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“Jay and Finch why don’t we all go in house…I’m sure y’all wanna eat.” Treys friends walked inside while Ms. Tucker held the door for them. Trey and Nikki stayed on the porch.
“How you doing Ms. April?” that’s what Nikki calls her…she asked as she was going in.
“I’m good sweetie how you been?”
“I’m fine.”
“Good…you’re welcome to come in and eat some of this food I prepared if you like.”
“Ok…thank you.” After Ms. April went in Nikki walked up in front of Trey and kissed him first.
“Yo! Chudoin?”
“I’ve missed you.”
“Yeah it’s been a lota dat goin on round here lately…chill wit dat doe.”
“Sooo…tell me…”
“Tell you what?”
“Don’t play with me Tremaine. Did you get a contract with Atlantic Records?”
“Yeah…I guess word travel fast around here.” she screams
“Thank you baby…so whatchu been doing since I was gone?”
“You know I go to UCLA…”
“Word…you got accepted?”
“I sure did.”
“Congratulations to you then…dats what’s up!”
“Thank you…I’m just home for a little while…spending time with the family.”
“Go easy on em out there.”
“I’m not concerned with them at all.” Then she tries to grab Trey’s hand but he pulls it away.”
“C‘mon now…you playin.”
“So! You use to like playing.” Suddenly Trey notices Shanell pulling up. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
“You might wanna go inside and get some of dat food before it‘s all gone.” pats her on her shoulders but focused on Shanell.…good seeing you doe.” Trey walked off his porch and met Shanell as she got out the car to greet him. She couldn’t get to him fast enough.
“Hey baby!” running to his arms. They embrace and kiss, not letting each other go, locked in position on the sidewalk. Nikki couldn’t deal with it and left.
“Bye Tremaine!” Their moment was broken.
“Take it easy baby.” They were all smiles and just looking at each other.
“Baby when did you get back?”
“I been here a few weeks now.”
“Aw…you must’ve came back when I had left.”

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On: Jun 30, 2011


Trey has yet to meet my parents. My Auntie Sharon likes him though. She and my mother are identical twins. I know she can’t wait to run her mouth and talk about him to my mom. I know it’s crazy that I work in Petersburg, VA instead of at home, but I was here when the school year ended and found a job. I just come back and stay with my Auntie for the summer since I like it. She likes the idea of having an in house babysitter. That wasn’t happening today. She wanted me to watch the little tykes while she went out, but I told her I had to go over and see what Ms. Tucker wanted. I haven’t seen or spoke to her since we’ve been back. She could have some news for me about Trey. It’s even been a minute since I’ve spoken to him…I wonder when he’s coming home. Anyway my auntie understood so now I’m on my way over there.


Nikki had heard that Trey was back in town and decided to come over and pay him a visit. She didn’t have the closest relationship with Trey’s mom, but she always made it a point to keep in touch with her and the family. Trey was standing out on the porch with his boys and his mom when Nikki walked up.

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On: Jun 29, 2011


I told his mom I’d be right over after work. I work for a local book store part-time for the summer. Then in the fall it’s back to college. I’m currently enrolled at Morehouse College in Atlanta. This will be my sophomore year coming up. My major is in Journalism. My parents agreed that I can come home and work for the summer as long as I found a job that’s related to my field. Well not home, VA. isn’t my home. It’s actually where my auntie lives. I had to come and stay with her for my senior year of high school. My parents professions are very demanding where it keeps them away a lot. My dad more so than my mom at first. My dad is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and my mom is a Registered Nurse, but she just took this job for Royal Caribbean Cruise line. So now she’s not working locally anymore. Usually their schedules would work out where one of them would be home, but since acquiring this new job she was called to start earlier then anticipated. Unfortunately the other nurse that was scheduled to work that upcoming cruise schedule had a death in her family so my mom was called to take her place. She wasn’t scheduled to work until October after I would’ve graduated and been in my freshman year in college. So naturally they didn’t want me to be home alone, which is really what I wanted, but they were completely against it. So they shipped me to spend the rest of my senior year with my auntie.

I had to get use to a lot of things around here like sharing the bathroom and having little one’s around. My auntie Sharon has two kids. Raven and Ricky. They’re 7 year old twins. They can be a bit much at times, but pretty cool for the most part. Trey loves to play with them when he comes over. I just be wanting them to leave us alone. I guess it’s because I’m around them more than he is, but when he’s around I can’t get them to go.I have no privacy here anyway. That’s the only thing I miss about being home. Which is in Atlanta, GA. by the way.

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On: Jun 29, 2011


Yes he’s ruff on the outside but has the biggest heart on the inside. I could see why people gravitated to him. Which makes me feel honored that he wants to spend his time with me. I’m really going to miss him. I just hope I can hang in there until he returns.


Trey has been gone for a whole year now. God I miss him. I am so proud of him though. He’s been working really hard. He’s called me every opportunity he had. He told me Mr. Taylor had him up at 8:00 am learning how to record, exposing him to all there is to know about his craft. He said he was eager to learn and was going to do whatever was required to hone his skills and make his dream a reality. Then on the down side he was a little, well maybe more than a little, bit irritated cause he had to wait another day to get his hair braided. He’s so use to having it done every four days it’s killing him to wait one extra day. He’s something else. I remember one night when he was taking out his braids so he could wash his hair because he was about to get it redone. Well I told him I could braid and to let me try one, since he was taking his hair out anyway. I just wanted to see what I could do. He let me try one row. He fell out laughing when he saw the finished product. I had to laugh too because I didn’t really know what I was doing but I was proud of my braid. He was just so picky about his hair he never would let me play in it and I wanted to so bad. I guess I finally worn him down. I do get the privilege now to wash his hair for him when he doesn’t get them to do it. I miss those times. So here we are a year later, his demo is finally complete and now it‘s time for phase two….wow!

His mom called me and asked me if I could come over there today. I had been away for the past two weeks with my auntie in Disney World. It was really fun. I actually enjoyed spending quality time with her and the little tykes. She’s a single mother but she can definitely handle her business.

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On: Jun 29, 2011


I just didn’t see why he had to be so difficult with her in the first place, but that was their relationship and who was I to change it. As we sat there I noticed Nikki staring at us. Then she intentionally whispers something to one of her girls and then they both start staring at us. Trey noticed my attention wondered.

“Whatchu lookin at?”
“Nothing important.” Then he looks over and sees Nikki. She waves to him and smiles. He smiles back half heartedly with a head nod and I knew it was at her. He also waves back. Then he puts his arm back around me and cuddles me. I wasn’t gonna let her pettiness get to me. I had things on my mind that actually mattered.


The day had finally arrived and Trey was leaving. I was at his house the whole day before and then came back over to see him off. Him and I were sitting in the living room when his mom walks in the room.

“Shanell just because Trey won’t be here doesn’t mean you still can’t come by to see us.”
“I will Ms. Tucker…really…that also means a lot.” Then she looks at Trey.
“Trey you got everything?”
“Yeah mumma…er’thang good to go.” She put her arms out to get a hug. Trey gets up.
“I’m gonna miss my baby. You’re gonna be away from me longer this time.” Looking at those two made me start tearing up. I was already feeling sad trying to hold back my tears but that moment did it.

“I’ma miss you too, but don’t worry I’ll be back to visit and be on phone calls witcha…it’s gone feel like I never left.” releasing their embrace
“It better feel like you did because I need you to come back having a contract or prepared to go to college. Remember Trey, I said you got one year…one year of my support.”
“No doubt. I’ma do this for us mumma…you wait and see.”
“I‘m so proud of you.” I just watched the two of them. Trey’s relationship with his family was like no other. He truly cherished them and had the utmost respect for his mom. I loved that about him.

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On: Jun 28, 2011
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