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“Have you had anymore nightmares?”
“Maybe a few…”
“Trey please…”
“Ok…I’ll leave dat alone…I gotta go anyway…call me later.”
“Ok…bye baby.”


The day had finally come for us to leave for the cruise. Trey was on a flight with his team since it was business and I was on a flight with Lynn to Miami. Evan and Marcus got to have some time off since I would be with Trey. I didn’t get to fly with my boo, but I did get to be flown by my dad. I was happy to see him. I felt like I hadn’t seen him in ages. He never did like El. My daddy cried when he found out what El did to me. He’s a sensitive man but a strong loving man. I’m his only child and he has always spoiled me. He loves Trey. He really likes the fact that when Trey is in town and he’s home they come together and watch sports with one another. My dad gets to have another male around instead always being out numbered by females. We only got to chat for a brief moment before boarding the plane. He told me to tell my mom that he loves her when I saw her. That was another good thing about this trip. I was going to be cruising with my mom. I know she’ll be working but she’ll still be around for me to talk to her. Trey’s family is coming too. We‘re gonna have so much fun. This is one working vacation that me and Trey could use. I miss him so much. I haven’t seen him since he left me. He’s been so busy that our time together since the incident has been non-existent. I knew that was to be expected especially since he extended his stay with me. But I’ll get to have some down time now with my baby and I can’t wait. All I did was think about the many ways that I was going to violate him while I sat in my window seat. Lynn caught me smiling.

“Shanell…what got you all smiles over there?”
“Just thinking about my baby.”
“It figures…I don’t know why I asked. I wish Richard could’ve came.”
“Aw, I bet you do.”
“It’s fine tho…we’re taking a family cruise next year anyway.”
“Oh that’s nice.”

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On: Jul 23, 2011


…what better way to get more clients featured in our magazine if you were to go.”
“But why me…I mean I’m just getting back…don’t you need me here?”
“We could use you here but this is more pressing at the moment. We figured you and Lynn could go…work your magic…and bring us back some more big fish…and a small part of me wants you to go to give you a nice escape for a bit…maybe relieve some of that stress…you‘ve been through a lot kiddo.”
“Wow…I don’t know what to say.”
“I take that as a yes?”
“Of course…thank you for the opportunity…I won’t dissappoint.”
“Great…ok, sorry I interrupted your phone call…tell my main my Trey I said hello.”
“I will Bill…thanks again.” I called Trey back.
“Baby I guess I’ll be able to go on that cruise after all.”
“You was able to get more time off?”
“No…they actually have me working too.”
“Ahhh yeah…I get to spend some more time wit my baby.”
“It’s gonna be so fun…we get to relax while we work.”
“Yeah you know I like to work…we gone be puttin in a lotta hard work.”
“You so nasty.”
“As fuck!”
laughs “So give me a heads up…who’s else in on board…ooo you get it, on board…” Trey laughs at my cornyness.
“I on’t know baby…I just signed on…if I find out anymore I’ll let you know.”
“Good cause that will give me a heads up on how to critigue my pitch…I’m so excited babe.”
“I can tell…it’s been a minute since I heard you being this happy.”
“Trey I know these past weeks or month in a half…I’ve been really hard to deal with. I just wanna say thank you baby…for being here and never giving up on me when I tried so many times to push you away.”
“Baby I love you…I told you I ain’t goin nowhere.”
“I know you did…I’m just dealing with a lot and I have to admit that I’m more vulnerable and insecure when it comes to you. I’ve never been this way before and as much as I try not to let things get to me, it does…”
“Well you know I agree wit ya mom…I think you need to talk to somebody…”
“Trey you’re messing up my positive vibe I got going on.”

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On: Jul 23, 2011

@Essence711 - I would love to see him in a bad boy role too...something that's so out of his character.

I'm sooooooooo excited about this I just had to revisit this post again and say it! I never thought I would be excited about seeing a scary flick but for Tremaine it's all good!

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On: Jul 22, 2011


Having those two around me wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. They’re really nice men but if you cross the line they will hurt you. I’ve seen them go to work on a few people who’ve tried to get close to me…they’re no joke. I really do feel safe with them. Part of me regrets not having security when Trey first asked. Maybe none of this would’ve never happened. We may not have ever split up and maybe I would’ve been protected from El. I guess there’s no need in dwelling on that now…what’s done is done. I hope he rots in jail for what he’s done to me. I’ve never hated anyone in my life but I hate him. I would never let Trey know my true emotions about El because I really believe he would kill him. I see something in Trey that wasn’t there before. Like he has this score to settle and he’s determined to make good on it. He thinks I don’t be paying attention when he says certain things to people in code so to speak but I do. I mean I don’t know what it means, but I’m sure it means something. I hope whatever this is he gets it out of his system and realize that El isn’t worth the energy or going to jail for.

I’m sitting at my desk when Trey calls me.
“Baby how would feel about going on a cruise.”
“Trey I don’t know baby. I just got back to work…I can’t leave…how are you able to go on cruise right now anyway?”
“Well I’ll be working…it’s a Celebrity Fun Fest that Royal Caribbean is having…a lot of the celebrities will be there doing a benefit for HIV/AIDS…I’ve been asked to perform and I wanna support the cause…”
Knock! Knock! Knock!
“Hold on baby…come in!”
“Shanell sorry to interrupt but we have an assignment for you that we thought you’d enjoy.”
“Really…hold on Bill…Baby let me call you back Bill needs to talk to me.”
“Ight…love you baby.”
“I love you too…puts down cell phone…Ok what‘s up?”
“Royal Carribbean is sponsoring a Celebrity Fun Fest…I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…

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On: Jul 22, 2011


They make me feel like I’m damaged goods or something. Like I’m not worthy to be with Trey. It’s really hurtful. My hair for the most part can hide it some, but certain ways I might turn my head or when the wind blows it’s noticeable. Trey tells me all the time not listen to that negative feedback…well I’m putting it nicely he says bullshit, but it’s hard not too. I mean for the most part his fans have been supportive, which really surprised me and that makes me feel good.

Some of them have really reached out and let me know that they were glad I was going to be ok. My mom feels like I should talk to a councelor because that experience was so traumatic, but I don’t wanna talk about it at all…at least not yet. I’m making strides though, before I wouldn’t even come out of my condo. At least now I’ll go to the store and run my little errands instead of asking Trey to handle it for me or my mom. I missed out on my Nelly interview since I had been out of work. Lynn did it for me. I wanted to meet him so bad. I’ve always liked Nelly. I think it was for the best, because now that I have this scar on my face it’s made me very self-conscious. I probably would’ve been thinking he was looking at the scar and not just giving me eye contact. I’ll be going back to work soon and in a way I can’t wait. I miss it…but part of me can wait, because I’m not ready for the stares.

Me and my mom decided to go out to breakfast. I usually wouldn’t sit out in public so this is a huge step for me. She’ll be going back to work soon so she wanted us to hang out before she leaves. We decided to go to “IHOP.” My two bodyguards Evan and Marcus ate with us as well. It was peaceful for the most part…Treys fans wanted to give me things to give to him. Some of them even had something for me. I was touched. I had to tell Evan and Marcus it was ok for them to give it too me. They checked it thoroughly before they handed it to me.

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On: Jul 22, 2011
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