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“I can tell. You sho you ok…do I need to slip you somethin to relax…then he takes his phone out his pocket…What‘s Omarion’s number…he might need to visit?”
“Shut up Trey.”
“I’m just sayin you sound a bit high strung right now…like you needa lil something he might needa handle.”
pushes Trey and laughs at him “Come on…feed me…that’s what I need something to eat.”


I’ve had so many family members and friends come to my parents house and show me some love. It was a lot of their first time seeing the scar that El put on me too up close. I had been here now a few weeks. My dad has been taking very good care of me. Trey has come to see me every chance he’s had. He even came with his best friend Ty. Me and her are going to hang out real soon. I told her I’d be going home this week…she didn’t know when she was going back yet she said she had to take care of something. She decided to extend her stay but we‘re definitely going to have a girls night out before she leaves. I was happy she was here. Ty and Trey have known each other for a long time. I’ve always liked her. He rarely gets to see her since she doesn’t live in the states anymore so I’m glad she’s here for him right now. Trey could use her to talk too. I know I’ve been stressing him out lately with everything that’s been happening to me. I can see it when I look at him. He thinks he’s hiding it from me, but I know this whole El situation is taking a toll on him. He will never let me know it though, but at least he can tell her how he really feels without having to worry about protecting anyone’s feelings.

My dad had the kitchen smelling so good today. He was making dinner like it was a holiday. I was wondering how come he was cooking like this today. Little did I know I had more surprises to come. My Auntie Sharon came out with Raven and Ricky and also my cousin Aleen came to see me too. I was so happy to see them. Raven and Ricky were getting so big. They were almost teenagers.

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On: Aug 13, 2011


If you love her like I know you do…you already know what you need to do.”
“I missed talkin to you girl. Won’t you consider coming back to the states?”
“Don’t think so. I love it in Europe. I miss it already but my best friend needed me and I couldn’t let him down.”
“How long you gone be here?”
“I don’t know now. I gotta catch up with miss Nikki first then I’ll probably leave after that because I’ma kick her ass so bad they probably will be looking for me.”
“You talkin bullshit.”
“Ok…you keep thinking I’m playing. When you read about her in the paper you’ll know why.” Trey just laughs. He still had El on his mind and the fact that he‘s partially responsible for Shanell being in the hospital this time too. He had a score to settle. No one was going to change him mind about that.
“Is Shanell coming to the show tonight?”
“Nah she was just in a car accident.”
“Was she Trey?”
“Yeah…she gone be ok. She broke her leg doe.”
“Aw…I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah she definitely needs me then because she ain’t gonna be able to get Nikki once she finds out.” Trey just looked at Ty shaking his head.
“So you still wit that dude Omarion?”
“Yes! That’s my baby he ain’t goin nowhere boy.”
“Is he here?”
“No he couldn’t come with me this time…sorry you have no one to crack jokes on.”
“Nah he cool…a little too tamed for you I think, but he cool.”
“Oh so what you think I’m suppose to be wit a ruff neck like you?”
“Man chill, them days are over.”
“Tell that to someone who will believe it. I never pictured you with someone like Shanell either, but I see a difference in you when it comes to her. You have really stuck by her and with her only.”
“I really love her Ty.”
“I actually can see that. I know one thing, I’m glad ya taste improved because Nikki…I always felt like she had issues. She was just too damn clingy. Now look what’s happening. It’s umpteen years later and we still talking bout this bitch…Ok let me stop because just talking about her makes me really wanna choke the bitch.”

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On: Aug 13, 2011


“Ok Trey so you telling me that the bitch drugged and raped you.”
“Yeah…I don’t even remember what really happened.” Ty sat back down.
“I hate that bitch! So is Shanell mad with you now?”
“I haven’t told her.”
“Why not Trey?”
“Fuck you mean why not! Let ya man tell you some shit like this…what would you do?”
“I mean it wasn’t your fault though.”
“You think she gonna be worrying about who’s fault it was. The only thing that’s gonna stand out in her mind is me sleepin wit Nikki.”
“Ooo Lord Jesus help me because if I see that girl I’ma beat her ass…Trey you have to tell Shanell.”
“I on’t know Ty…why does she have to know anyway? It ain’t gone ever happen again.”
“Because she deserves to know. Did Nikki use protection?”
“I on’t know. I barely remember it.”
“Trey what if she didn’t and she gets pregnant by you or her trifling ass God forbid done gave you something. You can’t risk Shanell finding out and it be compiled with a baby.”
“I know dat. I need to see Nikki.”
“You ain’t choked that bitch yet?”
“You don’t know how bad I want too.”
“I’m going with you when you see her. I’ma whip her ass! I’m telling you now so you’ve been warned.”
“I ain’t got nothing to do wit whatever you do when you see Nikki.”
“Good! Even if you had a problem with it, it wouldn’t matter. She could’ve done some serious damage to you by drugging you like that. Did you go to the infirmary to get checked out to see what it was that she gave you and if you were gonna suffer any side effects?”
“Nah…Shanell’s mom was the nurse on the ship.”
“Oh damn.”
“I‘ve been checked since then doe. They couldn‘t trace the drug because I didn‘t get seen right away. Er‘thing else was cool.” Then Ty hugs Trey.
“That’s a relief…Aw boo boo…it’s gone be alright…you have to be honest and tell Shanell though. Take it from me. I know with everything you guys have been through this is the last thing she needs to hear, but lying about it is only gonna make it worst for you.

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On: Aug 13, 2011


“CiCi when she suppose to be coming?”
“She’ll be here. I just spoke to her.”
“What she say?”
“I told her to call me when she was in the lobby and you’d come get her.”

2 hours later

“Hey Girlfriend!”
“Hey!” hugs
“Where my boy at?”
“He’s in the room. He just got up too.”
“I’ma surprise his ass right when he walk out here.”
“Me and Buggzi will be downstairs. Please talk to him. He’s hasn’t been himself lately at all. The boy got a lot goin on.”
“Ok.” CiCi and Buggzi leave out. Then Trey walks out of the bedroom.
“Tha fuck!” He was surprised alright.
“Is that anyway to greet your best friend?”
“Girl you surprised the shit outta me…come here!” gives hug and kiss. “Whatchu doing here?”
“I figured you needed me.”
“Yeah right…one of dem called you didn’t they.”
“Well they’re concerned.”
“Man I’m ight.”
“It’s Ty you talkin to Trey…look at you…you don’t look alright. I can tell and I’m not even around you all the time like they are. Fo’real what’s goin on?” Ty walks over to the couch and Trey joins her.
“I just been having a lot to deal wit lately…a lot on my mind.”
“Ok…tell me.”
“Don’t get mad at me when I tell you diss. It wasn’t my fault, but I could use your opinion on it.”
“What? Don’t tell me you cheated on Shanell.”
“You ain’t givin me a chance to tell you shit!”
laughs “Ok…sorry…tell me.”
sighs…Ight…I don’t know if you heard about a contest that I was havin for someone to have dinner with me…”
“Yeah that was apart of the promotion with the cruise…”
“Nikki was the grand prize winner.”
“I can’t stand that bitch! She still around?”
“Yeah she still around.
“You actually had to have dinner with her…ewww?”
“Her crazy ass gonna put some shit in my drink…”
“Hold on…I know it’s fucked up…but this the part dats real fucked up…whatever it was she put in my drink had me hallucinating in shit which gave her the chance to get me in a room and you know the rest.” Ty got up off the couch.
“NO THAT BITCH DIDN’T!!!!” paces the floor

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On: Aug 13, 2011
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