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We will all have a chance to be followed one day but I also see he follows random people who say things like, "All I want is for @TreySongz to follow me"

Replied To: What Happened To Follow Fridays??? (Forum topic)
On: Mar 06, 2012

Im going to the NC show

On: Feb 25, 2012

I live in Fayetteville also...Im always looking for new angels to connect with @QueenBeeAngel

Replied To: Any NC Angels out there??? (Forum topic)
On: Jan 09, 2012

Even though I havent met any of my Angel Sisters or Trey Songz yet, I still enjoy interacting with everyone through Twitter and We are more than a fanclub we are a movement. I appreciated the love and dedication we all put into Treys Angels. We all share one mind, one heart, and one love which is Trey Songz.

Twitter Name: @QueenBeeAngel
Angel Nickname: #ATypicalAngel
Real Name: Chalorie

Replied To: @COLLEGE_ANGELS PRESENTS.... (Forum topic)
On: Apr 09, 2011

I live in Fayetteville NC im @queenbeeangel

Replied To: North Carolina Angels ? :) (Forum topic)
On: Jan 29, 2011
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