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My cousin Aleen was going to spend her vacation here with me, but my mom wanted me to come and see her so we decided to go back on a cruise. I think I would enjoy myself better this time because it’s just a regular cruise. No celebrities and no Nikki. I told Evan and Marcus that I will be going away alone, so they might want to tell Trey. I wouldn’t tell them where I was going though. I learned my lesson on that. I did apologize to them for taking their memory cards and giving them the slip that day. They didn’t like that at all, but they said they’d forgive me.


Me and Aleen was on our way. I was looking forward to this. We were waiting to board.
“So you still haven’t spoke to Trey yet?”
“Shanell…stop being like this. He really loves you. Are you blind or something? I mean how can you not see that everything that he’s done has been out of love. Now you know that the bitch lied about being pregnant and she drugged him in the first place to get him to sleep wit her. I’m sure Trey had many opportunities to sleep with Nikki before she did this and he didn’t. SO WHAT if he didn’t tell you before you found out about it. I’m sure he was. You just happen to hear it from Nikki first, but if you wouldn‘t of heard that conversation you would‘ve heard it from Trey that same day. He’s a man too. You know they’re built to protect. He was protecting your feelings first, he wasn’t trying to be secretive.”
“And how do you know this?”
“Because I…I just know dammit!”
“Ok miss counselor…don‘t bite my head off.”
“Well you‘re making me wanna whip your ass. I would love to have a man that will stick by me no matter what, because his ass has definitely done that with you and you ain‘t even his wifey yet.” Aleen was right. I have to say as soon as we started boarding the ship and I started walking to my cabin, I realized I made a big mistake. I wasn’t getting away at all coming here. Everything was reminding me of when Trey was here with me.

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On: Aug 19, 2011


I was so glad the investigation was over. El will be charged for Breaking and Entering, violating his retraining order and since he‘s been a repeated offender I hope they throw the book at him. It’s unbelievable but I have no remorse for shooting him. I mean I shot someone and it kinda scares me that I don’t feel bad for doing it. I guess it’s because it’s him. He’s lucky I didn’t go for his heart. Then again that would’ve been a wasted bullet seeing as though he doesn’t have one. I didn’t get any charges filed against me and neither did Trey. It was found to be purely self-defense. During this time, Trey did as I asked and gave me my space. I knew we needed to talk and I would have a lot of explaining to do once we did. I just needed to get my head together. I was missing him like crazy. It was so many times that I wanted to call him, but I didn’t. I did get to talk to Ty before she left. We didn’t get to hang out but she told me she whipped Nikki’s ass for me. I couldn’t believe it. Part of me wished I could’ve seen it but after the way Aleen beat Crystal’s ass I don’t think I need to watch any fights. Ty also let me know that Nikki was never pregnant. It was all a lie. I was so relieved and happy. I asked her how was Trey doing. She said he’s about the same as me. She told me the only reason why he hasn’t called was for one, he wanted to respect my wishes and two he was advised to let things die down between us, since it was plastered everywhere that I had shot someone. I hate the tabloids and certain blogs. They’re really painting me like I’m this crazy person. Sometimes I wish I was, because then I wouldn’t care about what I did and who it affected. I have started counseling. I’ve only had one session so far but it has been helpful. I let my counselor know that I won’t be seeing her for a little bit, because I needed to get away. She actually thought it was a good idea.

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On: Aug 19, 2011


I was standing there the whole time just waiting and listening.
“You know what Trey…it’s late and I’m tired. I gotta go.”
“Are you comin home tonight?”
“No. I really need some time alone.” I hobbled on my crutches and went to my car. He walked with me.
“You sure you gone be ok?”
“I’ll be fine Trey.”
“Shanell we need to talk baby.” I opened the car door and sat in my car. Trey hands me my crutches.
“We will, but not right now ok Trey. Can you allow me some space for now…please?”
“Why da fuck you keep doin this?” I shut the car door, started it and rolled down the window.
“I’m not gonna argue with you Trey.”
“I’m tryna talk to you…I don’t wanna argue. All diss shit needs to be discussed.”
“Well I’m not ready to talk right now because I’m too afraid of what I might say.”
“Ight…it’s cool…have it your way….I’ll talk to you later.” Then he left.


Trey called Nikki to see if she would answer her phone. It was pretty late but he was curious to know if she was ok since she was fighting and suppose to be pregnant. He didn’t get an answer. He told Buggzi he wanted to go over to the hospital. Buggzi thought it was to see El. Trey explained to him that he needed to see if Nikki was there and why. They road over. Trey walked up to the information desk to see if Nikki had been brought in, they said she was. They gave him the room number and told him which way to go. Once he got up to the nurses station he asked how to be directed to her room. He was asked what relation he was to the patient. He told them she was a relative.
“Oh ok. I’m her nurse. I just came out from checking on her.”
“How is she?”
“She was banged up pretty bad but she’ll recover.”
“How bout the baby?”
“Baby? What baby?”
“She was carryin a baby right?” grabs chart
“No. It doesn’t say anything about a pregnancy in here.”
“scans chart No nothing.”
“Ok thanks.” Trey left.

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On: Aug 18, 2011


“Ya bitch ass don’t deserve to live. Talk shit now mofuker I dare you. I told you, you wasn’t shit without that gun in ya hand didn’t I?” Trey was pressing it further in his mouth. He was gagging. “You spit up on me I’ll really shoot ya ass…you ever come anywhere near my girl you’ll be a dead man walkin…understand bitch ass.” Trey removed the gun so he could respond. He started coughing first but he finally coughed up a yes. Trey pistol whipped him which knocked him out and once he stood up he stomped him in his gunshot wound. The cops came in with their guns aimed and telling everyone to freeze. They told Trey to put the gun down slowly. He laid it right on the island. They started to frisk him. I explained to them that he took the gun away from me and that I had shot El. They continured to ask questions to get to the bottom of everything. Finally they wanted all of us to come down to the police station. An ambulance took El to the hospital and we all went to the station like we were asked. Everyone separately went in for questioning and gave formal statements. The police said if they had any further questions they’d be in touch. Trey was waiting for me as I came out of the room. I looked at him in silence.
“Are you sure you gonna be ok?”
“Yeah.” Then Trey’s cell phone rang.
“What’s up?” It was Ty.
“Where the hell are you guys?”
“It’s a long story…where you at?”
“I’m back at my hotel room. Did you ever find Shanell?”
“Yeah. I’m wit her right now.”
“Oh good. I whipped ya ex ass tonight…gave her a ass whippen to remember. Had dat bitch laid out on the grass.”
“You bullshittin me right?”
“No! I told you I was gonna get her.”
“Damn!” Trey was thinking about the baby but Ty didn’t know she was pregnant.
“What’s wrong now? I thought you’d be thanking me.”
“Nah it’s not dat…was she able to get up and go in her house?”
“Fuck no! I told you I beat her ass. She probably in the hospital.”
“Ight…look lemme call you back.”

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On: Aug 18, 2011


“Don’t move another inch and I said don’t call me that.”
“Sweetness…come on now…you better than this…don‘t do this...”
“I said don’t call me sweetness! Do you know how the sight of you disgust me…still aiming gun…I hate you! And don‘t pretend to think that you know me because you don‘t.”
“You have every right to feel that way…”
“Don’t patronize me! How does it feel to have a gun pointed at you El? It doesn’t feel too good now does it?”
“You right. I deserve this but just gimme…he takes another step closer “POW!!”
“AHHH SHIIITTTT!!!!” I shot him in the leg. He was on the floor holding it. I picked up my cell phone and called the police. I told them that I had a breakin and someone was shot.
I was told the police along with an ambulance would be here any minute. He was just moaning and moving around in pain.
“Thanks for putting your fingerprints on the screw driver that you used to break in my house. Oh yes officer part of it is broken off in the lock on the door. He also has a restraining order against him and shouldn’t even be near me.”
“AHHH…Why you…why you do this…” The next thing I know Trey and Buggzi comes barging through the door that wasn’t fully shut. He see’s El on the floor bleeding and his gun in my hand. His eyes were glued to me.
“Shanell baby gimme the gun?”
“Don’t take this gun away from me Trey. I don‘t want you to touch it.”
“Why? My fingeprints are already on it. Gimme the gun baby.” Trey takes the gun out of my hand.
touches my chin “You ok? He didn’t touch you anywhere did he?”
“No I’m fine.” Then he walks over by El and bends down with the gun pointing it at him.
Trey nigga whatchu doin? He already shot…come on man.” Trey ignored Buggzi’s words. El just laid there in pain afraid.
“Mofucker I should shoot ya ass right now.” He takes the barrel of the gun and puts it on his mouth.
“Open it up!” El was refusing until Trey cocked it.
“Trey man whatchu doin? Gimme the gun man…this nigga ain’t worth it.”
“Baby please give Buggzi the gun.”

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On: Aug 18, 2011
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