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I really had no idea if El was gonna show up here or not but I was prepared for him. It was almost 10:00 pm. I was about to go get some sleep when I get a knock on the door. I look out the peek hole and it was him. I played it cool and talked to him through the door at first to make it look unexpected.
“El what are you doing here?”
“Shanell please just let me talk to you…please.”
“I just want you to leave me alone.”
“I promise you will never have to see me again. It’s just a few things that I really need to say to you. I promise afterwards to leave you alone.” I opened up the door. He noticed I had a screw driver on the floor when he came in and picked it up. I told him he could put it anywhere. Then I told him to stand back over by the door. He was just looking at me.
“What happened to you?”
“The clock is ticking El.”
“God you’re so beautiful. You know that?”
“What do you want to talk about El?”
“Sweetness I’m sorry. I know you don’t want to hear it but I am. Shanell I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching man and thinking about all the things that I put you through. A lot of it was due to drugs and just the way I was living. I did a lot of things that I regret. Sweetness when I did those things to you it wasn’t me. It was the drugs but I swear to you that I never meant to hurt you…I love you mo…“ I cut him off.
“Don’t…I can’t hear you say that to me. How dare you tell me you love me…and don’t call me sweetness…just don’t! You’ve made my life hell. Do you see what you’ve done to me? I have to live with this every single day of my life. I have had nightmares about that day...I still do. So for you to come here and tell me that you’re sorry, you will never be as sorry as I am that I’ve ever met you. Sorry doesn‘t take this scar off my face. Sorry doesn‘t change the hell that I‘ve been through along with Trey. What is sorry is ya ass standing in front of me.”
“Sweetness don’t say that.” He starts moving toward me. I pull out a gun.

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She watched Trey as he grabbed her arm trying to desperately get any information from Nikki if she had it. Ty decided to get out of the car. She walks over to Trey as he was on his way back to his car. Nikki just stayed on her step.
“No luck?”
“No. She said she hasn’t seen her.”
“Didn’t you say she had a house that’s up for rent? You think she would go there?” Trey kissed Ty, he was so happy to have another spot to try that he didn’t think of. He jumped in the truck and assumed Ty was right behind him. She wasn’t. She went to handle some business with Nikki. Nikki was wondering why she was still there.
“Long time no see Nikki.”
“What do you want Ty?”
“If you come down off your step I’ll tell you.” Nikki walks off her porch, fold her arms and stands in front of Ty. Big mistake. Ty cracked her right in her face then upper cut her on the chin. Nikki was stumbling because she didn’t expect to get hit. Ty made her teeth bite her tongue and her mouth instantly started bleeding. She kneed her in the stomach real good knocking the wind out of her. It made her bawl over and fall on the ground and then she gave her a left and a right hand punch in her face again breaking her nose. Once she saw that she figured she punished her enough.
“Fuck wit my best friend again ya stupid bitch!” She gave her one last kick and then Ty jumped in the car and left. Nikki was just laying on the grass squirming around holding her stomach finally able to scream from the pain. It was dark outside so hardly no one was out at the time. As Ty was pulling off she looked in her rear view mirror and did see someone in a panic trying to help her.
sighs “I still should’ve choked dat bitch!”

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On: Aug 17, 2011


“Man she was in her car and we were following her since she wanted to drive…
“Hold up, hold up! You let her drive?”
“I didn’t have a choice.”
“Ight so how she get away from you?”
“We stopped at a hardware store like she wanted and when it was time to go she turned another way on the street and dipped on us. I’m calling you from a pay phone because she took our memory cards out our phones…”
“What the fuck she do that for?”
“Ya guess is as good as mine. We bout to try to find her now. I just wanted to let you know in case you caught up to her before we did.”
“Damn! And you said you callin from a pay phone?”
“Yeah man me and Evan can’t use our phones.”
“Ight try to stay in touch and keep me posted.”
“Will do.”

Trey hung up with Marcus and walked over to Buggzi. He was talking to Ty since they all were suppose to have dinner together, little did Trey know Buggzi had some news for him too.

“Trey man listen…”
“Hold up…we gotta find Shanell.”
“I know. I just got word that El is in town.”
“Dat mofucker here?”
“I’m afraid so.”
“Ight…Shanell just got away from Evan and Marcus…look I don’t know what’s goin on but we need to find her.” Trey immediately left to go to the car. Ty followed behind him and Bugzzi in her rental. Trey went to the condo first to get his gun. Buggzi had already new what he was looking for. Ty was clueless.
“Fuck! It’s gone!”
“Nigga how’s it gone? You sure that’s where you hid it?”
“Well you and Shanell the only two that be up in here.” They both look at each other. Ty still didn’t know what was going on.
“Trey what are you looking for?”
“We definitely gotta find her.”
“Trey do you think El has Shanell?”
“Ty I on’t know what to think. I just know I need to find her and if he’s anywhere near her dat mofucker must don’t value his life too much.” They head out the condo. Trey decided to go by Nikki’s first to see if she might’ve saw her. Ty didn’t know who’s house they were at until she saw Nikki come out of it.

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On: Aug 17, 2011


I asked each one of them at different times if I could see their phones…you know very casually so it didn’t spark suspicion. I struck up conversation on phones first like I was inquiring about getting a new one and wanted to know what they thought about the phones they had. I managed to take there memory cards out of them when I distracted there attention else where. Once that was done I told them they could go to the car since I was ready to pay for the items that I had gotten. I was parked on the side of the store on a small street and they were parked in front of it maybe three cars away from the entrance. I got in the car and I’m sure they were expecting me to make a right hand turn so they could follow me but I didn’t. I turned left and dipped. The street they were on was a one way so they couldn’t catch me. I needed them out of the way.

I decided to go to my house that I was having rented out. It was back up for rent now so I decided to stay there. It was furniture in it but only for staging. It felt strange being in this house. I don’t even really know if I’ll make it through the night here. I knew if El decided to come and see me this is the address that he has and I wanted to be here and prepared. I had so much bottled up in me that I had to get off my chest for his ears only. I made sure to park my car away from the house just in case anyone thought to come here looking for me. I knew they would be but I needed to be alone for as long as I could. Even if El was a no show. I needed time to get my mind right and fully take in this whole Nikki situation. I put the things that I brought from the hardware store in place. Now I just needed the mouse to come and take the bait.



Trey had just finished up a radio interview when his cell phone rang.
“Yo who diss?”
“Trey it’s Marcus.”
“Oh my bad I didn’t recognize the number…what‘s up?”
“We seem to have lost Shanell.”
“What?” Trey was confused. “You lost her?”

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On: Aug 17, 2011


It’s Saturday morning and I had a lot to do today. I had Evan and Marcus drop me off at a hotel last night. Trey called and wanted to know where I was staying. I wouldn’t tell him and when I didn’t he called Marcus. I see what I have to do now when I need to have some privacy and right now privacy is a top priority. Evan and Marcus told me to call them if I decide to go anywhere. I will definitely do that this time. Trey was really upset with them about leaving me before, but he promised me he wouldn’t say anything to them and he never did. I can’t believe the things we’re going through right now. The thought of him having sex with Nikki and her possibly being pregnant has me mad as hell right now. I know it wasn’t his fault if she drugged him but that still doesn’t change the fact that he hid this from me. It also doesn’t change the fact that a baby could be in his life and by her. I am crushed by this, but surprisingly I haven’t cried. I don’t know is was wrong with me but I can’t cry. I felt that maybe it would help if I did, but I couldn’t. I was too angry, hurt, disgusted, you name it I felt it. Every bitter emotion you could think of I was feeling. I was going to draw on it and just let it give me strength to do what I needed to do.

I called Evan and told him that I wanted to drive myself around today. He thought I was crazy. He really didn’t feel comfortable with the idea but I forced him to take me to the condo so I could get my car. I told him I really needed to feel like I had control of something and they would just have to follow me around. Once I had my car I pulled up to a hardware store to pick up a few things. I made sure I parked in a spot where Evan and Marcus couldn’t park behind me. I had to give them the slip but first I needed to get a hold of there phones. I asked them both to come in the store with me. They were wondering what I needed to get in a hardware store anyway. I just pretended that I had some questions about certain tools.

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On: Aug 17, 2011
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