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I hope so but I just got the tickets today and literally in the front row lol so I'm excited

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On: Oct 13, 2012

thanks a mill and i do hope it is worth it well i do know it will be lol but thank you for taking the time to write me and let me know wats up love ya for that

On: Aug 28, 2012

and we will boo thanks for feeling me thou hun........and bigs up to you for being #4 cuz 830am my black ass was still on duty i went to work friday had to pull 24hr duty left 0900 and drove to the A and was up all damn day but i guess i can sleep wen im at work again this week lol but u better than me boo but i love it ;-)

On: Aug 28, 2012

thanks booski well i hope that for the both of us ya know and as far as walmart go i aint bout that life and i was bout to have a "NIGGA MOMENT" bout i had to think about all the babies that was up in there ya know lmao. but i know that dude loves his fans and yea we love his ass to i was just feeling myself at that moment but im glad all you guys linked me you guys made my day more than you know it. love y'all and i dont even know y'all..... now thats priceless

On: Aug 28, 2012

lol duh right thats me have a blonde moment they happen from time to time ;-)

On: Aug 28, 2012
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