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I'm so excited to see this movie and I hate scary movies..but I love Trey so he will definitely get my support. I think he will do well. He's a perfectionist so he wouldn't have taken the role if it didn't feel right about it and couldn't play it convincingly. I too would like to see him in action or comedy. He can be so goofy at times so comedy is right up his alley. Oh and if he dies in this film I'll only be mad because I won't get to see him throughout the rest of it, but I want to see how versatile he can be so that's a plus to me. I mean it is acting, so show me what you got Tremaine!

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On: Jul 19, 2011

I don't know what your spiritual beliefs are but I would definitely stay prayed up if you are a spiritual person. No one else can complete you sweetheart. You have to find that peace that you're missing in order for whatever void you are feeling to be filled. It pains me to hear that you cry and are so sorrowful, but know that you do belong here. You have a purpose. Don't ever feel like you don't and feed into what others say about you because of your size. That's their ignorance. Keep your head up like you said. One day when you least expect it you will meet that special someone to share your life with, but you have to be happy with yourself first. Never lose faith. Keep smiling!

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On: Jul 19, 2011

I put my vote in...good luck!

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On: Jul 19, 2011

LOL you guys are funny with the single words...I am cracking up!

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On: Jul 18, 2011


“You don’t know…” Then he dragged me into the kitchen. “You gone lie to me again!”
“Nigga you ain‘t shit without that gun in ya hand!”
“You hear dat Shanell…ya little golden boy still talkin his shit. Nigga you gotta lotta heart. I told you to shut da fuck up doe didn‘t I.” He went in the drawer and took out a knife.
Petrified…“El what are you doing?”
“Look man no need to act all hasty…please put dat knife away…everythang cool…don‘t nobody need to get hurt.” He sat the gun on the countertop and put the knife up to my face.
“You really love her nigga…huh…piercing my skin…you don’t love her…he don’t love you like I do Shanell…He‘ll never love you like me baby…” Now I’m begging and pleading for him to remove the knife because he was hurting me. Trey was pleading too for him not to hurt me. I seen the tears in his eyes as he was frantically trying to get out of that seat while trying to convince El to hurt him instead. To El it was a game…he loved seeing Trey in pain and begging him. Trey’s pleading was of no use and there was nothing he could do about it. His hands were literally tied.
“Let’s see if you still want her now nigga…” my cries went unheard.

Replied To: Story - Does She Know (Forum topic)
On: Jul 18, 2011
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I'm a independent woman & mother who strives 4 the best 4 myself & my fam. I luv 2 write & would luv 2 become a famous author, which is a dream of mine, & soon 2 bcome my reality. I've jus wrote my 1st book. I know it's a process, but at least I'm n the game & I play 2 win. I'm a new fan of Trey Songz. I've always heard his music, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by MJB featuring him, that piqued my interest about him as an artist. I have all his cd's now & I'm lovin the latest 1 PPP. I"ve said it b4 & I'll say it again Trey u inspire me as a writer. I luv ur work. I can honestly say that ur songs make me feel like ur talkin 2 no1 else but me. That feels so good, esp. when ur single & u've had a long day & u need that “pick me up" or somethin 2 jus remind u that there r sum good men out there. 2 have that ability is special which is truly what u r Tremaine Neverson. I have nothin but luv 4 u as a human being, artist, & a man. U make me smile Trey Songz. Lol:-) God Bless!
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