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“Bitch you’re crazy! He is not the father of your baby…gets in her face…if you’re really pregnant! As a matter of fact why don’t you just…”
“Whoa whoa…calm down baby…let’s go…I don’t have time this shit.” Trey grabbed my hand and led me to the lobby. Nikki noticed my engagement ring.
“You’re getting married Tremaine?” Trey ignored her and kept on walking with me.
“The media’s gonna have a field day with Trey Songz not claiming his own child but yet can claim a wife who‘s no blood relation at all.” she yelled. Trey and I just kept on walking. He was quiet. I was steady ranting and raving about how it seems to never end with her and how the site of her just disgusts me. When I looked at Trey something was definitely wrong.

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On: Oct 16, 2011


“Oh…hey you two.” It wouldn’t be like me if something unexpected didn‘t happen. Then she had a nerve to say hey like we’re all old friends or something. I couldn’t believe it. I replied “Nikki” with a bit of a tone in my voice. Trey also spoke…reluctantly.
“I see you have your cast off Shanell. I bet you’re happy.” I couldn’t believe she was trying to make small talk after the hell she’s put us through. I ignored her. She then turns to Trey.
“Trey I know I’m the last person that you want to talk to right now, but can I speak to you in private please? It’s really important.” I put a stop to that right away.
“How important could anything be that you have to say when usually it‘s a lie? Why are you even here? You following us?”
“I work here. I saw you as I was going to lunch. I’ve been needing to speak with Trey but he was away. I wasn’t expecting to see him or you here, but now that I have…looks at Trey…Tremaine I need to talk to you.”
“Nikki anything you have to say to Trey can be said in front of me too. You have no privacy with him…NONE!” Trey agrees.
“Yeah Nikki what’s this about?”
“Ok well here.” She goes in her purse and gives Trey this paper that she had in it. He reads it.
“What the fuck is this?”
“You wanted proof about the pregnancy well here it is.” I had to take a peek at the paper now.
“Oh how convenient Nikki!” Trey sighs. He was really beyond fed up with Nikki.
“I already know that you’re not pregnant by me so this right here is some bullshit.”
“Trey I know it’s hard for you believe right now, but I am carrying your baby.”
“Nikki stop it! I was here the day you were fighting Ty. A nurse checked your file and I was personally told that you weren’t pregnant.”
“Well she must of looked at another Nikki’s chart Tremaine because it damn sure wasn’t mine. I damn near lost our baby that night, but he‘s a fighter Trey…rubs belly…he‘s gonna be ok.”

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On: Oct 16, 2011
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On: Oct 14, 2011

I agree with @MS.YUUP

I feel like it's about maturity whether you're an Angel or not. I don't think you can easily point the finger at members that are not Angels. He could do a Ustream for Angels only and who's to say it still wouldn't be people arguing and causing problems. You just don't know. If I wasn't an Angel and he did a Ustream for Angels only, I would feel some type of way about that because that wouldn't make me less of a fan or undeserving of getting to see him when everyone else does and it's free. Plus that's a way for Trey to reach a larger audience and gain more fans.

Grant it I'm all for Angels getting access to a lot of things before others because we are paying for it, but a Ustream should be open to everyone. Now if he wants to do a show for Angels only then I'm all for that because some things you should be required to pay for which just might make people decide to become an my opinion.

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On: Oct 14, 2011
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