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Trey didn’t get to see Shanell until after the show when she came backstage. She had been with his mom and the rest of his family every since the dinner. She decided to hang out with them until Trey was ready to go to the hotel room that night. She kissed him and told him to call her when he was ready to go.

“Hey Buggzi…I’ma have Nikki come to the room tonight…so when you see her let her through.”
“No problem.”

Trey was finally back in his hotel room getting ready to get comfortable when Nikki arrived. He figured he had some time since he told Shanell that he would call her. He opened the door and gave her another hug. She was jacked out of her mind from his performance. He told her to have a seat so they did.
“I’m so amazed…Trey…oh my god…you are really talented…wow…and I thought I couldn’t love you any more.”
“I appreciate dat baby…so whatchu wanna talk about…you got my full attention.”
“Us…Trey I know it’s been sometime that we’ve been apart, but my heart doesn’t feel like you’ve left it. I know I was jealous, and didn’t trust you when we were together…even though you’d given me plenty of reasons not too, but I did say that you were forgiven and I should’ve done that. I never gave you more credit, but I’ve learned from that now. I really would like another chance….don‘t you miss me baby…” Trey was thinking here we go again.
“Nikki you’re a very beautiful woman with a lot to offer…I just think it’s not gonna be for me.”
“But why? It was good enough for you before…you can’t really believe Shanell is the one for you.” She looked in his eyes and saw a truth see wasn’t ready to face… “Do you???”
“Why is dat so hard for you to accept?”
“It just is…what is it about her that you don’t see in me.”
“Nikki why can’t you just let it go…”

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(P) “That was clever.”
(T) “Yeah ight numba one…seriously doe it was good talkin to you both, gotta few more people to chat wit but I hope you enjoy the show.” Trey didn’t even realize that he put Crystals number in his pocket. He finally got around to talking to Nikki.

“What’s up girl…witcha red on…you wore dat for me?” taking her hands and looking her over
“You know I did….can I have a real hug now?” Trey hugs her again. She whispers in his ear, “Can you come see me before you leave tonight.” Treys smiling
“You ain’t gone never change are you?”
“Not when it comes to you I’m not…whispers…I love you.”
“I hear you…it’s been how many years now.” Trey was trying to make light of the words. Nikki was serious.
“Trey you really don’t think I still love you?” He didn’t know what to say to her.
“I don‘t know Nikki but…” she put her fingers on his lips
“I really need to talk to you Trey…tonight…just hear me out.” He rubs his chin.
“I’ll see what I can do.”
Then Ci Ci makes an announcement.
“Ok ladies it’s time to take your seats…Treys about to go on so follow me.” Nikki slipped Trey what he thought was a note in his pocket and then she followed the rest of the crowd. He never even looked at it to see what it was. He went to get ready to perform.

Trey put on a phenomenal show. He had the crowd entertained and singing along with him. He took his shirt off to give them a treat. He sang with so much emotion tonight which matched the intensity that he was feeling. He was really feeling some type of way about the picture he saw of Shanell. He didn’t want to think anything of it, but that was his baby and it bothered him to no end. Just the thought of her touching another guy was a vision that he didn’t want to imagine let alone see. That ended up being more fuel to light the fire that he had burning out on that stage. He was the flame tonight that couldn‘t be touched.

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On: Jul 11, 2011


He couldn’t wait to talk to Shanell about it but for now he had to put it out of his mind. Then CiCi walks in.
“Trey you have fans in VIP that are waiting for there meet and greet before the show… you ready?”
“I’ll be right there.” He gave his boys that half of hug and handshake that they do and went to kick it with the fans for a bit. Not only did he see Paige and a lot of others from his high school he also saw Nikki. Trey walked around and gave everyone a hug and took some pictures and asked them were they excited about tonight’s show. Screams of yes erupted in the room. Nikki wanted to have some one on one time with Trey so bad. She hadn’t seen him in person in so long. She’s been following all of his success and couldn’t wait for this day to get here. Trey wanted to talk to her too, since it’s been a while, so he went around the room and gave everyone a few minutes of his time. It was an intimate group so he didn’t mind. He made his way around and got to Paige and Crystal.

(P) “What’s goin on Trey?”
(T) “How you doin baby…I see you haven’t changed…still ugly.” laughs
(P) “Don’t think you da shit with ya skinny ass.”
(T) “But my pockets fat.”
(C clearing throat…speaks like Wendy Williams giving Trey her hand…How you doin?” Trey busts out laughing and looks at Paige.
(T) “She’s crazy…what’s up sweetheart?”
(C “I’m Crystal your numba one fan…me…not all these other people…waives hand around the room…but me…so can I have a kiss?”
(P) “Oh brother…gimme a break…”
(T) “You sho you my numba one fan…Ima haft get you to prove that…sing something from my first album…matter of fact sing my first song that was released.”
(P) No…don’t do dat…shaking her head no…trust me Trey.”
(C “If I sing I might scare you away but I am a huge fan of yours…ask ya girlfriend. I told her she was lucky I met her or I would steal you away…hands him a tiny piece of paper…I lied…call me.”
(T) “Oh so that means you’ll tell me anything…”
(C “Nooo…I wouldn’t…” Treys laughing at her

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VA here we come. Trey’s family rented a hall and had a big welcome home dinner for him with his cousins and a lot of his boys were there. We only had three hours to spend with everyone. It was nice meeting some of his relatives that I’ve never met before. Trey can be so playful at times. I loved watching him with his little cousins flipping them over his shoulders and chasing them around the room. He seemed so relaxed. He needed this. I know he really misses spending time with his family and friends…I guess that’s why he works so hard, before long he won’t have too.

I never did mention to him what I knew about him and Paige. My mind has been all over the place lately that I know when I talk to him I have to have a clear head. I let Paige know that her and Crystal were covered for tonight’s show so I’ll be seeing them tonight. Paige was so happy I called her and was still apologizing for what happened. I had to cut her off again because I just wasn’t ready to deal with my feeling on that. She thanked me for looking out and told me that she’d see me later.

Trey was in his dressing room getting ready before the show. His boys was back there Redd, Finch and Jay just shooting the breeze having a bunch of laughs. Jay was on the internet on his phone and came across something.

(J) “Yo! Trey check dis out?”
(T) “Whatchu got some porn or somethin?”
(J)“Nigga I wish…look.” It was a picture of Shanell and El holding hands in the club. Trey saw it and brushed it off like it was nothing. Redd and Finch peeped it out.
(F) “Who dat nigga?” Jay reads the caption.
Shanell Weiss and ex El Harris holding hands as sparks fly
(R “Trey you talk to ya girl about this?”
(T) “Man I don’t pay attention to dat shit…they can doctor anything up to make it look real nowadays.”
(J) “This don’t look doctored up.”
(T) “Nigga dat’s the point.” They all started laughing at Jay. Deep down inside Trey was fuming about that picture.

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“Hey there.” El turned to the side to see who was talking to him.”
“Hey lil mama what’s up?”
“You’re Shanell’s friend right?”
“Why you wanna know?”
“Oh just making conversation since I saw you talking to her.”
“She’s more than a friend…that’s gone be my baby momma.”
“Well damn! It’s like that?”
“She my baby…she just mad wit me right now.”
“Hmm…that’s strange…I was told she was seeing Trey Songz.” Crystal really started peeking El’s interest to hear more.
“Is that so.”
“And so it is…I wouldn’t plan on her being your baby momma anytime soon.”
“That nigga can’t compete wit what we had…I on‘t give a fuck what his status is.”
“Oh so you guys have dated before?”
“You damn right…and I plan on us getting back.”
“I would really like to see that happen.”
“Oh it’s gonna happen…believe dat!”
Then Paige walks over and see’s Crystal talking to El. She got a bad vibe about him and didn’t want to be around him.
“Come on Crystal…I’m ready to go.”
“Aye Crystal won’t you give me ya numba so we can talk some more.”
“Sure.” She gives El her phone number and then her and Paige leave.
“Why would you give him your number?”
“I think we can help each other out…”


I was quiet the whole drive home. LA was looking really good to me right now. I had this overwhelming feeling and just wanted to get away. I thanked my cousin for picking me up and tried to pay him for it but he said he was cool. I went in the house and went to bed. Trey ended up calling me about 4:00 am. I let it go to the voicemail and then listened to his message.

“I guess you sleepin…but uh,…sounds of laughter and music in the background…nigga get dat shit outta here…fucks wrong witchu…sorry baby…I just was calling to check on you… was thinkin bout you and wanted to hear ya voice…I got Paige and Crystal covered for the show in VA too, so dey straight…ight baby…I‘ll see you in a bit…love you…”


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On: Jul 10, 2011
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