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“Baby you are so good to me…I have been so fulfilled and happy since I’ve been with you. I feel like I can face anything because you’re by my side.”
“I’m glad you feel dat way…I hope to always make you feel dat way baby.” I look up at him and confidently say, “You will.” Then I kiss him real quick. “Come with me babe.”
“Where we goin?”
“We should be taking advantage of every second we have together.”
“I thought we were.”
“We’re not done.”

I pulled him up from the chair that we chrisened and led him into the shower. It was nice and cozy since it was a tight spot. We could do wonders in tight spots. As the water ran over our bodies I picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it all over Trey’s body. He stood away from the shower head as I lathered him up. He just stood there with his head back and eyes closed enjoying his body rub. I started on his chest moving the bar of soap in circles smothering his nipples and his tight abs with it. Then I lathered up my hands real good and sat the soap down and washed my favorite part of his anatomy. My touch ended up making him hard all over again. I couldn’t let it go to waste. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. Then he leaned on the shower wall while I place him inside of me. He made love to me nice and slow. I’ve never gotten tearfully emotional when we would make love, but for some reason today with him I cried tears of joy. I loved him so much and in that moment I just wanted to give him more of me than ever before because that’s what he does for me all the time. He’s so cute he thought he was hurting me and asked me was he stroking me too hard. I told him no baby…I just love you.


The Stupid Things

Trey went on his way to his meeting and I decided to continue to look around the ship some more. I figured since it was the first day I definitely wasn’t getting any interviews set up until people were settled so I had free time. I walked to Lynn’s cabin first to see if she was there. She was.

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On: Jul 27, 2011
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This is a good question. I would have "Would You Mind" by Janet Jackson from her "All For You" would be on repeat!

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It tickles and it makes me laugh.
“You betta not mess with that.”
“You know I ain’t goin in there…I just love ya ass…it gets my dick hard.” We were silent for a moment just hugging each other. “Baby I gotta meet up with the Director to discuss this benefit and performing shedules and stuff like dat.”
“When you gotta go.”
“We still got some time…I’m just telling you…but after that the rest of my day is free.”
“Good…You wanna do Kareoke with me later on?”
“I don’t know baby…I gotta save my voice…you know if I get up there I’m gonna sing…I ain’t gone be bullshittin.”
“So what you tryna say Trey. That you’ll show me up?”
“Yeah!” I give him a love tap.
“I just thought it would be fun…you tryna be all serious wit it…”
“Ok. I’ll try to act like I can’t sing.”
“I believe you think ya shit don’t stink sometimes don’t you?”
“I on’t know…come in bathroom with me and tell me.”
“You so lucky I love you.” He holds me more.
“I am lucky you love me…Nah baby I’ll do karaoke and anything else you want us to do on here. I love you girl. Whatever you want…I want you to have…no matter how big or how small.” Then he kissed my forehead and squeezed me tight. He sat there thinking about El being released and how he knew the fear I was going feel when I found out. But this time was gonna be different. He was going to make it a point to protect me at all cost, so for now his mind was made up on making this the most relaxing and stress free break for me. Then once I got home and found out the news he was gonna see to it that I knew I would be safe and wouldn’t need to feel fearful or scared of anything.

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Once he was nice and wet I ran my tongue around the head and twirled it on the bulls eye.
“Ahh Fuck!” That really was sending him into planet erotica. I figured I teased him enough and went on to take him in my mouth and got my grub on. I sucked him into a metal frenzy that he came so fast I don’t think he was even expecting it. There was no need for my drink..he quenched my thirst. He had to calm down from the intense high that he was on but it was far from over.
“Hold up baby…breathing hard…gimme a minute…be patient…I’m gone please you.” I got up off my knees. Trey stood up and kicked off his sneaks and took off his clothes. I loved looking at his body and how it was a perfect fit to mine. He sat right back in the chair. He pulled my panties down and kissed my exposed skin. Soft gentle kisses one by one in different spots until he kissed my wet lips. One quick lick made me gasp. Then another made me moan and another had me saying “ooo yesss.” I propped my leg up on the chair and my baby sent me into the land of passion pleaure and a much wanted pain. The kind of pain that hurts oh so good. I couldn’t contain myself. Then he scooted a little closer to the edge of the chair and grabbed my hips.
“Guide me inside you baby.” His wish was my command. I put him inside of me and slowly sat down on his pleasure stick. He fucked me ceaselessly right in that chair. Lifting my body from time to time getting his stroke just right. I dug in his shoulders squeezing them tightly as I bit my bottom lip to hold back my screams so the neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed but damn that after the first few seconds the neighbors would have to hear this.
“Fuck me Trey!” He had me calling his name and kissing his lips neurotically because I needed to have every part of my body envolved. We were so in sink with one another we climaxed together. Trey fell back in the chair and I collapsed forward on him afterwards. After a while I feel his hands tracing the split in my behind.

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On: Jul 25, 2011
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