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“I am Trey. Why do you think I was so happy to see you. I was planning on visiting you to tell you the good news, but to see you here was perfect.” Trey had a feeling Nikki was gonna pull a stunt like this. It would be just like her to try to trap him with a baby. He needed some hard proof pronto because she was now talking about affecting the rest of his life.
“Prove it! Right now! Show me some fuckin documentation wit ya name on it from a doctor saying you pregnant.”
“I don’t have anything right now. I only took a pregnancy test.”
“Ok they should give you paperwork for that…where it’s at?”
“I did a home pregnancy test. I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment until next month.”
“You’s a fuckin liar man. Even if you are pregnant that don’t mean it’s mine.”
“It is yours. I’ve only been with you Tremaine.” Trey was filled with so much disgust for her he wanted her out of his car and out of his life.
“Nikki I got blind eyes when it comes to you. I don’t even know you anymore. Pregnant or not I still don‘t give a fuck about you and I never will. Technology can work wonders baby nowadays. Be prepared to take a DNA test. For ya sake you better hope the baby’s not mine. If the test comes back that it is mine…it will be mine. You will never see it. All diss shit you done pulled…you ain’t fit to be nobodies mumma. That baby will live wit me and Shanell so you better enjoy your nine months because that’s the only time you gone get wit it…You better stay ya ass away from Shanell and keep ya fuckin mouth shut! Get the fuck out my car!”

Nikki just stared at Trey in silence. Her eyes started to well up with tears. She knew she had pushed the last button with Trey and there was no turning back now. The way he looked at her was with pure hate and she could feel it too by his words. She slowly turned her hand to open the door and got out of the car. Trey held his head back with his eyes shut and his hand partially covering his face.

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On: Aug 15, 2011


Trey and Nikki was alone in the car. Trey was trying so hard to stay calm while he talked to her because if he didn’t, he wasn’t sure what he would end up doing.
“Yo what’s up wit you living so close to my girl man?”
“Who Shanell? I didn’t know she lived around here.”
“I didn’t. Trey you know I’ve been out here since college.”
“Nikki you didn’t live in this area don‘t gimme dat.”
“Is there a law that says I can’t live by Shanell?”
“But why here doe. As big as Los Angeles is and you pick the area she’s in. You got some shit witchu girl!”
“So is that the only reason why you’re here to tell me I can’t live by ya girl.” Trey got in Nikki’s face and grabbed her arm.
“Nikki why da fuck you playin games…how you gone gimme some shit and fuck around wit me in the room like dat?” Nikki snatched her arm away and inched back some. She was suddenly looking at a mad man. She squinted her eyes in confusion and frowned up her face.
“Trey I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
shaking his head “Why da fuck you lying?”
“What I gotta lie for? We had dinner and you wanted to fuck so we did?”
“I ain’t never wanna fuck you!”
“You did. We were eating our food and you were being all flirty with me and telling me how good I looked and how you wanted to fuck me.”
“Dat’s some bullshit and you know it.”
“You don’t remember smelling my hair and telling me how you loved my scent…you don’t remember when we were in the room and you said you got something for me?” Trey started to get confused because he did remember some of that but it still was a little fuzzy.
“You full a shit! You put something in my drink. I got proof you did dat shit too. Ya ass gone pay for dat.” He had Nikki curious now. She was wondering did he really have any proof and could it incriminate her?
“Trey I’m pregnant.”
“Nikki why you doin this? What happened to you to make you become this conniving? You actually think I’m gonna believe you pregnant?”

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On: Aug 15, 2011



It took a whole month before he could get away to see Nikki. He was in the car talking to Buggzi as they were traveling to her house.

“Can you believe this girl?”
“Dat bitch crazy. How long she been living by Shanell?”
“Man I on’t even know. I hope I don’t kill her crazy ass.”
“Nigga why you got that gun on you anyway…El ain’t in LA.”
“Just prepaired nigga dat’s all. It ain’t like it’s in my pocket.”
“Where you put it?”
“It’s under the seat. I gotta safe place to store it at the condo.”
“Man I don’t like the idea of you havin a gun period.”
“Nigga let some punk ass bitch cut ya girl in front of you and see how much shit you be talkin bout not having a gun!”
“Trey I’m not sayin what he did was right. I want dat nigga myself. You got too much shit to think about to get caught up in this type of bullshit.”
“I ain’t gettin caught up in shit! Nigga I know what I’m doin. He better enjoy his time he has left cause when I catch up to him…it’s over.”
“Nigga you must think I’m crazy if you think I’m gonna let you go to jail for this mofucker.”
“Lonzo…believe me baby…I got diss.”
“Not wit the shit you talkin right now you don’t.” Trey changed the subject.
“This girl better be here.”
“Yeah I think it was a good idea not to call first.”
“Nah…I know Nikki. If I would’ve called her…especially after what she did she either wouldn’t answer or not be here since she knew I was coming. Believe me she don’t wanna see me.” They pull up to her house and Nikki is actually sitting on her step. When she saw the truck pull up her expression completely changed. Trey got out.
“OMG! Trey what are you doing here baby?” She ran over and hugged him. He didn’t even touch her except to get her arms from around his neck.
“We need to talk!” Trey immediately was feeling some type of way. He was actually starting to have feelings of hate toward her. The site of her turned his stomach sour.
“Sure we can go in the house.”
“Nah…come get in the car.”

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On: Aug 15, 2011

I say just wait. Maybe it'll be there tomorrow. If not by the end of the day then I would try to contact someone. Who? Maybe some of our Angel sisters have some suggestions but hopefully you won't have anything to worry about. Try to calm down and stay positive.

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On: Aug 14, 2011

Excuse all the mistakes throughout this story. I noticed a lot in this section. I know you guys know what I meant to write but it's still irritating to see and you can't go back and fix it. I'm sure they'll be many more so here's my

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On: Aug 14, 2011
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