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I hope you stay encouraged and know that God is the only one that can judge you and opinion of you that counts and sweetie some of the things that you cry about can be changed. You don't like your situation start coming up with a plan to fix it. Stop focusing on all the problems and start coming up with the solutions to them. You said you know you have people that love you and want to help you so let them. If all else fails know God is always there. Lean on him for strength and guidance. He won't disappoint!

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On: Jul 20, 2011


“Yeah he gone pay alright?”
“Yeah the proper way Trey with a judged and a hearing. Baby I know you truly love Shanell and would do anything for her but you can’t protect her if you’re not around her to do it…you feel what I’m saying?”
“I’ma be around.”
“Look boy, you’re not in high school anymore where you handled your problems in the street. You have too much at stake right now. That guy is not worth everything that you’ve worked so hard for. I’m not gonna let you lose focus of what’s important here. Don’t make me go old school on ya hard headed ass.” Trey started laughing.
“What boy.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too…it’s gone be alright…trust me. Where’s Shanell now?”
“In the other room laying down.”
“Well I’ll call her later to talk to her…tell her I asked about her and that I love her.”
“I will.”


I ended up dozing off for a bit. When I awoke I had to think for a second where I was. Then I heard Trey on the phone. I knew it was business because he sounded all professional. I shook my head and smiled and that’s when the pain hit me. I suddenly remembered what happened to me. I immediately put my hand up to the right side of my face. It wasn’t a real bad dream. I felt the big bandage that covered it. I got out of the bed and walked in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror angered at how this bandage covered half of my face. I slowly peeled the tape off my skin to look at what was being concealed. When I saw what looked like a seam on my face, I lost it…I screamed and yelled in disbelief, because I couldn’t believe this was me. Trey abruptly ended his call with “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” to see what was wrong. He ran in the bathroom and saw me on the floor bawling my eyes out. He knelt down beside me and wrapped me up in his arms but I pushed him away.
“Baby please talk to me…let me be here for you.”
I continue to sob “WHHHYYY…WHY DID HE DO THIS TO MEEE!!!” Trey’s not sure of what to do.

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On: Jul 19, 2011


I was at a lost. Another thing that tugged at me was how did he know how to find me. Very few had my new address. I don’t know, there were a lot of unanswered questions. I must’ve fell asleep while doing all that pondering because when I awoke Trey was now sitting in a chair beside the bed sleep. When the doctor came in the room to give me my discharge papers Trey woke up. I was being discharged real early to avoid the paparazzi. Trey’s stand in bodyguard had finally arrived so he was with the driver as they took me home. As soon as I walked in my door I realized I couldn’t stay there. Trey told me to grab some things and to come with him back to the hotel.

Once I got to his room I went straight to the bed and just laid there. Trey came in beside me and was stroking my hair.
“You want anything baby…”
“No thank you.”
“Let me know if you need anything ight?” I shook my head up and down. Trey kissed my forehead and went in the other room. Everyone was concerned about how I was doing so he sent out a text to give Tasha and the others an update. Then his mom called.
“Trey what in the world is going on…what happened to Shanell?” Trey explained the story first hand.
“I caught the tail end of the story on the news…baby are you ok?”
“I’m fine…nothings wrong wit me…no bumps or bruises, no physical scars…nothing.”
“Trey I know where you’re going with that, but how could you have known he was going
to hurt her?”
“But I couldn’t stop him mumma…I had to just sit there and watch him as he hurt my babygirl and cut her face like dat…I had to sit there and hear her scream a pitch that was so chilling…I can’t get it outta my head. I felt like he cut my heart when he did that right in front of me and all I could do was watch.”
“Baby I am so sorry you and her had to go through such an ordeal. I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt to watch that happen to her and you not be able to do anything. But Trey that boy is gonna pay for what he did. You hear me?”

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On: Jul 19, 2011


I had this big old bandage on the right side of my face and I just couldn’t stop sobbing. I was laying in the bed with my eyes looking distant, staring into nowhere. Trey rushed over to me and huged me as the tears rolled down his face.
“Baby…sniffs… I am so sorry…this happened to you.” He knelt down on the side of the bed and cried in my lap. I rubbed the top of his head as the tears fell from my face.
“I let you down…it’s all my fault…I’m suppose to protect you…and I couldn’t…If I hadn‘t of…” he couldn’t say anything for a minute. I lifted his head because I needed him to look at me. As a man I’m sure that hurt his pride that he couldn’t help me, but I didn’t want him to ever feel like it was his fault or that I didn’t think he did enough or what he could. I mustard up enough strength to not cry and speak comforting words to him.
“Trey…listen to be baby…I don’t blame you…wiping his tears…I know you would’ve done more if you could’ve… I know that…so please don‘t be so hard on yourself…please Trey…please don‘t think you let me down because you didn‘t…baby I’m glad you were there…who knows what he would‘ve done to me if you weren‘t.”
“How could he do that…getting up…how could he hurt you and claim to have loved you…runs hand down his face to wipe it…dat niggas a coward…now walking back and forth venting…it ain’t over…I’ma kill that mofucka…fuck dat!!!”
“Trey don’t say that..”
tone increasing…I ain’t goin out like dat Shanell…walks to me and takes my hand…baby I swear I will never let another man hurt you…I promise you dat.” I just hugged him and then he ended up climbing in the bed with me. I really didn’t have a whole lot to say. I was trying to digest everything that happened and couldn’t figure out myself why El would do this to me.
Did he have drugs in his system or was he just that crazy. I couldn’t understand. I knew he was hurt, because I didn’t want him anymore and rejected all of his attempts, since he‘s been out, but to do this because of that.

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On: Jul 19, 2011


“NOOOO!!! YOU MUTHA FUCKAHH!!!!” Was the last thing I heard Trey yelling when he slashed the side of my face. I screamed in pure agony. El couldn’t take my shrieking screams as he held on to me…I felt the blood come running down my cheek which made me panic even more. I heard Trey crying out my name…El was moving around with me like a rag doll. He couldn’t take the noise. He picked up the gun and knocked me out with it. Then as he held my limp body he starts to feel regret and apologetic. He kneels to the floor with me and strokes my hair crying telling me he’s sorry, and he‘s gonna always want me and love me. Trey felt reduced to nothing like his heart had been shattered in tiny little pieces. He was numb on the inside as he sat there and watched him cause me pain and then stroke my hair like he had the right. The cops broke through my door and nabbed El as he sat on the floor with me. As soon as they cut the tape off of Trey that numbness disappeared. He ran to get the gun El had to shoot him, but the cops was two steps ahead of him and snatched it up before he could get to it. They held him back and tried to contain his rage. He was completely broken and very emotional making threats to El not even thinking his words could be held against him since he’s saying this in front of the police. Trey didn’t care. He was determined to make good on them. Val came in and saw me on the stretcher and blood on the floor. She was horrified. The cops pulled her out of there. They put El in the police car. The paparazzi was everywhere. I was immediately transported to the hospital. Trey road in the ambulance with me. He held my hand tearful as I lay there sedated. I was taken to the ER for a mild concussion and to get stitches. I ended up getting 23 on the right side of my face.
Once I was stitched up I was put in a room for observation for the concussion. I didn’t want to see anybody. Not even Trey, but he came in anyway.

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On: Jul 19, 2011
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