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“What’s wrong?”
“He didn’t know anything. I told him. I tried to explain to him that nothing happened. That you didn’t get to kiss or even touch me and…”
“You told him exactly what happened?”
“I had no choice. He threatened me! Before that I wasn’t going to give him any information. I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then he warned me that if I didn’t tell him what you did, I would lose my license to practice. I simply explained what took place thinking he would see that it was nothing.”
“Trey I’m sorry. I didn’t know. He kept pushing my buttons saying I was lying and he knew the truth. Then he mentioned board names of people that could cost me my job and everything that I’ve worked so hard for if I didn’t tell him. I didn’t know what to think, so that’s why I eventually said something.”
“That man ain’t know shit! He was just tryna see what he could get out of you.” Kelli went from frustrated to mad.
“Well, I had no way of knowing that Trey. He was very convincing. You tell me how I was supposed to know he was bluffing?”
“Look, you’re right. You did the right thing under those circumstances. I’m sorry you had to be dragged into this, but don’t worry. You’re not gonna lose your license or anything like that. I’ll make sure of it.”
“Trey maybe you should tell Shanell about this now. I really don’t feel comfortable that her father knows and is trying to hang something that was harmless over us. I mean, you still didn’t have your memory back yet and you had been drinking that night. I know you were confused and just had a moment, but you realized it and apologized. Nothing happened. She has to understand that right? Besides, I don’t know why he’s trying to make this into something anyway. What’s going on?” Trey gets up and walks over to Kelli. He reassuringly puts his hand on her shoulder.
“Nothing I can’t handle, but don’t you worry. You won’t be put in the middle again. His fight is with me, not you.” Kelli folds her arms and shakes her head.
“I knew we should’ve told her when it happened…just because. I’ve always felt guilty for keeping this from her. Shanell is my friend. I never would do anything to jeopardize that.”
“Again Kelli, I apologize. I know I put you in an awkward position back then, when you were only there to do your job. I just was going through some things, you know. Your nurturing nature had felt familiar to me. I know we’ve never discussed this aside from me saying it was no reason to tell Shanell, since you set me straight and nothing happened. But it just felt nice not to have somebody wanting anything from me. Shanell had expectations of me. Nikki was coming at me, but there you were, only giving. Even though you were there to help take care of Shanell, you also looked out for me too. I really appreciated that and I’m sorry for taking your generosity and turning it into something offensive.”
“Apology accepted, but you knew that already. I knew that was a hard time for you Trey. More importantly, I knew how much you and Shanell meant to each other even if you didn’t.”
“...Anyway I gotta go, but thanks for talking to me. Like I said, don’t even worry about none of this. I’ma take care of it.” She walks Trey to the door. She had one last question for him before he left.
“Trey, I still would like to know if you’re going to tell Shanell. She is my friend and I really don’t want any hard feelings between us. I just need to know what to be prepared for.” Regretfully he answers.
“It’s nothing to tell.”

On: Jul 10, 2013

Overwhelmed and baffled all at the same time. I never imagined this for us. My whole family is falling apart right in front of my eyes and I’m to blame. My mom and my auntie still aren’t speaking. My dad and my mom are having problems because of my secret. It really hurt her that he didn’t think twice about telling her, so she could be there for me too. She felt that was a family matter, not one he should have taken on without her having knowledge of. She never expected him to keep something so serious, so big, away from her, which now has her questioning what else my father is capable of. She’s left out of the house for a while, so my dad’s been getting the cold shoulder just like me. I don’t know when Trey is going to come around. I’ve really made a mess of things. He still hadn’t been sleeping in our bedroom yet. My hope is that soon he’ll realize my reasons were valid for what I did and forgive me. His mom has been here and now she knows about what happened. The news really took her by surprise too, but she didn’t judge me. She was very sympathetic to the situation. She told me the same thing everyone else has been saying which is that I’m going to have to give Trey some time. Ultimately, she believes he’ll come to terms with it and recognize that it’s not worth risking what we’ve built and the plans we have of spending our lives together. I hope she’s right.


Trey has been running all over the place since we’ve gotten back. I feel like he leaves just so he doesn’t have to be around me that long. I don’t know what to make out of it, truthfully. He’s on his way out again. He said he had something to take care of. I’ve been hearing that a lot it seems. It’s bad enough he’s leaving again. Trey Songz is always working. I've really missed Tremaine lately, but it’s the life I live and with us at odds right now it definitely doesn’t help. What I didn’t know was before he left, he was going to see Kelli. He finally had the time to go talk to her about what my dad had said to her. Kelli already knew what he wanted to see her about, but she had it in her mind she was going to let him talk first before she said anything. She invited Trey in once he arrived at her house. She offered him something to drink, but he told her he didn’t want anything. Next she told him to have a seat so he sits down in a living room chair. She sits on the couch.

On: Jul 10, 2013

“Look, I’m just gone get right to the reason why I’m here. I know Shanell’s dad came to see you some time ago or had some words with you, right?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Trey heavily sighs; face showing his disbelief with his sharp gaze and wrinkled forehead.
“Kelli, I know Bruce has been in contact with you. He told me he spoke to you, so tell me. What did he say to you?” Kelli was frazzled. She wasn’t sure if she should say anything for fear Bruce would find out.
“Trey, I haven’t seen Bruce.” Trey notices Kelli’s mannerisms change, plus she avoided eye contact. He goes and sits on the couch beside her.
“Aye! What’s up witchu? Why you scared to talk to me?” Kelli still remained quiet. “Whatever he said to you, you can tell me. I promise you nothing bad is going to happen.” She looks at Trey realizing she can trust him and decided to tell him the truth.
“He did pay me a visit…one I wasn’t too happy with.”
“What’d he say to you?”
“Trey I don’t know if you’re here because you’re upset with me for talking to him, but if that’s the case than you shouldn’t be. That man threatened my job. I felt like I didn’t have a choice. He told me that he wanted to talk to me because Shanell was upset about what happened between the two of us. I naturally assumed he knew something and tried to quickly explain that nothing happened.”
“But he didn’t know anything.”
“What do you mean, he didn’t know anything? He said…” Trey interrupts.
“Kelli, he played you. He was just fishing to see what he could find; if something was there and you fell for it.”
“Well, how was I supposed to know? He made it seem like you came clean to Shanell and she confided in him, so now he wanted to talk to me.”
“Yeah, that’s what he wanted you to think, but nah, he didn’t know anything.” Kelli was shocked. She shook her head in disbelief. She gets up and moves away from Trey. “Kelli, talk to me.”
“This doesn’t make any sense. He said Shanell told him…” She stops and covers her mouth. She remembers that she interrupted Bruce trying to explain right away that nothing happened. She told him Trey didn’t get a chance to kiss her because she turned him down. She realized she was deceived. Trey looks at her curiously wondering what she’s thinking.

On: Jul 10, 2013

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know in case you've been checking that I haven't forgotten about you. Been on vacation (from writing) for the 4th. Hope you guys had a great holiday. I'll have more up this week! Love you guys! :)

On: Jul 08, 2013

“I see where her son got his madness from. That lady done lost a few marbles.”
“Yeah,” I muttered. I didn’t say much because I knew Marcus had heard her mention a grandchild. I guess I was waiting to see when he was going to bring that up.
“You okay,” he asks.
“Not really.”
“You wanna talk about it?”
“Not really.”
“You do understand why I had to make you leave right?”
“I know. It was stupid for me to go over there anyway. I don’t even know what I was trying to accomplish. She doesn't deserve to know anything.”
“Is it true?” I realized I was saying too much. I got quiet again. Marcus continues to talk. “I pretty much have an idea now of what’s been going on with you and Trey…why you guys are on the outs right now.”
“Marcus I really don’t want to talk about this, okay.”
“You don’t have to, but I am here if you ever want to.” The rest of the drive back to the hotel was in silence. We walked back to the room and I got my things together. My focus right now was getting to the airport to be back with Trey. I really wanted to know where he had to go, but I’m sure he’s not going to tell me if I was to ask. Once I was done we walked down to get the rooms all checked out and then we left. When I got to the gate where we were to board I saw Trey, hooded up with shades on. I was so relieved that he was actually here. He seemed distraught. I figured that had a lot to do with me. I walk over to him and speak.
“Hey.” Buggzi moved so I could sit beside him.
“Everything is all squared away from our stay at the hotel.” Trey slouches down and leans his head back on the seat crossing his hands over his chest.
“Mm hmm…thank you baby.” I’ve seen that look on Trey before. His mind was deeply bothered by something. I knew that something was my secret. I kept saying to myself that I wasn’t going to push it, so I didn’t continue to bother him. We boarded our plane and sat
quietly on our flight. I just looked out the window while Trey rested. I was so happy once we got home to see my babies. I held them like I’ve never held them before. It was late and they were sleeping, but I didn’t care. I picked them up one after the other holding them as they still laid asleep in my arms. Trey came in the room too when I was holding Treyonna. He kissed her cheek then walked over to check on his little man who was back in his crib sleeping. He smiled at him and tucked him in a little more than walked out of the room. I finally put Treyonna back in her crib and went into our bedroom. Trey had a towel over his shoulder, his toiletries and a clean pair of boxers in his hand that he’d just took from the drawer.
“I’m gonna sleep in one of the guest bedrooms. I just need some time to digest everything.” He stops beside me before he leaves out of the room. He kisses me. “Goodnight,” he says.
“Goodnight.” I solemnly say back. I appreciated the kiss, but I wanted him to be there lying beside me more. He’s really taking this hard and as tough as this was going to be for me, I knew I had to give him some time and space. I got undress, took a shower and later cried myself to sleep, which I tend to do at times when Trey’s not around. About 4:00 am I was awakened from a nightmare. El wasn’t dead. He was back, holding on to our daughter, but I couldn’t see her face. I just heard her crying saying mommy where are you over and over and over again. I couldn’t get to her because my hands were tied to some sort of bars. I was yelling for him to let her go, but he wouldn’t listen. He just taunted me, laughing. It was so horrible. I woke up sobbing because it seemed so real. I’ve never had a dream about her…ever. This was the very first and I actually felt emotions for her. With my hands covering my face I just cried. I couldn’t make any sense of this. Eventually sleep found me and I was able to rest, but not at all comfortably without Trey.

On: Jun 19, 2013
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I'm a independent woman & mother who strives 4 the best 4 myself & my fam. I luv 2 write & would luv 2 become a famous author, which is a dream of mine, & soon 2 bcome my reality. I've jus wrote my 1st book. I know it's a process, but at least I'm n the game & I play 2 win. I'm a new fan of Trey Songz. I've always heard his music, but it wasn't until I heard "Hood Love" by MJB featuring him, that piqued my interest about him as an artist. I have all his cd's now & I'm lovin the latest 1 PPP. I"ve said it b4 & I'll say it again Trey u inspire me as a writer. I luv ur work. I can honestly say that ur songs make me feel like ur talkin 2 no1 else but me. That feels so good, esp. when ur single & u've had a long day & u need that “pick me up" or somethin 2 jus remind u that there r sum good men out there. 2 have that ability is special which is truly what u r Tremaine Neverson. I have nothin but luv 4 u as a human being, artist, & a man. U make me smile Trey Songz. Lol:-) God Bless!
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