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“Yeah as a matter of fact I did, but I’ll get up wit’em later. I don’t wanna bombard him as soon as he gets here.”
“Okay well, whenever you need to talk to him you know how to get in touch with him.” Mom said. Trey looks at me.
“You ready? I got the guys outside waiting.”
“Oh! Yeah…right.” I hugged my mom. She whispers in my ear. “Tell Trey.” I whispered back to go easy on daddy. She said goodbye to Trey and we left. I was dreading this conversation with him, but I knew it had to be done. Once we got back to the hotel room Trey pulls me close.
“I missed you today.”
“I missed you too.”
“You never told me where you went at.”
“Oh, I was talking to Dre.” Trey squints his eyes with wonder.
“What he hafta say?”
“He said Elliot is pressing for a search warrant of our premises because he believes we have the gun hidden somewhere.”
“That dude man, he don’t know shit and tryna cause more problems. Yeah, we had the gun taken all the way to fuck’n LA, and hidden somewhere on our property, so the cops wouldn’t find it. Fuck otta here! He need to go back where he came from talk’n dumb shit.”
“Babe I know.”
“Dre ain’t have nothing else to say regarding the case?”
“Not really.”
“I’m sick of all diss shit. I on’t even wanna talk about none of it no more. All I wanna do right now is make love to my baby.” Trey pulls me and eases me into the bedroom. He starts kissing all over my neck while undressing me. I couldn’t say anything to him at a time like this. I just couldn’t. I stayed in the moment and catered to my man. We’ll definitely have to talk come morning.


I promised myself today that no matter what, I was going to tell Trey. We got up and had breakfast brought up to our room. As we were sitting there eating Trey could tell that something was on my mind.
“You’ve been quiet all morning. What’s wrong?” He grabs for my hand and lovingly smiles at me. “You mad cause you ain’t get none this morning too?” I couldn’t even smile at that. I really wished it was that simple.

On: May 08, 2013

“I’ma be honest with you, I would be hurt at first, but I think with time I would be able to forgive you, especially if I really love you. I mean it’s not like you intentionally lied to hurt him. You did what you thought you had to do for her.”
“I just keep picturing me telling him and he walks out on me. I know this is going to hurt him and I’m afraid that he’ll never forgive me.”
“Well, as a man he’s definitely gonna feel some type of way, but let him, and give him some time. That’s all you can do.” I sat there in a daze. I wasn’t ready for this, but I knew Dre and my mom was right. I told Dre thank you and I left to go back to my moms. When I got there Trey still hadn’t gotten there yet. I was surprised. I decided to call him to make sure everything was okay. My timing was impeccable. Trey told me to look out the window. They were just pulling up. My emotions were all over the place. As I watched him get out of the car to come in, while he spoke words in my ear as we were still on the phone, I started tearing up. I wanted to bottle this moment because I was really afraid that things between us were never going to be the same. I quickly dried my eyes and cleared my throat once we hung up before he saw me close up. Trey came in.
“You ready?”
“Yup! Let me just go say goodbye to my mom.”
“Where she at, so I can speak to her?”
“She’s upstairs, I think.”
“Baby why you on’t know where ya mumma at? You been here right?” Then my mom comes down the steps.
“Oh you’re back!” Trey was looking at her thinking she was talking to him until he
noticed she said that looking directly at me. Then he looks at me and curiously asks,
“Where’d you go?”
“Hello Trey!” He stops talking to me and gives my mom a hug and kiss. “Shanell I just spoke to your father, he’s on his way home now.” I wasn’t sure why she said that to me. “Trey Shanell said you wanted to speak to Bruce.” I felt relieved. Now it clicked. My mind had me thinking she said that to me because of my secret.

On: May 08, 2013

“What other proof would she have that it’s not true? She has to believe it.”
“How did she find out he has a child in the first place?”
“I don’t know, but apparently someone presented her with a document stating El was a father so that, that detail could be known and added to his eulogy.”
“So who ever that is Shanell could possibly have knowledge that your baby is alive. A death certificate may not work. They may even know where to find her. They’re the person that you need to be concerned with. Not his mom.”
“Why do you have to be such a cop? All I know is that I don’t want her life to be turned upside down by this and I need your help to make that happen. Please Dre, I’m begging you.”
“I think you need to talk about this with Trey first. I’m not sure I should get involved.”
“No! Please Dre you have to help me.”
“Can I at least have some time to think about it?”
“There is no time. I need an answer now. The longer we wait only brings his mother closer to possibly finding out the truth.”
“I don’t know Shanell I…” I take his hand and cry.
“Dre Please! I have to protect her identity. His mother will only complicate her life and try to make mine a living hell behind this. You said it yourself I could be arrested for what I did and if that happens she may try to go after her. I won’t let her have my child! She can’t know!”
“Alright! I’ll help you, but on one condition.”
“I won’t do this without you telling Trey.”
“I’ll tell him.” He tilts his head down staring at me as if I was lying.
“I mean it Shanell, because any information I find out I’m telling the both of you.”
“I got it! I’ll tell Trey! You might just be giving me the information anyway if things don’t go well.” Dre rubs my shoulders.
“Aw don’t say that. He may take it hard at first, but hopefully once it sinks in and he realizes why you felt like you had to keep this secret he might come around.”
“Would you, if you were in this situation?”

On: Apr 29, 2013

“El didn’t know about the baby.”
“Okay Shanell, as on officer you could be arrested, but as a friend I can’t be involved with this.”
“Dre, I need your help! You’re my only hope! If his mom thinks the baby is dead then she can’t interfere in her life.”
“Does Trey know about this?”
“I said I needed to use discretion. No! He doesn’t know about the baby. He also doesn’t know that I’m asking this of you too, obviously.” Dre was quietly looking in the direction of the side view mirror. I knew I dropped a lot on him, but I was desperate to protect my child.
“I knew it! I always wondered if you were pregnant by him. I noticed it.”
“How? The way I dressed didn’t change that much in school. I had it hidden pretty well.”
“It was your face. You started looking different to me.” He looks at me. “Remember I would always ask you why your face was starting to get fat. You told me it wasn’t. Than later you admitted to having an allergic reaction to some medication and it was gonna take time for your face to get back to normal. I knew something was different and I didn’t fully buy your story. Then when I never noticed you with a baby I figured maybe something like that really did happen and I was wrong in what I thought.”
“I couldn’t tell anybody Dre. I couldn’t risk word getting around to El. I know he was locked up, but I still was so afraid of what would happen if he knew.” I started tearing up again. “Dre I can’t afford for this to get out. Trey will leave me. I can’t lose him.”
“Shanell how do you know he’ll leave? You were young when this happened. You did what you thought had to be done.”
“But I’ve kept this from him. He might not forgive me. Dre please…please help me with this. I can’t lose him.” Dre pulled me into him and allowed me to cry on his shoulder.
“Shanell how do you know that would even work? You’ve already lied about the baby’s birth. What if she doesn’t believe it?” I lift from him to respond.

On: Apr 29, 2013

“Dre there’s something else that I need to discuss with you, but I need to do it in person.”
“Oh, you’ll be coming to Atlanta soon?”
“Actually, I’m already here.”
“Oh! How soon did you need to talk?”
“As soon as possible.”
“Well, I’m at my mom’s house right now if you want to come by.”
“I was kind of hoping we could talk in private. I really have to use discretion on this.”
“So what do you suggest then?”
“How bout I drive over and we can talk in the car.”
“Sounds good. I’ll see you soon than.”
“Okay Dre. I’ll be right over.” My mom was in the kitchen when I went back downstairs. “Mom can I use the car real quick? I promise not to be long.”
“Isn’t Trey on his way?”
“Yeah, but I should be back before he comes if not, he can wait. He wanted to speak to dad anyway, so maybe he'll be home by then.”
“Okay sweetheart.” I grabbed the keys and drove over to see Dre. He was already standing out on the step. He gets in the car.
“So what’s going on? I see Trey isn’t with you. Is this personal?”
“Actually it is. What I’m about to ask of you is something that I need to stay only between you and I. I can’t even believe I’m going to say this to you, but Dre you’re my only hope.”
“Shanell, what is it?”
“I need for you to get a death certificate for a baby for me.”
“Whoa…wait now Shanell. I’m gonna need you to give me more information on why I should do something like this.”
“Listen Dre, the gist of it all is I had a baby by El when we were in high school.”
“Stop! Hold up. You what?”
“Dre his mom found out some type of way that I had this baby and she wants some answers…possibly be in the child’s life now that El is dead. I won’t let that family get a hold of her.” Dre was still stuck on me being pregnant.
“You gotta give me a minute to digest this one. You had a baby by him?”
“It’s not like I wanted to, but I couldn’t go through with an abortion, so the baby was put up for adoption.”
“But how? You were under age so you couldn’t have done it alone and without the fathers consent.”

On: Apr 29, 2013
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I'm a independent woman & mother who strives 4 the best 4 myself & my fam. I luv 2 write & would luv 2 become a famous author, which is a dream of mine, & soon 2 bcome my reality. I've jus wrote my 1st book. I know it's a process, but at least I'm n the game & I play 2 win. I'm a new fan of Trey Songz. I've always heard his music, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by MJB featuring him, that piqued my interest about him as an artist. I have all his cd's now & I'm lovin the latest 1 PPP. I"ve said it b4 & I'll say it again Trey u inspire me as a writer. I luv ur work. I can honestly say that ur songs make me feel like ur talkin 2 no1 else but me. That feels so good, esp. when ur single & u've had a long day & u need that “pick me up" or somethin 2 jus remind u that there r sum good men out there. 2 have that ability is special which is truly what u r Tremaine Neverson. I have nothin but luv 4 u as a human being, artist, & a man. U make me smile Trey Songz. Lol:-) God Bless!
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