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She asked me what Trey thought about it and my moving to LA. We finally did get to touch more on that subject once we got pass the security issues. I told her he was happy for me. He said the sweetest thing, “Baby I don’t care where I hafta travel to see you…ain’t no amount of distance gone stop me from bein where you are.” That made me feel so good knowing he would also sacrifice for me.

My parents did eventually get to meet Trey several years ago. Thank god it was before his fan base was as big as it is now. He keeps too many people around him now, but they like him. It’s weird when I’m watching him on TV perform with my mom in the room. She be steady singing his songs with me. She still think she’s young singing with a hair brush. Her and my auntie are alike in so many ways besides their faces, but my auntie is still way cooler than her. My dad gets along real well with Trey too. He’s actually flown him around from time to time. The two male loves of my life. After I shared the good news I spoke with her about my dilemma.

“Shanell what did you think was going to happen when you starting dating someone pursing a singing career?”
“I didn’t really think that far in advance mom. I mean I mostly thought about our time being an issue because of all the traveling he was gonna have to do…I didn’t really think of my life being on blast along with his.”
“Well sweetie yes…I can see that you didn’t realize the full scope of that type of lifestyle but it is very demanding…definitely in the public eye…time will be spent apart…and people will want what you have and try to tear it apart.”
“Mom how do you and dad do this…I mean I know it’s not exactly the same because the whole world isn’t in your business, but you guys spend a lot of time apart…Do you ever worry about cheating or I don’t know, falling out of love with one another?”

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On: Jul 07, 2011

Let's just say it's about to get heated...This section is called Please Return My Call for a to all of you reading this I'm glad you're enjoying it and I really appreciate the let's me know you are reading it. Thank you ladies.

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On: Jul 06, 2011


“Well I think this was just an isolated incident. I don’t think they’ll be on me when I move.”
“Shid! You gone be in LA. They real thirsty wit there’s.”
“Trey you know how I value my independence. Plus I don’t want to go into this job with people all in my business wondering why I need security.”
“Look baby…I completely get where you comin from, but I don’t think you understand… we can try our best to keep as much as we can private…but in this business…your business one way or another becomes everyone else’s.”
“Well I don‘t want everyone up in my business…it’s our business.”
“You right! It’s suppose to be our business…but people are always gonna try to find a way to get in it…you gotta just be prepared and learn how to deal with it.”
“Trey I refuse to start my career in LA. going to work with security.”
“What if it happens again…then what?”
“I don’t know…this is becoming too much…the stories about us…paparazzi and now security…I don’t know if I could get use to this Trey.”
“Listen baby…I can’t talk long about this right now…I know this lifestyle is gonna take some gettin use to, but I want us to finish talkin bout this later…I gotta go, but I’ma call you.”
“Baby…I love you.”
“I love you too.”


Please Return My Call


After we spoke again I told Trey that I would think about having security around me but for now I will get my cousin Lebron to be with me…you know, to have a male figure around and another set of eyes at least until I move. The idea of having a stranger following me around and invading my privacy was starting to be a bit much. More realities were starting to set in and I was having my doubts. My mom was home from her tour she just did and I really needed to talk to her. First I shared my good news about the job that I had gotten. She was so happy that I found something that I was going to enjoy doing and was following my dream. She couldn’t wait to tell my dad…I thought it was my good news to share.

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On: Jul 06, 2011


I figured it was best if I just kept my mouth closed so that’s what I did. I finally made it in my car and abruptly pulled off. I couldn’t believe they came after me like that. How did they find out who I was? Oh great…now my pictures gonna be plastered on a blog or something, along with blatant lies. Once I got home I called Treys assistant since I couldn’t get in touch with Trey to let her know what happened. She was very apologetic about the situation and told me that it’s possible I may have to have some security with me, but don’t worry yet. She wants to talk to Trey first, but she assured me that she would make sure he gave me a call.


Trey was with Rebecca trying on different outfits for a photo shoot. CiCi walks in.
“Trey we need to talk.”
“What’s up?” has a concerned look
“It seems the paparazzi harassed Shanell today when she was out at the mall.”
“I know…”

She ight!”
“She seemed ok when I spoke to her.”
“She definitely ain’t gone like what’s comin…I need to call her.”
“So I take it you want some sort of security with her too then?”
“You mind talkin to Buggzi and askin him to look into it?”
“Of course not.”
“Rebecca lemme take a minute and call her.”
“Ok Trey, but please make it quick…your on a tight schedule…you know how picky you are and we need to get this done.”
“Me taking a few minutes ain‘t gone throw us off schedule that much…I’ll be as fast as I can.”
“Fine.” she throws her hands up

Trey picks up the phone and calls Shanell.

“Trey…Oh I‘m so glad you called.”
“Baby you ight?”
“Yeah I’m fine…I was more so caught off guard by it than anything.”
“Yeah dats exactly how they want it too…shits fucked up…you know I might have to have security around you right.”
“No you won‘t. It’s not gonna be necessary.”
“Why not?”
“I’ll be moving.”
“Moving…where you goin?”
“Babe I gotta job working for OK Magazine in LA.”
“Dat’s good baby…but why you won’t need security?”

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On: Jul 06, 2011


I finished up the rest of my shopping and as soon as I walked out of the mall the paparazzi was there bombarding me with questions and taking pictures.

(P) “Sources tell us you’re the one in all the photos that’s been taken with Trey Songz…” flash
(P) “Were you with him the night he got arrested…” flash
(S) “What?!?!” walking quickly to my Benz
(P) “Is it true you yourself had a criminal record that was expunged…” flash
(S) “Please…I don’t know what you’re talking about…leave me alone…flash…flash
(P) “An outside source told us that Trey Songz arrest was for police brutality…can you confirm or deny any of these allegations...”

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On: Jul 05, 2011
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