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“Oh God…excuse her Shanell…she’s a huge fan of him…into his every move…I don’t know why…he ain‘t all dat!”
“Excuse me…you’re talking bout my man now…they laugh…are you and Trey gonna ever get along?”
“Girl you know I’m only playing…Trey my boy…I can’t believe how well he’s doing the damn thing. I was trying to get backstage passes but his security was so tight I couldn’t get to him when I saw him last.”
“Maybe his girl can get us some now.”
“I’ll see what I can do. I don’t even know where he’ll be performing next…” Crystal interrupted “He’ll be back in VA.” my facial expression turns inquisitive
“Oh really?”
“Yup…doing a show with Chris Brown.” Paige shook her head looking at Crystal.
“That’s a damn shame how much ya ass know about him.”
“Tell me about it…wow…you are a fan.”
“Girl I’ve been wanting his ass…you know dat Paige…you lucky I didn’t start hearing more about him until after he left for NJ cause that’s when this one here started talking about him…he would’ve been my man first…but since I’ve met you…I won‘t take ya man.”
“Gee thanks.”
“You welcome…I heard him on the radio today…he was talking about his girlfriend…now I know who he was talking about.”
“Anyway Shanell…cause this girl will talk your head off about Trey.”
“No…it’s ok…she’s a fan…I understand…I‘ll talk to him and see what I can do. I know he‘ll be glad to see you Paige.”
“Yeah sure…just so he can fuck with me like old times.”
“You know it.”
“Shanell here take my number and call me. Us three should hang out before I go home.”
“Ok…I’ll call you…I better get going…have a lot of things to do…hugs Paige again…talk to you later…nice meeting you Crystal.”
“Tell Trey his numba one says hey!”
“I will.”

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On: Jul 05, 2011


(A) “Good for you Trey…I hope the next time we see each other things will still be all good…now is she someone in the industry…”
(T) “Nah…she’s someone I’ve known before I was Trey Songz…”
(A) “Gotcha…We’ll be back with more of Trey Songz in a minute…don’t go away…”

It feels so good to hear him acknowledge me the way that he does. I try to keep a low profile where Trey is concerned. His team has been working very hard to keep it that way especially for my own safety. I’ve been photographed a few times but the angles were never good so they’ve never really seen my face. It’s gradually starting to be a reoccurring thing which is starting to get to me but I’m really trying for Trey.
I decided to go to the Lenox Square Mall and get some shopping done to prepare for my move. I figured Trey would give me a call later. As I was driving there I thought I noticed a car following me, but then after a while I didn’t see it anymore. As I’m looking in Neiman Marcus I bumped into an old friend.

“I know that’s not Paige!” she turns around
“Hey Shanell!” we give each other a hug
“What are you doing here?”
“My best friend lives here she’s right over there…calls her over…Crystal…she walks over to us…This is a friend of mine from high school Shanell.” she shakes my hand and speaks
“How you doing.”
“Fine…nice to meet you Crystal.”
“Crystal she’s Trey’s girlfriend.”
“What…get da fuck outta here Paige…Oh I’m so hating on you right now…he is so freakin HAWT!!!”
“I’d have to agree.” I said.
“Oh we gone have to chat…I need to know how does it feel having a man as fine as him…what’s he like…he seems so cool…I’ve never had the honor of knowing him like you guys…me and Paige went to one of his shows…girl he seems like his pipe game done improved…he can put it down can‘t he?”
“What do you mean by improved?”
“I’m just talking about the way he moves them hips and work those lips when he be on stage singing…it seems like he gets better and better at it.”

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On: Jul 05, 2011


After I hung up on El I realized they actually had Trey in the studio. I leaned on the island and just listened to his interview
(A) “We have ya boy Trey Songz in the building today…Trey say hello to the listeners.”
(T) “What’s happening New York…”
(A) “So what’s up Trey?”
(T) “What’s up wit you baby…”
(A) “You staying outta trouble…”
(T) “Always…I always try to stay outta trouble…”
(A) “Alright now I don’t wanna hear no more stories about you fightin with the cops…”
(T) “Nah baby it’s all good…”
(A) “Well we have some callers on the line that wanna talk and ask a few questions… first there’s MeMe…MeMe are you there…”
(M) “Yes I’m here…”
(A) “You’re on the line with Trey Songz…”
(T) “What up baby…”
(M) “OMG! Trey!”
(T) “How you doin baby…”
(M) screams “OH I can’t believe I’m talking to you…I love you Trey…”
(T) “Aw I love you too baby…”
(M) “No Trey I’m serious…are you single…”
(T) “Nah baby …”
(M) “Aww…”
(A) “You just crushed a lot of listeners hopes saying that…”
(T) “Don’t be sad baby it’s all love…where you callin from…”
(M) “Brooklyn, NY…”
(A) “MeMe make sure you cop the album Trey Day alright…”
(M) “I will…I still love you Trey…if ya girl ain’t enough holla…” laughs in the studio
(A) “How is that dealing with the fans and the groupies being in a relationship…”
(T) “I mean it can be hard at times…you know women are everywhere…I never know what to expect from my fans sometimes…but uh I know they do what they do because they love me and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them…”
(A) “So how does your girlfriend feel about the women and the groupies…because I know that has to be hard on her…”
(T) “She understands it’s apart of the business…she knows I love her and ultimately I know she holds me down…at the end of the day she’s what’s real…love you baby…”

Hearing his voice and him say that made me wanna go to that radio station and fuck him on the spot…he just sends me over the top but all I could do was say “Aw I love you too baby back after I heard it.”

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On: Jul 05, 2011

I like "Epiphany" or "Phaze 5" I say Epiphany because by definition it means: a sudden intuitive leap of understanding...which Trey is constantly gaining as he learns what his fans like as he grows from album to album. "Phaze 5" well this is his 5th album which is the next Phaze of his journey...hence Phaze 5. (now that I think of it, it's a game called Phase 5) lol...oh well.

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On: Jul 04, 2011


My dad of course was in the blue skies and my mom was sailing in the blue seas. I believe she was due to be home soon. I decided to call my Auntie Sharon and share the news with her. As soon as I started dialing the number I heard “What’s up baby it’s ya boy Trey Songz witcha girl Angie Martinez, the voice of New York on HOT 97 fm.” Then they played one of his songs.

“Oh shit!” I was so excited I cussed. I usually try not to use profanity. I ran and turned the intercom volume up so loud. I immediately tried to call Trey, but I got his voicemail. I would call him every time I heard one of his songs on the radio for the first time. I left him a message. “Babe their playing your song “Can‘t Help But Wait.” I can’t believe it! Holding the phone in the air…Can you hear it? Damn I miss you…anyway I’m sure your busy but I have some news for you so give me a call when you get a chance…love you.” I hung up my phone and forgot all about calling my auntie. Then my cell rings but the number was blocked. I usually don’t answer blocked numbers but I wasn’t sure if it was Trey so I answered it.

“How’s my sweetness?” This was not the voice I was hoping to hear.
“What do you want El?”
“That’s how you treat a nigga you use to fuck wit?”
“USE is the key word…when did you get out?”
“I’m fresh out the box…coming to get my baby back…we gotta lot of catching up to do.”
“Look El we have nothing to talk about…when you screwed up, that was it for me. I don’t want nothing to do with you. Just lose my number and leave me alone…click…”
I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to call me like everything was ok…like I was just going to pick back up where we left off. He was sadly mistaken.

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On: Jul 04, 2011
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