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My life is full of so much happiness because i now expecting a child that will call me mother. My name is Quinzarene De Ruiter, i am from South Africa. I got married six years ago and i have no child of my own. I became a laughing stock, the worst part of it all my husband parent call me a thing that dose not produce, my husband who love became so wicked and behaves strange. I cried all days, i visited a doctor and the doctor told me that i cannot give birth to a child again, everything was now becoming very critical. I was seriously thinking of hanging myself and just die because i have no choice. My husband started going out with his secretary at work and these left me with no option than to leave his house because he don't allow me to sleep in our matrimonial bed. I went to leave with a college old friend in Cape town. During September when i was a train to see my parent, an old woman told me about the good work of the temple of permanent healing and how he helped his son. I taught of it for 4 days so i decided to contact him through email and phone calls. He told me that the secretary of my husband was using a spell on my husband and my womb. He destroyed the spell and told me that my husband will come back to me within 5 days. it surprises me when Andrew came to meet me Cape town and beg for my return. I came home during the ending of September. The doctor confirmed on the 13th day of November that i am pregnant. I have never seen a man as strong as this priest and i know that so many people have similar problems like mine. It is advisable for anyone to contact the good priest through

Replied To: How can I Mend a Broken heart? (Forum topic)
On: Nov 22, 2012
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