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Hell yeah i would marry him i would be out there head first saying "yes yes trey i will i will i will" and then be like oh babe who yo' mama and 'em is? lol! I don't need to know him i"ll find out if presented with da chance.............

On: Jul 04, 2010

Well look here idk him personally but i'll put it this way even back in da day when he had his braids going on and let's say he was not known just a regular dude from da hood i still woulda been looking at him like `let me bag` hmmm....So anyways idk bout marriage but i would most def give him some play either way the cut goes with money r fame r even if he was broke busted and disgusted and dat there is da truth

On: Jul 04, 2010
On: Jul 04, 2010
Replied To: Trey's Angels Pre-Sale (Blog)
On: Jul 04, 2010
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A cool 27 yr old female from New Orleans born and raised who is by far one if not the biggest Trey Songz fan. I been rocking with ya' boy since he was still rocking da braids......(lol!)........yuuuup!
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