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They hollered for me to get in the car. I was in shock looking at Chrystal down there on the ground with her face all swollen, her eyes were black, her lips was busted and she was bleeding excessively. It looked like she lost a few teeth too. Marcus ended up dragging me in the car taking us out of there. Aleen was fuming.
“OOO…I beat that bitch ass! I bet she won’t run her damn mouth no more.”

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On: Aug 14, 2011


“Crystal look I don’t really feel like going into all of that with you….matter of fact don’t say shit to me how bout that!”
“What I do to you?” I ignored her ass and put my ear phones in. Suddenly I had an idea. I wanted to see how quickly she would run her mouth to El. I picked up my cell phone and pretended to be talking on it.
“Yeah Trey will out of town so this weekend I’ll be home by my lonesome…I’m going home tomorrow....well I can’t get around how I’d like, but I won’t be going anywhere for awhile so…ok…thanks for checking up on me…talk to you later…bye.” I looked at her once I hung up. Her newsy ass was taking it all in. Let his punk ass come to my house again. I’ma make sure I’m ready for him this time. I was finish with my pedi and about to get my nails done. Crystal was finishing up too. My cousin Aleen walked in as Crystal was going to the register. She saw me staring at her as she walked over to me.
“Why you looking at that girl like that?” At the time Crystal was on her cell phone. I was wondering if she was talking to El.
“That’s Crystal.” I don’t know why I told my cousin that because she was on her ass.
“I might be back.” Crystal walked out of the shop.
“Aleen wait!” She was out the door behind her. I told the nail tech to give me a minute but she told me she had other customers. I needed to go and catch my cousin. I ended up paying for my pedi and told her I’d just have to come back. While I’m doing this I see people looking out the window in the nail salon as it was indeed a fight going on. On crutches on all I made my way out there. All I saw was Aleen’s body over Crystals throwing punch after punch after punch in her face. Evan and Marcus must’ve left to go somewhere real quick because I saw them pulling into the parking lot as I was getting to Aleen. They jumped out of the car and pulled Aleen off of Chrystal seeing as though none of the spectators did a thing.

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On: Aug 14, 2011


(S) “You got dat. But you don’t always have to get physical to fight back. I have intelligence. Her day will come…all these bitches gonna wish they never fucked with Shanell.
(A) “I know that’s right cousin. Get her info…my feet ready to do some stomping and my fist ready to do some punching. I knew it was a reason why I went hard this month at the gym.”
(S) “I’ll get it. I’m going to call Paige in a minute.”
(A) “Oh yeah. I go on vacation soon so since you’re off work why don’t I come and stay with you for a bit…maybe help you out.”
(S) “Aw Aleen you would do that for me even on your vacation time?”
(A) “It ain’t like I’ll be sitting at home. I’ll be in LA. so it will be a vacation. You can show me around to all the hot spots.”
(S) “Ok. I can show you a few places. Don‘t plan on me staying at any of them. Out in the club on crutches is not a good look.”
(A) “Hey who said it has to be a club. It could be anywhere. I know you and Trey have been to a lot of places.”
(S) “Yes and no. Most of the time it’s was work for him. He knows I don’t do the club much not unless he wants me too. Our lives our complicated enough. I don’t need to be out and encounter anymore unnecessary drama.”
(A) “Well you might want to leave the scene when I see this Crystal chick cause I’ma fuck her ass up!” Aleen had me laughing but I knew she was serious as hell. She’s never been the type to deal with any kind of bullshit just like me, but I’ll just walk away…she won’t.

The next day I decided to go get a mani and a pedi since I like to stay on top of those things. Obviously they only could polish my toes with the cast on it but at least they’d still look pretty. My cousin Aleen was suppose to be meeting me there so I was also waiting for her. Marcus and Evan was out in the car. I was called back by the tech to get started and as my luck would have it Crystal was back there.
“OMG! Shanell What happened to you?”
“I broke my leg Crystal.”
“Dang girl! How’d it happen?”

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On: Aug 14, 2011


Then my dad calls my antie Sharon in the kitchen and my cousin Aleen comes in the living room to finally talk to me. Me and her are around the same age. She had been conversating with my dad.
(A) “Why you got ya face all turned up like that? What you thinking about?”
(S) “I was just thinking about something Auntie Sharon said. She gave my address and number to Paige. She also said she had a girlfriend or best friend with her. I’m thinking it was Crystal.”
(A) “Ok sooo…I mean what about all of this is making you look like that?”
(S) “I’ve always wondered how El knew where I lived. Crystal took a photo one time of me and El that was completely innocent and somehow Trey ended up seeing it. She also gave Trey her number before…I wouldn’t put it past her if she gave him my info.”
(A) “If she’s done all of that…she probably did. I don’t put nothing past hoe’s like that.”
(S) “Yeah the more I got to know her I knew she wasn’t bout nothing good. She’s part of the reason I have to look at this scar everyday if it was her.” Then I suddenly put my hand over my mouth.
(A) “Shanell what’s wrong?”
(S) “Oh my gosh Aleen! When I was in the supermarket the day of the accident I ran into her. I was talking to her for a brief moment but then she suddenly had to go. Who shows up when I get to my car…El. I had just gotten into town that day so no one knew that I was here. She must of told him.”
(A) “Where’s this bitch! She causing a whole lot of shit! Ahn Ahn cousin…where she live?”
(S) “I don’t know. I’ve never been to her house. I’ve only seen her out.”
(A) “Call Paige and get her shit just like she took your information. Do it! I’m fo’real. She needs her ass whipped!”
(S) “You’re right she does. I’m so tired of people doing dirt to me and I just let it ride. Not anymore.”
(A) “Well you might as well let me have the honor of beatin her ass because you won’t be able to do anything for at least two months.”

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On: Aug 14, 2011


I couldn’t believe how much they’ve grown. I was in the living room with my leg up on the couch when my Auntie came over to chat.
“How’s my favorite niece doing aside from having a cast on?”
“I’m ok. I’m so happy you guys came to see me and those two are really growing up on me auntie.”
“I know. I’m glad I don’t need a baby sitter anymore, not that I didn‘t love having you around because you were a life saver.”
(Raven) “I miss you being with us too cousin Shanell. How’s Trey? I miss him too. I see him all the time in videos. He got rid of his braids.”
(S) “Yeah I know. He’s fine. He’s about to go on tour with Jay-Z.”
(Ricky) “Oh word! I want to go to one of those shows.”
(S) “Well if it’s ok with your mom once I know the cities they’ll be in I’ll have Trey save a seat just for you.”
(Raven) “I wanna go too.”
(Ricky) “Why you gotta do everything I wanna do?”
(A Sharon) “She can go to a show boy!”
(Ricky) “Always copying.”
(S) “Ricky don’t be like that. That’s your sister. If she’s always copying you it’s because she looks up to you.”
(Raven) “I don’t always copy him! He just thinks of things that I wanna do before I get to say it.” We all start laughing.
(S) “Wow I miss you guys.”
(A Sharon) “Take them with you for a summer.”
(Raven) “Ooo yeah cousin let me come stay with you.”
(Ricky) “Yeah let her come and stay.”
(S) “You wouldn’t wanna come too?”
(Ricky) “Not if she’s going to be there.” Raven gives Ricky the hand and rolls her eyes at him.
(A Sharon) “Oh yeah Shanell I ran into one of your girlfriends a while ago…Paige.”
(S) “Oh yeah? How she doing?”
(A Sharon) “I didn’t get to really talk to her, she had some chick with her but she did ask me for your number and address so I gave it to her. I didn’t think you would mind her having it.”
(S) “No I wouldn’t mind Paige having it. You said it was some chick with her?”
(A Sharon) Yes she said it was her best friend or somebody along those lines.”

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On: Aug 14, 2011
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