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She puts her hand under her nose covering her lips. I could tell she was about to break down. She did. I unfastened my seatbelt and leaned over and hugged her. I knew only an inkling about the way she was feeling. Finding out the man that you thought you knew, wasn’t who you thought he was at all had to be heart-wrenching. I shared only a fraction of her pain. But only from a father-daughter prospective. I can’t imagine what it feels like when it’s the one that you’ve spent most of your adult life with. The one that you vowed to love for better or worse, never thinking you would be dealing with the worst from him. My mom got herself together and asked me to hand her a tissue out of the glove box. She dries her face.
“Mom, are you going to be alright?” I now ask.
“I’ll be fine.” I noticed her facial expression suddenly changed. She lovingly looks at me. “It just occurred to me that I’ve saw her.” She puts the tissue to her eyes again. “I never could understand how a darling little girl as herself reminded me so much of you when she came from a complete stranger. Now I know why,” she spouts out adoringly. I couldn’t say a word. All the times that I would see my auntie, which wasn’t much, Hailey was never with her. Just the thought that I could see her now was mind blowing. “So what are you going to do, since you know where your daughter is? You know Linda and Malcolm are going through a divorce.”
“You know about that?”
“Yes. Linda and I may talk seldom, but it’s enough for me to know that her and Malcolm are divorcing. It’s gotten pretty awful between them. You know, it’s funny, she’s never said to me not once, that Hailey was adopted. Then again I’ve always assumed she finally was able to conceive so I never questioned her about it. I mean Hailey does look like a part of this family.” Her eyes look distant for a moment. Then she continues to speak. “I never knew I was looking at my grandchild.” I break her stare.

On: Sep 18, 2013

“Mom, remember when Ms. Francine came to the house and showed you something that said that I had a child with El?”
“I’ll never forget it. I looked at that paper so closely, because I just knew it had to be a fake. What about it?”
“Can you tell me exactly what was on it?”
“Well, I noticed the name of the state and county on it. The mother, father’s name and legal guardian was on there. Whether the parents were married or single. It had the child’s name which said baby Weiss. Date of birth, place of birth, sex, but that wasn’t filled in, race and you guys’ signatures.”
“So you didn’t see any personal information like an address or anyone else’s name that could have her…nothing like that?”
“No, that’s everything that was on there. Baby why are you inquiring about that now? Has she contacted you?”
“Not exactly.”
“Than what is it, exactly?”
“She’s still trying to find out who sent that information to her and if she really has a grandchild.”
“You know Shanell, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Who would want this to come out and why now?”
“I know who it is now mom. I also know where my daughter has been living.” My mom had just pulled into a parking space by the hotel. She turns off the car and looks at me. My head was down and I was fumbling with my fingers.
“Shanell, look at me sweetheart.” When I looked up she saw I was crying again. “Where is she?”
I whine, “Auntie Linda and Uncle Malcolm have been raising her. Daddy said he thinks it was Uncle Malcolm that sent El’s mother that information.” My mom turned her head away from me, eyes now peering toward the windshield.
“Something else your father knew,” she says with disgust. “When I told him Francine came to the house talking about a grandchild he made it seem like her ranting’s were so preposterous. He had me believe that she was just trying to do anything to paint you as this horrible person when she’s the one that’s off her rocker. Then I spoke to you and found out the truth. He too had been lying to me.”

On: Sep 18, 2013

My mom searches my dad’s eyes like she was trying to find something.
“I honestly don’t know who I’m looking at right now, but I’d like to have my husband back. Tell him for me, that if he really cares about saving his marriage, he better show up and do the right thing. Until then, I don’t want anything to do with his stand in.” My mother walks away from him and sits beside me. She saw that I was silently crying. “Sweetheart, I know this is a lot for you to take in right now, but are you going to be alright?” I didn’t know what alright felt like anymore. I just wanted to leave.
“Mom, can you take me back to my hotel? I don’t want to have to call Trey and wait until he gets here.”
“Sure sweetie. Come on. Let’s go.” My dad was still standing in the same spot looking defeated. His composure changed once my mom and I was about to walk out the door.
“Wait!” He commands. We both stop and turn to face him. “You both may not be proud of the man that you see before you, but I love this family. I don’t regret anything I’ve done to protect this family except for hurting the two women that I love.” He turns his attention solely on my mother. “Sheila, I love you woman. I know you don’t agree with the choices that I’ve made, but I will not let those choices destroy my family. You can’t get rid of me that easily. I won’t let you.” He directs his attention to me now. “You know nelly belly, I always feel amazement when I look at you and see the beautiful woman that you have grown up to become. I’m sorry for loving you so much that I’ll do whatever it takes to see to it that you’re safe and happy.” I knew my daddy loved me and in that moment I got teary eyed all over again. I was so furious with him, hearing that just hurt too much. “And even though you’re grown, and have your own family now, one thing will never change. You will always be my little girl.” I turned around and ran out of the house in a frenzy. I couldn’t take anymore. The next thing I know my mom is coming to my rescue. She wraps her arms around me and ushers me into her car. I didn’t know how to feel towards him right now. I know he only was doing for me what he thought was best, but it really is causing me a lot of pain. I thought about him saying Ms. Francine wasn’t going to be able to get any more information than what she already has. I remembered that my mom actually saw the document that she had. I decided to ask her about it.

On: Sep 05, 2013

Him saying, “If it wasn’t for me,” echoed again in my head. For whatever reason that phrase made all the pieces come together. I knew. My dad had tears in his eyes. He still had yet to explain as we waited, but I had finally knew the truth. I shake my head at him, giving him direct eye contact trying to fathom this even though he couldn’t look back at me.
“It was you daddy wasn’t it? You’re the second bullet.” My mom was still lost.
“Sweetheart what do you mean?” My dad rushes to my side as he tries to explain.
“Shanell, El may have been down, but he was only wounded. If I hadn’t gotten there when I did, honey he would have shot you and Trey. He would’ve! There was nothing but ill-will in his eyes. I had to protect you.” My mom clearly got the picture now. She looked shattered, more than I did.
“Oh God!” Mom shouts. “You shot El, Bruce?” He slowly moves from beside me to make his way over to her. He speaks calmly and clear.
“I’m not proud of killing someone, but both our daughter and Trey’s life were at stake. I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe Sheila. What I did was necessary.”
“Even to the extremities of sacrificing Trey’s freedom and him going to jail for it?”
“I wouldn’t do that to him.” He proclaimed.
“How can you say that when he’s under investigation and you’re not?”
“Honey, I can see how you can make that conclusion, but I’m not going to let anything happen to Trey.”
“DAMN RIGHT YOU’RE NOT!!!” Mom yells. I just sat there not knowing what to say. I never imagined that my father would do this to us. My dad and my mom continued to go at it. “I…I don’t even know who you are,” she says, irate. My dad holds her by the arms, pinning them to her sides.
“Sheila! Come on! You got to know that I’m the same man that you said ‘I do’ to all those years ago. Honey, I’m still here. I would never let him go down for such a thing. Trey and I discussed this. It’s all going to work.”
“And who made you God to know?”
“Honey I know I’m asking a lot right now, but please trust what I’m saying to you. Trey’s gonna come out of this alright.”
“You’re right! He is,” mom snaps pulling away. “If you EVER want to make things right again with this marriage, you better go turn yourself in for me, your daughters sake and Trey’s.” My dad pleads with my mother.
“Sheila please. You’re really going to ask me to do that?”
“I mean it Bruce.”
“Why? Honey if you would just trust me when I say it’s all going to work out. I’m pretty confident that Trey won’t be getting arrested. Just find it in your heart to believe me. Both of you. He won’t get a conviction. You’ll see, this will soon be behind us.”

On: Sep 05, 2013

“Stop it daddy! Just stop! I’ve had enough of your scheming and taking things into your own hands, all to protect me. Don’t you see what all of that has done? All you had to do was give her up to an anonymous family. That’s it, but you didn’t, and because of it my little girl Hailey,” I pause. Just saying her name put chills through me. “Hailey’s life could likely be turned upside down.”
“It won’t! Sweetie it’s not going to be that simple for Francine to get answers. She’s not the biological mother. She has no rights.”
“You had no right!” I snap. “I may have been underage, but it still was my decision not to want her to be a part of this family. You should’ve listened daddy. Who knows how Uncle Malcolm’s really been treating her if he could do something like this.”
“Baby I’m sorry! I couldn’t let you give up my grandbaby to some strangers. Who knows the kind of life they would’ve been able to give her. Shanell she’s had a good life. I’m sure of it.”
“A life that could very well be ruined now, all because of you.”
“That’s not going to happen. I’ll see to it. His mother won’t have a chance to get close to Hailey if I got anything to do with it.”
“But she’ll at least know that she has a grandchild when that didn’t even have to be known. Won’t she daddy? Then you told Trey about Auntie Linda having her? Why’d you have to bring him into your private circle of lies?”
“I really was hoping you’d never find out any of this.” He says.
“Daddy, how could you tell him something like this and expect him to keep it from me? Wasn’t my secret enough?”
“Shanell, I did what any loving father would have done. I will always protect you and shield you from anything or anyone that could hurt you. I love you. If it wasn’t for me acting when I did you could’ve both…” He suddenly stops; shook, like he saw a ghost. Instead it was my mother. She had come in unexpectedly.
“What did you do Bruce,” my mother asks.
“Sheila!” He states surprised. “Honey you’re home.”
“I came to see my daughter.” My mom walks and gives me a hug and kiss. Then she stands in front of my dad as he's sitting on the couch. She looks at him appalled. “What else have you done,” she inquires.
“Yeah daddy, if it wasn’t for you we could’ve both what?” I ask inquisitively. My mom and I both stare waiting for him to continue. My dad stands up and walks behind the couch distancing himself. He looked very annoyed. I thought about the night of El’s murder and the things that were coming back to me that I couldn’t remember before I blacked out. His facial expression was the same one that he had before he told Trey to take me out of the barn.

On: Sep 05, 2013
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