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wELL TREY I am your bigest fan!!! Im obsessed with u so much! My B-Day is coming up in FEBUARY & i am coming 2 one of your concerts! (1st time & im so excited) Make it worth my while ;)
iVE GOT all ure cd and i just want to say keep up the good work & forget about all dem people sayin u sing about sex 2 much... bby thats ure thang and u do well @ it.

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On: Nov 21, 2010

im w/ MOTHANMEETDAI i dont think little girl should be at the concert either but i dont think that there should be a age limit on it though!!!!!! # my opinion

On: Aug 28, 2010

Always cant stop like his song Im addicted to songz....I CANT GO A DAY W/ OUT LISTENING 2 HIM!!! My day just wouldnt be exciting w/ out trey in it!!!

On: Aug 28, 2010
On: Aug 27, 2010
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