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“Please don’t let this come between you and daddy. He wanted you to know, but I didn’t. I didn’t want anyone to know. I begged and pleaded with him not to tell. I just wanted it to go away.”
“But Shanell you should’ve known you could come to me about anything. I’m always here for you. Why didn’t you know that?”
“I just didn’t okay! I was ashamed. The only thing that made any sense to me was keeping her a secret.”
“It’s a baby girl?”
“When did you have the baby Shanell?”
“She was born April 26th the day after you went on your trip to Australia.”
“I don’t believe it…I don’t freak'n believe it! Bruce never said one word about anything when I had gotten back. As a matter of fact you weren’t even here once I returned. You were over Sharon’s your dad said. DID SHE KNOW?” she yelled.
“No. She just thought I was there to recuperate from being sick because you were out of town and daddy was working. Daddy told her he would feel so much better if she could look after me. He didn’t want me to be alone after having the baby. It was around spring break so she didn’t think anything of it.”
“So you had the baby and your father took care of the adoption side of it?” I shook my head yes. “How’d you do it without the father’s consent?”
“I forged El’s signature.”
“Oh dear God.”
“Mommy I had too! If he knew he had a baby my life would’ve really been over. I couldn’t let him know.”
“Well then how could he had found out about it now Shanell?”
“I don’t know!”
“I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say about any of this. Here I am thinking this woman on my step is as looney as her son when it’s my family that’s been keeping all the secrets.”
“Mommy I’m sorry for not telling you. No one was supposed to know. It wasn’t supposed to get out.”
“Shanell what about Trey? You actually were planning on keeping this secret from him too?” I wiped my eyes and changed my tone.

On: Apr 14, 2013

“I didn’t find out I was pregnant until El went to jail. After I was cleared El had been calling me to make a visit…”
“Shanell you were pregnant your junior year of high school?” I shook my head yes. “How could we have not known? I mean I know me and your father worked a lot, but how did we miss this?”
“I was afraid of what would’ve happened if you found out. I wasn’t going to have the baby at first. El had wanted me to also send him some money. He told me where he kept a stash of it and wanted me to bring some of it to him. I was going to take some of it and get an abortion. The more I thought about it I realized it was something that I couldn’t do even though I hated El. I was hoping that maybe I would end up losing the baby, but it never happened. The bigger I got I just wore baggie clothes and stayed in my room. Then one day daddy came home early and I didn’t know it. I had just walked in the kitchen to get something to drink and I wasn’t covered up.” Her eyes bugged out.
“YOUR FATHER KNEW???” She yelled.
“But mom it was purely by accident. I didn’t want you or daddy to know because of the hurt and disappointment that I was going to see all over your faces.” The tears continued to fall. “Just like the way you’re looking at me right now. Daddy looked at me like he didn’t even know me. That was the first time that I saw him cry like that. I let him down. I told him I didn’t want the baby, but I didn’t want to get an abortion. So he looked into having the baby put up for adoption.”
“So you both lied to me? TO MEEE???” she screamed.
“Mommy please, I’m begging you please try to understand. I was young and afraid. I didn’t know who I was gonna turn too. My spirit was broken down because of everything that I’d gone through with El. I had already put you and daddy through enough with that incident alone, then to have to tell you that I was pregnant, I couldn’t do it. Daddy wasn’t supposed to know, but he saw me. HE WASN’T SUPPOSED TO KNOOOWA!” I cried.

On: Apr 14, 2013

He closed his eyes and put his head back leaning it into my chest relaxing. I hovered over him and kissed his forehead.
“Come on baby let’s go to bed.” I took his hand, he got up and we called it a night. In the morning we called Mr. Warrington. He told us to come right over, so we did. Me and Trey took a seat in his office after everyone shook hands.
“So what is this news you have for us Mr. Warrington?” Trey asked.
“Well there’s been a few new developments. First the gun powder results came in.” Trey rubs his hands on his knees. I put my hand over his.
“What did they show?” I asked.
“They came back inconclusive.” I took a deep breath.
“So that’s it? Does it mean they can’t prove Trey shot him?”
“Not from the test they can’t. Also the results from the blood that was tested on the
clothes came back. They found it belonged to Trey only.”
“Yes!” I said.
“Well…” he continued but I cut him off.
“Then maybe the person that did it is the one that took the gun? This is good news right?”
“Baby relax and let Mr. Warrington finish explaining things.”
“El was shot more than once and it wasn’t with the same weapon. That gun seems to be missing too.”
“Wait! That doesn’t make any sense. Me and Trey were the only ones there at first. Right Trey?” I ask looking at him.
“Trey is there anything you may have forgot to mention. Maybe it slipped your mind with everything that happened that night. Now you said Shanell had the gun and you tried to coax her into giving it to you. Was that the same gun that El had on him?”
“Yeah, the same gun. I don’t know anything about another gun.”
“Well, from the autopsy report he was killed by another gun. There were two bullet wounds that were completely different. Are you sure you saw no one else there that shot him too?”
“No, but I know he was dead before we walked out of there to get cleaned up.” Mr. Warrington still didn’t look convinced it seemed of Trey’s story, but he let it go.

On: Apr 07, 2013

“We got some good news and some other news. The good news is the blood that they tested on our clothes turned out to be Treys only and the gun powder residue results came back inconclusive.”
“Oh sweetheart that’s great! Did he say what caused the results to have an inconclusive reading?”
“No, he didn’t and we didn’t bother to ask.”
“Well, its great news regardless.”
“I know, so right now they have no evidence against Trey and Mr. Warrington said they probably wouldn’t want to make a case against me because of my and El’s history. It could be proven that it was self-defense.”
“This is wonderful! Oh that brings me some much needed relief.”
“Me too.”
“Now Shanell we need to talk about this other issue. Why did you get so upset like that when I told you what El’s mother said? Besides the fact that it’s preposterous, what set you off like that? Am I missing something here?”
“Mom this isn’t an easy thing for me say to you right now…” My mom is real sensitive like me. When she heard me say those words she instantly had tears in her eyes.
“Then don’t! I don’t wanna know…” Now I had tears.
“Mommy please, I need to say this to you...”
“No Shanell…”
“Mommy please…” I begged. “El’s mom is not lying about a baby.” She puts the book down and starts shaking her head no, in disbelief. I took a big swallow afraid of the reaction I was about to get. I couldn’t even look at her.
“No…no…wait…this can’t be true…you’re telling me…wait…what exactly are you saying right now Shanell?” She yells. “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” I look at her.
“Mom I’m sorry!” She starts crying.
“Mom please let me explain!”
“How can you explain this? You had a baby Shanell before my grandbabies?”
“Yesss!” I whined. My mom cried some more. I knew I hurt her. I felt horrible. This has been the hardest secret for me to hold on to, but I had too. She looked at me wanting to understand.

On: Apr 07, 2013

“And Shanell, you still have no recollection of the events that occurred after you blacked out?”
“No Mr. Warrington, I don’t. All I remember is waking up and seeing Trey beside El’s dead body. The gun was on the ground beside him. He rushed over and held me trying to calm me. I saw our bodyguards Marcus and Buggzi looking at the body and at Trey. Then I remember my dad being there, but I never saw him walk in. Everything is still a bit fuzzy at that point. I only know what Trey has told me.”
“Well, with their now being two guns missing it definitely doesn’t hurt the case it actually tells the police that there are more suspects that they need to be looking into. It basically takes all the focus away from Trey. Now Trey, with this new information as long as there’s no other evidence that could tie El’s murder to you, it’s gonna be pretty hard for them to charge you for it. But this is far from over. They’re going to keep digging until someone pays, but it’s my job to see to it that it’s not either one of you.”
“So what now Mr. Warrington?” Trey asked.
“For now you too are free to continue to live your lives. If anything changes or if anyone gets in contact with you don’t talk without me being present.”
“Yes sir.” Trey said. He shook Mr. Warrington’s hand. He had the biggest smile on his face. I was so happy to get this news. One huge hurdle down another big one to go. Trey dropped me off over my mom’s house. He and the guys were going to go celebrate the news. I know it was early, but Trey was too hype. He told me we’d get it in tonight. I kissed him goodbye and told him he better not come back to me drunk. I watched them pull off and then walked in the house. My mom was reading a book on the couch. I gave her a hug and kiss then sat down with her.
“How’d it go at the lawyers’ office?”

On: Apr 07, 2013
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