that I didn’t see earlier.

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On: Jul 27, 2011


I asked them what they were about to do. Grumma Rose was ready to go back to the cabin for a bit and Ms. Tucker wanted to go check out the H20 Zone and see the parade. Then she asked if we wanted to come too. We figured we had plenty of time to explore the rest of the ship so we decided to go along with her.

We all left to go to our cabins and get changed. Once we were ready we called each other’s rooms and then met up by the elevators on deck 11. We decided to go chill in the hot tubs that were out there. We actually found one that was vacant so the three of us hopped in. We had a good spot to watch the parade and also relax. It was so beautiful out, not to mention the hot tub was feeling good. Lynn had asked Ms. Tucker did she plan on doing any excursions once we docked. She said she wasn’t sure yet. I told them I wanted to definitely go Jet Skiing once we got to Ocho Rios, Jamaica if I didn’t do anything else. We had a good time out there talking and enjoying the scenery. We got out for a little while to get some drinks and just enjoyed the music that was playing and all the dancers from the parade dancing around the pools in single file. It was really nice. They had food out there but we planned on eating in the formal dining room. It was getting close to dinner time anyway and tonight was the Captains Welcome Aboard Reception so we had to dress formal. By now it was 5:00 pm. The dinner schedules were 6:00 or 8:00pm. They were going to be taking pictures with the captain from 7:30 - 8:00 pm. We decided to get ready so we could get our pictures taken before dinner. Once I got to the room I couldn’t believe it was a little after 5:00 and Trey wasn’t back yet. I just went on and got in the shower and started getting myself ready. Five minutes into my shower Trey walks in.
slides door open “Damn baby in the shower again?”
“I was in the hot tub with you mom and Lynn.”
“I missed you in a bikini?”

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On: Jul 27, 2011


“Well if it isn’t miss bliss.”
“It shows huh?”
“More than a little bit.”
“I can’t help it girl. We just had the most amazing time and …”
“Rub it in why don’t you.”
“I’m sorry…ok I won’t say anymore…what were you about to do?”
“I don’t know…I was only putting my things away.” I sit in the chair. I had to smile because it just reminded me of the naughty acts I just did in it, in my room. Lynn looks at me. “Ok…get it out…come on miss giggles.”
“No…no…I’m done…as you were saying?”
“Nothing, but that I was just putting my things away as you can see…you would think I had a roommate.”
“I still need to do that. I have stuff still in suitcases. I’ve been into everything else but them.”
“Why you ask? What did you wanna do?”
“I was just about to walk around…see who we can see…and continue to look at this big beauty.”
“Ok….looks at watch…that’ll probably take us up to dinner.”
“Yeah that’s what I was thinking.”
“Fine with me…lets go.”
Lynn and I already checked out the H20 Zone so we took the elevator up to the “Royal Promenade” on deck 5. Ok we found out that the shops were on that level and we just had to see what was in them. I couldn’t believe how much it looked like we were walking on a mall. I wanted to come back up here so bad with Trey. It was little pizzerias, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream parlor, a profession portrait studio, I mean it was a lot of nice little shops on board. As we were walking we saw Zoe Saldana, and Gabriel Union. I was glad we were going to be sailing for a week because it’s gonna take me a few days to realize who all is on this ship. I saw a vendor with all these designer watches. I knew Trey would like that. As I approached it I bumped into his mom and grumma Rose. I introduced them to my co-worker Lynn. She was very pleased to meet the other women in Trey’s life. I noticed his mom had already beat me to the punch and had a watch case in her hand. She showed it to me. It was a stunning time piece. I knew he was gonna love it once he saw it.

Replied To: Story - Does She Know (Forum topic)
On: Jul 27, 2011
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