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“Trey is there something that you’re not telling me…again?”
“Why you keep asking that?”
“Because you have been preoccupied and I know it’s more than what you’re letting on. Are you sure nothings wrong? Is it Nikki?”
“Look…I told you already. I’m gonna miss you…and plus this tour is big for me. I’ve always admired Jay-Z and to be opening for him is huge. I just wanna make sure I go out there and give them a show that they’ll love and hopefully recognize why I deserved that spot.”
“Baby you will. That’s why you have it because you do deserve it. Jay-Z knows it too or else he wouldn’t have even considered you. You’re so talented and I’m so proud of you. Before you know it you’ll be headlining your own tour.”
“Thank you baby.”
“You’re welcome. I wish I could be there with you too, but that’ll just make your homecoming that much sweeter.”
pulls her close “Mmm and I can’t wait either…you know we really gotta get it in before I go now that ya cast is off.”
“You think I was sending you off without reminding you of what you have at home?”
“I ain’t gone forget what I got at home. My heart won’t let me.”
“Aw baby.” kisses
“Alright me and Buggzi gotta few things we need to handle before we take this trip so I’ma see you later.”
“Evan’s in the pool house. I’ma let him know you’re here.”

Trey and Buggzi head out of the house and drive to the police station to show them the letters and photos that were taken. They all were photos of Trey and Shanell at different events, but every picture of Shanell had the head cut off with red writing written on her body saying R.I.P. The police wanted to know how long this has been going on and Trey told them every since his fans heard he was engaged. They wanted to know where they were being sent and Trey told them that it was coming from his fan mail. He made them aware that Shanell has no idea that this was happening and he wanted to keep it that way.

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On: Oct 21, 2011

Welcome Angel.

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“You two have been through so much, but through it all you‘ve still remained true to one another and now about to be married. You think you were tested before…you’re really about to be tested now, but I believe you two have what it takes to make it. I hope and pray this baby is not yours as I said before, because Nikki has some psychological issues. She‘s not stable to be a parent right now. Even if it‘s not your baby.” Suddenly Buggzi interrupts. “Yo Trey somethin else showed up again.” Trey puts his finger up for Buggzi to give him a minute.
“Alright mumma I gotta go, but I’ll keep you informed on the situation and I love you.”
“Ok Trey. I love you too. No matter what the outcome is we’re gonna work it out.”
“Thanks mumma.”
“You‘re welcome baby.” Trey goes downstairs in his office where Buggzi was.
“What was it this time?”
“Another letter.”
“The same as before?”
“I‘m afraid so…man how long you plan on waiting before you get the cops involved? You ain’t no got damn superhero.”
rubs chin in thought “Ight…Damn! She out right now by herself.”
“Whatchu let her leave by herself for?”
“Nigga did you not just see the shit I just had to deal with? I was mad…she was mad…it slipped my mind at the time.”
“Call her.” Trey was about to call Shanell, but she was coming in the house. He walks out of the office over to her as she came in.
“Why you leave out like dat?”
“Because you were making me mad. I thought I’d give you some space this time.”
“I’m sorry baby…kisses lips…smiles…I just been thinkin bout this tour and being away from you for so long.”
side eyes Trey “Yeah…sure.”
“So where’d you go?”
“I stopped by the condo and then came back here.”
“Well you know while I’m gone Marcus and Evan has strict orders to stay with you at all times, so don’t be tryna dip or any shit like dat.”
“What do you mean by strict orders Trey? You mean like before right?”
“Baby just don’t be tryna go off with out them that’s all I’m sayin because this time it ain’t gone work.”

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On: Oct 19, 2011


“See I have a problem with this. You don’t know who’s really doing their job. I mean if they can give you wrong information about her not being pregnant who’s to say she’s getting correct information about being pregnant.”
“Yeah true…you do have a point…man this whole thing wit her is BS. I thought I was through wit all this.”
“Well Trey don’t let it bother you right now. You may just be through with it all. When does she go to the doctors again?”
“Mumma I don’t even know. I barely wanted to talk to her let alone ask her any questions.”
“I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. The main thing to prove it is going to be a DNA test. That’s the only way to really know anything.”
“I don’t wanna be thinking bout this shit…I mean stuff until that can take place. Mumma I got so many other things on my plate that I‘m tryna handle…sighs…it‘s too much.”
“Baby I know.”
“Then she talking bout the media knowing about me not claiming my own child. I would never do nothing like that.”
“She’s just trying to get you all worked up about it because she knows you don’t want anything to do with her Trey. Just try not to worry about it for now. You have to go on this tour and you really need to put all your energy into that.”
“Yeah…you right.”
“What’s Shanell doing? I know she’s not ready for you to leave.”
“She left. She probably mad at me right now.”
“It wasn’t bout nothing major, I just made her mad.”
“What’d you do that for?”
“Cause…she just wanted to know too much of something that was dealing with me and Alonzo and I didn’t tell her.”
“Everything ok with you two?”
“Yeah…it was just business like I told her, but she ain’t believe me.”
“Ok as long as that’s all it was.”
“Yeah…it was for the most part.”
“How she doing as far as this news Nikki just gave you guys?”
“Aw she was about to go off on Nikki. I had to pull her up out of there and just leave.”

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On: Oct 19, 2011


“Ok babe please don’t tell me you’re letting Nikki get to you about this?”
“Why you say that?”
“Well why are you so quiet all of a sudden and you even look like something is bothering you if it‘s not this.”
“Baby I’m fine. I just got a lot of things that I’m thinking bout right now.” gets in the car
“Trey that’s what I’m here for baby…talk to me…does it have anything to do with what you and Buggzi were discussing earlier when you came in the house?”
“Baby just let that go that was business.”
“Trey that was more than business and you know it. What’s going on?”
“Nothing ight!”
“Fine! Don’t tell me.” They road home in silence the rest of the ride home. Trey opened the door to let Shanell go in the house first. Shanell made a u-turn and walked straight to her car.
“I’m going out. I’ll be back.”

Trey shook his head and then went inside. His mind was so preoccupied that he didn’t even notice she left alone. He really needed to talk to someone so he called his mom.

“Mumma you busy?”
“You know I always have time for you…why? Is something wrong?”
“Yeah man…everything.”
“What’s wrong baby?”
“I just been dealing wit a lot lately…get ready for some more bullshit.”
“What is it now and I know you‘re mad, but stop cussing.”
“Sorry bout dat mumma. I ran into Nikki today when me and Shanell was at the hospital getting her cast off.”
“Well first how’d that go with Shanell? She’s finally walking around without crutches again?”
“Yeah…she scared to put pressure on that leg doe, but she got it off.”
“Ok now give me the news about Nikki. What did she say when you saw her this time?”
“She showed me this piece of paper which was the results of a pregnancy test stating that she’s pregnant.”
“…and she still trying to say it’s yours right?”
“Yeah…but mumma something concerned me when I looked at that paper. It had the same date on it that Nikki was in the hospital and I was told she wasn’t pregnant.”
“So do you think you were given the wrong information.”
“I don’t know.”

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On: Oct 18, 2011
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