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He intertwines his fingers with mine and walks me backwards until my back was against the wall. Then our lips went at it again while our bodies were pressed close rekindling the flame that never was put out. God he smelled so good and I missed his touch so badly. A sudden knock on the door got our attention. We immediately stopped kissing and looked at the door smiling like two sneaky little kids. Trey went and sat back in the chair.

“Come in.”
“Trey there’s been an emergency…your bodyguard Alonzo I believe…” Trey gets up
“Yeah what’s up?”
“He’s been taken to the emergency room for food poisoning, they think.”
“Trey I can take you to the hospital if you need me too.”
“Is my assistant still out there?”
“Yes her and a few other’s are in the waiting area. I think only one of them went with him…I think…I’m sorry I wasn’t really paying attention.”
“It’s cool baby.”
“I’ll follow you over there then.” I grabbed my things and was on my way out. I realized I forgot to leave Lynn’s paper work with Val. I looked through my briefcase and took it out. It was mixed with my own work for Nelly’s spread. I gave it to Val and hurried out the door.
“Shanell wait…you forgot your…” It was too late. I was already pulling out in my car without the paperwork that I needed.

We got to the hospital and it was indeed food poisoning that Buggzi had. He was resting comfortably after his stomach had been pumped. After a while we were allowed to go inside to see him. Trey had me go along with him. It was crazy seeing him laid up like that. When he saw my face along with Trey he started grinning.

“I told you bout eatin dat exotic shit!”
“I won’t fuck wit it no more.”
“Hello Buggzi…it’s good to see you…I’m sorry it’s like this though.”
“Yeah I know…it’s good to see you. Looks like the beige greyhound found it‘s way home.” Trey started smiling as he scratched his head…I was clueless.

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I’m sorry you didn’t think I was important enough to you to know?”
“Trey you were always important to me. This didn’t have anything to do with you. It was something that I needed to work through and until I did, I couldn’t talk about it with anyone. You don’t know how hard it’s been for me to get past this. I’m just finally able to deal with it and talk about it. I felt like I was always going to be looked upon as a criminal. To know that you’re innocent, but treated like you’re guilty until proven innocent…it was degrading. I thought I was gonna be spending my life locked up for something I had nothing to do with. I wasn‘t a criminal…I was a victim…and yes I let that hold me hostage for a long time…” He noticed how emotional I was becoming and pulled me to him and hugged me.
“It’s ok baby…you don’t have to say no more…looks at my face…I just really wish you were strong enough to tell me what happened to you that‘s all.” now holding my hands
“I wish I was stronger than too…but now I’m finally able to get past this and regain my life back fully…not being afraid of the things that I use to let hold me back.”
“So do you still feel like you did before…like you can’t handle being my girl and sharing the spotlight with me?”
“No…not anymore…but what difference does it make now?”
“I’m not seeing anyone.” I have a surprised look.
“I’m not seeing anyone.”
“Then why did you say you were?”
“I’m hoping by the time this prints that’ll be my reality again.” I gave him a small tap on his shoulder for playing with me.
“Trey…” he kisses me…Once we stopped we continued to stare at one another
“You don’t know how bad I’ve been wantin those lips…how I‘ve missed just bein near you turnin me on…Shanell I‘ve never had a woman have this affect on me the way you do. I‘ve never stopped thinking about you.”
“Trey…I’m really sorry for not returning your calls…not being able to tell you what happened to me…the way things ended…just everything.”
“Show me.”

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(OKM) “Well Trey Songz thanks for taking time out of your schedule to interview with us and we look forward to seeing your future endeavors.” I stopped the recorder since the interview was over. “This will be in our next issue. You’re done.”
“The tape recorders off?”
“So we done wit business?”
“Why were you lookin like dat?”
“Like what?”
“Like you just lost ya best friend.”
sighs “I guess I wasn’t expecting you to say you weren’t single.”
“So you do care?”
“I’ve always cared Trey…I never stopped.”
“So how come you never returned my calls…Oh yeah I finally got one.”
“I was scared.”
“What fo?”
“I thought if I did I would’ve changed my mind.”
“And you didn’t wanna do dat?”
“Only because I thought I would’ve been prolonging the inevitable.”
“Which was what…you leaving me?”
“Yeah…” I got out of my seat and looked out of the window. Trey comes up behind me.
“Shanell why did you really leave me…I mean I know what you said, but you also said it was for reasons that I may not understand right now…whatchu mean by dat?” I knew I owed Trey an explanation, so I turned around to face him.
“Trey several years ago when I was with El he had got into trafficking, which I was not aware of. To make a long story short I was wrongly accused of being an accomplice.”
“Let me finish…I was arrested…but eventually cleared of the charges…and even though I was a minor…it didn’t change the way I was treated…just the way I would’ve been charged. Trey that incident took a lot away from me. I was embarrassed…humiliated…grilled like crazy…actually treated like a criminal. It was the lowest I’ve every felt in my life.” Trey sits on my desk and takes what I’m saying in.
“Shanell how come you never told me any of this?”
“It’s not the easiest thing to talk about Trey…I was too embarrassed and ashamed…I was angry…it left me very guarded.”
“But this had an affect on our relationship…this was apart of the reason you walked away from me.”
“Trey I’m sorry...”
“I’m sorry too.

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I noticed he was walking toward me so I walked around my desk and he gave me a quick peck on the lips as he hugged me… smells my neck and whispers
“Mmm I missed this scent…you lookin good too baby.”
“Thank you Trey. I can’t believe you let them go.” touching the top of his head
“Yeah it was time…I was ready for a change.”
“Well it looks good on you.”
“Thank you baby.” sitting back in my seat
“Have a seat.” He does. “So how have you been?”
“You want the real answer or “politically correct” one.”
“I want whatever answer you want to give me.”
rubs chin “Nah…er’thang thing been great.”
“So you ready to get this interview started.”
“Leggo.” I took my tape recorder out and started the interview.”

(OKM) “So tell me about your latest album Ready….what makes this album different from your previous two?”
(TS) “I would have to say growth…you know I’ve learned a lot from my previous two albums…I’m steppin into manhood so a lot of life experiences whether it be good or bad played a role in it, to where I am right now, to feel like I’m ready.”
(OKM) “So what type of songs can your fans expect from this album?”
(TS) “I think they can expect a balance of things on here…not too much of one thing and less of the next…but everything that embodies me.”
(OKM) “For all the ladies out there is Trey Songz still off the market?”
(TS) “Actually I still am.”

I did not see that response coming…I thought, when did he start seeing someone again. My heart sunk but I had to continue. I know dissappointment was written all over my face from that point on.

(TS) “I don’t really get into my personal life like that, but yes ladies I am off the market.”
(OKM) “What upcoming projects are in the works…anything you can share?”
(TS) “I’m working on a few collaborations…lookin into small movie roles…I’m working on the video for Can’t Help but Wait…talks of a tour are in the works…nothing official yet…but it’s a lot bout to go down…y’all stay tuned.”

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“Shanell thank god you’re here!”
“Lynn was suppose to do an interview today but she’s in the hospital. Bill is still in executive meetings and I can’t get a hold of Michelle…but it is her day off too.”
“But I’m not scheduled for today either. I forgot my work that I wanted to go over for my Nelly interview. That’s the only reason I’m here.”
“Well since you’re here can you do the interview…please.”
“Sure. What time is it scheduled for? You have thirty minutes.”
“Val are you serious?”
“Don’t panic, Lynn already has the questions prepared. I have them right here….hands me her notes.
“Oh great! I was about to say…” see’s the name
“I can’t do this.”
“Sure you can…you’ll be fine.”
“No you don’t understand…I haven‘t spoken to him since...”
“Shanell honey please set your personal feelings aside and do this interview…you‘re the only one available…and maybe it’s a reason why it would be you to have to do it…maybe it’s time for you two to talk.” Then Val walks back to her seat at the reception desk. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I also was wondering how come I wasn’t aware that they were interviewing Trey today. I usually know who‘s scheduled. I walked in my office and paced the floor. I haven’t seen Trey in so long. I didn't know how I was going to react when I saw him, let alone do an interview with him. I sat down at my desk and read over the questions Lynn had for him in my head. Then Val calls me and tells me he’s here and she’ll be bringing him back. I took a deep breath and waited for the knock. There it was.

“Come in.” I stood up from my desk. Trey walked in. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. Damn he looked good. It took me a minute to speak.
“Thank you Val.” She smiles and walks out. Trey looked back at the door to make sure it was completely closed before he said anything.
“Yo! It’s you?” pointing with a big old grin on his face.
“By default, but yes.”

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On: Jul 15, 2011
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