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They are always looking for a story. It made me think about my career path. I definitely would not take a job getting celebrity dirt. Once we were together he explained to me what happened and assured me Trey was ok. I was filled with relief.

In a trance thinking back to that night…

Slowly peeking opening the hotel room door
“Hello Mr. Songz…is it ok for me to come in?” Trey comes from the bathroom
“Damn right baby…kisses me…dey bringing up ya bags?”
“Yeah…I’m so mad I missed the show…stupid plane with delays.”
“I deal wit dat shit all the time…I’m sorry you missed it too…pulls me close and palms my ass…you don’t know how good it feels to have you here right now.” He was in his boxers about to take a shower.
“It looks like I’m just in time.”
“I hear some fans were after my goods…” rubbing my hands down his sculptured arms
“He only reacts to you doe.” pushing up on me closer
“I guess I shouldn’t make him wait any longer than huh?”
“What we waitin fo.”

I spent a nice stretch of time with Trey on that visit. I saw a lot that really made me think about this lifestyle that we were about to live. He always had cameras in his face and I started to notice stories being told that were all lies. Or they take some of the truth and twist it to suit their story. This is definitely a roller coaster ride and we’re really just beginning. I still can’t help but to wonder if we have what it takes to sustain this type of relationship. I’m also starting to question if this is something that I can really handle for the long haul.


I had enough money saved for me to make the transition to LA. Being a journalist was my dream. I would be working in the Public Relations Arena. Mainly clerical duties at first and then eventually pitching clients for an interview for our magazine. Anything to get my foot in the door. I couldn’t wait to tell Trey my good news. Thinking of him made me turn on the radio. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents too.

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3 years later

“YES! I did it!” I just landed my first official job in journalism for “OK” magazine. Only thing, it was in Los Angeles, CA. I had so many mixed emotions about leaving Atlanta but I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It’s been so hard to find work especially in my field since I’ve graduated from college. No one really wants to give a noob a chance. It took a whole year before I got a call to get this. The only good thing about it taking so long was that I was able to spend time with Trey when he was available. I can’t believe he’s now known as Trey Songz. These past three years with him coming on the scene has been bananas. He just dropped his second album which is titled Trey Day. When I first went to a show that Trey did when he released his first album “Gotta Make It” I almost lost my mind watching him perform. The experience was surreal. It was so crazy seeing all these people there for my baby. He’s really good with the crowd…too good. He had a nice size fan base, but now, it’s incredible and I know it‘s just going to keep on climbing. I remember when I was suppose to be at one of his shows in New York for this album, but I missed it and had to meet him at the hotel. Some fans ended up following him to his hotel room. My flight didn’t get in until late that night, so when I finally got to the hotel it was paparazzi camped out, all this hotel security along with Trey’s bodyguard Buggzi Mendoza in the lobby. I didn’t see Trey at all so naturally I was confused ready to panic. I was hoping everything was alright. Buggzi spotted me and gave me our signal which is him tipping his hat, to chill for a minute. I grabbed my bags and carried them over where the couches were and just acted like I was searching for something in my purse. Once the coast was clear again he gave me the other signal to meet him at the elevator. The paparazzi was still at it and got a few shots of the two of us but my face was covered.

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“See what you made me do.” I shook my head up and down thinking mission accomplished
“Yeah baby…isn’t that what you wanted?” putting my fingertip to my mouth biting it looking all innocent.
“Mmm you want some more of this dick don’t you baby…” He ain’t neva lied. I was turned out. Only this time my mouth was craving it. I got up off of Trey and turned around across his waist with my ass facing him. He couldn’t believe what was about to go down and what I was about to make come up. I pleasured my man so well it was a mind blowing experience for him as well. He was definitely done for a minute after that. He lies there looking at me smiling showing me those pearly whites.
“You enjoyed that didn’t you baby.”
“Damn right!” I made a quick run in the bathroom to brush my teeth and then got back on the couch bed with him. I lay down beside Trey and we start to spoon. I loved having him close to me like this.
“Trey…do you think we have what it takes to make this relationship last no matter what?” It takes him a minute to respond.
“Baby all I know is that I love you…right now you the woman that I want in my life and by my side as I go on this journey…I on’t really know where it’s gonna lead us and where we’ll end up…but I honestly hope it ends the way it’s gone start…wit us together.”
“I hope so too babe I mean I know we have no way of predicting our future with one another…I was just thinking…your life is about to change and I guess I’m afraid of losing you.” His hand squeezes my arm
“Baby you gotta hold on my heart so tight right now can‘t nobody touch dat shit.”
“Aw babe…my sentiments exactly.”
“I’ma be leavin in a few days doe…gotta go to Atlanta…handle the rest of this business type a shit.
“Do you know for how long?”
“Nah…I on’t have all the details…I just know dats my next move.”
“I guess I better get use to you traveling more often now.” That just made me hold on to him even tighter. I knew we weren’t going to have many more moments like this for awhile.

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I looked in the closet to see if it was a spare blanket in there and it was. I flipped it open and spread it out on the bed. Trey walked up from behind me and unhooked my bra. He guided the straps off my arms. Then he started playing with my breast from behind, squeezing them and smacking them into each other. He’s such clown at times...even in this moment. He had me laughing.
“It ain’t my fault you got dem big ol watermelon titties.” I turned around to punch him and he pushed me on the bed. Then he started tickling me. I was bawled over trying to block his hands from different spots. He finally stopped, but from me laughing so hard I was weak and out of breath. I just laid there on my back looking at Trey. He was on the prowl telling me he was bout the whip dat ass as he stepped out of his boxers. I was just looking at him thinking whatever until they actually came off. I couldn’t look away. He had my undivided attention. He slid my panties right down my legs. My body was starting to feen for what it had been missing. Trey touched my wet kitty cat first. He had her purring.

“Ooo you ready for me huh baby?” I softly moaned yesss. He let his fingers go to work first making love to me while he watched my facial expressions and body language beg for more. He stopped to put on protection and didn’t waist anytime plunging into me. He grabbed my legs and held them up over his arms so I could feel all of him inside of me. Did I feel it alright. He had me moaning and cursing, calling his name, just experiencing all kinds of emotions. I had him cursing too. He made me tell him that this was his shit. He damn right it was. I didn’t want this feeling to end…but it did. I finally couldn’t hold on any longer and came.
Trey wanted to get his in with me being on top of him so we switched positions and I rode the shit out of that dick. I enjoyed it when he finally exploded. His face and body was all sweaty and his breathing became erratic as he looked at me.

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Aw baby don’t cry…he wipes my tears… I appreciate er’thang that you just said to me…still rubbing my face…damn baby I love you too.” I was so happy to hear those words from him. It felt good to know that I wasn’t in this thing called love all by myself. I drank what was in my glass in one gulp. Trey thought I was crazy. I was ready. My body was calling for him. I took off my shirt and my Capri’s that that I had on. Trey took one look at my body and knocked down what he had too. I was already prepared with my sexy undergarments on since I took a shower before I left my aunties. I wasn’t fat but I was a thick girl. I wore a DD bra size, 11/12 waist, had thick thighs and plenty of ass. I wasn’t real tall. I stood 5’4 in height. My skin tone was light since I am what some would call “mixed.” My mom is African American and my dad is Caucasian. I had full lips like my mother and a cute beauty mole on my right cheek. Not the kind that protrudes out of the skin. It looked like a small dot. My hair was naturally jet black like my dads. It was long and thick. I could get real creative with it for it’s length. Today I had it flowing with big curls at the bottoms. I had to look extra special since I new I was going over his moms. I’m so glad I did. After Trey put his glass down he grabs my thighs and pulls me to toward him. I lean in to meet his lips kissing them, taking small pecks. Then as he sat on the couch I pulled back and started giving him tender kisses on his neck and making my way down his chest. Trey was enjoying the foreplay but he wanted to take things over to bed. He started to get up.

“Babe where you going?”
“I want you…we goin over there.”
“No.” Trey looked confused.”
“The bed looks so beautiful…make love to me on the floor in front of the fireplace.”
“Shid I’ll make love to you wherever you want me too.”
“Ooo I got an idea!” I checked to see if the couch was a couch bed…it was. I took the cushions off and Trey pulled it out.

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