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A few days later Trey and I flew to my parents’ house to see my father. I told Trey I wanted to speak to him alone. Trey wanted to be there with me, but I was adamant about speaking to my father one on one. He dropped me off and told me to call him if I needed him. I told him I would and I’d also call when I was ready. Daddy was so happy when I came in, but I was really furious with him. He grabs me tightly in his arms.
“Oh baby, I’m so glad you’re here.” He kisses the side of my face. I stood there unable to return the happy sentiment. He lets me go.
“Can I get you anything?” I walk over to the couch and toss my purse on it then take a seat, crossing my legs. My look was very unappealing.
“I just want some answers dad. That’s all I want from you right now.” He sits beside me.
“Sweetheart you mean the world to me. All I ever wanted is to see you happy.”
“How could you lie to me? I trusted you!”
“And I’m sorry that I broke that, but I really did have your best interest at heart and this families.”
“You thinking about the family is why I’m in this situation with El’s mother. Why did you give my child to Aunt Linda daddy? Why?”
“Shanell, she was perfect for her. She was having problems bearing a child, you were too young to mother a child. It was the perfect marriage.”
“It wasn’t so perfect daddy. You know why? El’s mother now believes that she has a grandchild. She’s trying to find her. Do you see what you’ve done?” My dad looks glum. I noticed he didn’t seem surprised or anything about hearing that. “You knew this already, didn’t you?” I hiss. He touches my hand smoothing it as he tries to explain.
“Sweetie I had no idea that Malcolm would one day do something this senseless and irrational. This wasn’t intended to hurt you. He’s doing this to hurt my sister.”
“He’s behind this?”
“We believe it’s him.”
“But why?”
“Shanell, your Aunt and uncle are going through a bitter divorce right now. He wasn’t granted joint custody. Malcolm knows how much Linda loves Hailey. It would be just like him to want her to lose custody of Hailey without it looking like he had anything to do with it. One of his sick and desperate attempts to try and make that happen, since he couldn’t get what he wanted.”
“Why would he do this to her? She’s his daughter too so why risk losing her completely?”
“I never said he was the best father to her, but Linda won’t lose her, because El’s mother will not be able to get any more information than what she already has. I promise you th…” I cut him off and moved my hand away. I was so livid and fed up.

On: Sep 05, 2013

“Aye mumma!” He sees his little princess in her arms and kisses her too. Then he says a few things to Trejay real quick before his mom starts talking to him again.
“We thought you might wanna see your little ones, since Mrs. Vanessa said they were sleep when you peeked in on them last night.” Mom April notices I’m lying on my side, with my backside facing the door. She sees that I didn’t move or get up to acknowledge them. “Oh, is she sleep,” she asks. Trey lags in his response. She squints her eyes as she zooms in on the vibe he gives off from not answering right away. Mrs. Vanessa stood there quietly holding Trejay, observing.
“I’ll take them mumma.”
“Yeah, you do that. You can talk to me later if you need too, okay baby?” Trey kisses her again on the forehead. They both give Trey the twins.
“Thanks again for dinner last night Mrs. Vanessa.”
“You’re welcome baby.”
His mom closes the door for him. Trey brings the twins over and sat them down on the bed. Trejay immediately crawls over to me wanting to play. I sat up and picked my little man up. He lays his head on my shoulder hugging me like he knew that’s what I needed. More tears started to fall. Treyonna saw me, smiling looking wide-eyed, but she didn’t budge from Trey’s side. She is truly a daddy’s girl. I tried to pull myself together, because I didn’t want them to feel that I was upset. They were my strength right now. My bright spot through all this turmoil. I got into mommy mode and thrust Trejay in the air wiggling him around. He loved it. His laugh is so adorable. I love hearing it. His smile is everything. Just like his fathers. It lifted me right up. Trey and I stayed in the room and played with those two until they started getting sleepy. Trey was getting hungry. I didn’t have an appetite. I put Trejay to sleep. Treyonna was a tough cookie at times to go to sleep. She was so observant, didn’t want to miss out on anything. Trey took her out of the room with him and carried her downstairs. I was still holding Trejay as he slept on me. I couldn’t wait to talk to my dad. I wondered, why he would tell Trey about my daughters’ whereabouts. I also sat and wondered did he expect for Trey not to tell me? How long has Trey known about this? I’m left clueless. The longer I sat there and thought about things, I knew why Trey felt like he needed it to be the right time and important to have the right words, once he broke it to me. He knew this would devastate me. I guess he felt like now was the time, since Dre called about El’s mom. All of this is so disturbing, but I can’t be mad with Trey. From my own experience coming clean, I know this was not easy for him to say to me. I know the feeling, and I know he had to have really given this some thought or why else would he had said what he did to me last night? My father really put him in an unfortunate situation. Why would he do this? I questioned. The thought that my little girl has been right under my nose pains me. It also makes me angry. I slid gently off the bed and put Trejay in his room in the crib. I walked back in my room and called my father. I got his answering machine. Utterly disappointed and feeling fierce resentment, I leave him a message.
“You’ve been lying to me daddy,” my voice trembles and fades. “All this time.” I push my lips together as they tremble, deeply saddened, contemplating my next words. “Thank you for taking away the faith I had of knowing that you were the only man that I knew I could always trust. Thank you daddy,” I repeat, with a heavy heart. Then I hung up.

On: Aug 20, 2013

“Baby listen to me,” he says, tugging on my arms trying to get me to sit back down on the edge of the tub. I break his hands away.
I yell, “Trey I don’t want to sit down. How do you know where my daughter is,” I ask sternly.
“You’re father told me.” My eyes bulge, as I glare back at him.
“My father told you?” I repeat outraged. “He knows?” Trey doesn’t respond but his silence always speaks volumes. “He told you and you didn’t even tell me?” I ask.
“Shanell I wanted to tell you baby and I was. I just needed to find the right time and words to say it to you.” I pull on Trey’s arms pleading, quickly overtaken by tears again.
“Trey where is she?” He hesitates, looking deep into my eyes. I cry out, “Please Trey! Tell me!”
“Your aunt Linda has been raising her.” My mouth drops. That was it. That was the straw that broke, making everything else crumble. I felt like I was instantly submerged in quicksand, dying a slow death even though I felt like I was sinking fast. He betrayed me, I thought. My father of all people betrayed me. He knew all this time who had my baby. I couldn’t believe my auntie has been raising my child this whole time and he lied about sending her to be with an unknown family. Trey saw me motionless still attached to him as if my life depended on it. I was so broken. He picks me up and takes me in our bedroom putting me on the bed, and cradles me in his lap like a baby. I bawled uncontrollably in his arms. He kept telling me he was sorry that he had to tell me this. He kisses my cheeks trying to assure me things were going to be alright, but my mind was so far gone that even his words had no value anymore. I was just too weak to do anything, so I let him hold me as I was in this helpless state. About twenty minutes later there was a knock on our bedroom door. It was locked. Trey eased me off of him and laid me down. He quickly put his t-shirt and gym shorts back on to open the door. It was his mom and Mrs. Vanessa with the twins.
“Hey baby,” raves mom April. Trey hugs her. She kisses him on the cheek.

On: Aug 20, 2013

“So, you had him getting information for you concerning El’s mother?”
“Trey I had too,” I say distraught. I stand up, simultaneously running my fingers through my hair, sweeping it out of my face before continuing my response. “I have fought most of my life to keep my child safe from El and his family.” I broke down weeping as I ranted. “Why is this happening? I mean, who would do this to me?” I say, turning to Trey for some answers. He comes over and wraps his arms around me. I could tell it was still hard for him to accept that I have a child with El, but he still embraces me. I look up at him. “Trey I was going to discuss this with you, but you really didn’t want to be around me long enough so we could talk,” I explain.
“Who else knows about this?”
“No one.” I grab a hold of him even tighter placing my head up against his chest. “Trey please don’t be mad at me I…” He interrupts me.
“Shanell baby I’m not, but listen to me.” We both look at each other intently. “Remember when you asked me about forgiving you and I said it was some things that’s been on my mind that I wanted to talk to you about?” I’m really examining Trey’s face now wondering where he’s going with this.
“Yeah, you just said it last night. Why?” The dead silence he emitted was so loud. I was now afraid. “Trey, what it is?”
“The things that’s been on my mind lately have nothing to do with me not forgiving you. I know it’s taken me some time to come around about you having a daughter and keeping it from me, but I want you to know that I do finally understand.”
“Trey you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that.”
“Shanell, it’s something else baby that’s you're not going to be to happy about.”
“Baby tell me.”
“The real question is will you forgive me?”
“Forgive you? Baby you’re really scaring me. Why would I need to forgive you?”
“I know where your daughter is.” I couldn’t believe what I heard him say. That was so unanticipated. I was stunned, so much that I didn’t realize I moved away from Trey in an instant. I looked at him with my face frowned up trying to understand.
“No wait! What do you mean? You can’t…how,” I asked, filled with confusion and uncertainty.

On: Aug 20, 2013

“Shanell!” Dre calls out, as my silence has him worried. My tone becomes a struggled whisper as I try to still breathe.
“Dre please, she can’t know. My daughter probably doesn’t even know that she’s adopted...his mother could ruin everything.” Trey comes in the bathroom in his Calvin Klein’s. He sees that I’m upset.
“Baby what’s wrong?” Taken by surprise I look up to him. “Who’s that on the phone,” he asks. Still startled by his appearance I don’t answer. He takes the phone from me. “Hello!”
“Trey this Dre man.” Trey glances at me noticing the throat muscles in my neck clinching tightly, as I’m wiping tears away from my eyes that I was trying to choke back.
“What’s goin on man?”
“I was telling Shanell I had some news for her concerning El’s mother.” He looks at me again, but this time it’s with disapproval.
“Whatchu mean you got news about El’s mother? I thought you were keeping us informed on this case?”
“Oh, that hasn’t changed at all. It’s just that Shanell asked me to find out who sent Ms. Harris information about Shanell and El having a child together. She said she was going to discuss all of this with you.” He looks at me again.
“That part must’ve slipped her mind. So man, whatchu find out?”
“As I was telling Shanell, Ms. Harris has hired a Private Investigator to find out if she really has a grandchild. It turns out that the guy she hired is a friend of mine. He thinks I need his help for her sons case, so he’s been keeping me posted on his progress. I have information from him. The document can be traced back to a Malcolm Mitchell. Does that name sound familiar to you?”
“Yeah man, I’m familiar.”
“He tried to send it anonymously, using a whole new name. It wasn’t easy tracking it, but we did.”
“Does she know anything about this yet?”
“Who, El’s mom?”
“No, I told him to hold off on giving her any information. She thinks this is the normal process and it’s just taking time to find out anything.”
“Uh, lemme get back witchu on this man. Shanell’s pretty upset right now.”
“Yeah, sure no problem. Just call me when you can, and I’ll let you know the rest.”
“A’ight man.” Trey hung up not looking too pleased. I was so numb I couldn’t really speak. I just sat there in a haze.

On: Aug 20, 2013
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