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Rachel Rae


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Let me know if Baton Rouge will have a pre sale code on tomorrow as well. The tickets go on sale Friday. Thanks!

Replied To: Chapter V Tour Pre-sale! (Blog)
On: Oct 10, 2012

Click the link guys it work. As usual Trey never disappoints us.

Replied To: #DiveIn Twitter Q&A Chat (Blog)
On: Jul 05, 2012

I wish Trey will come back to Baton Rouge or Lafayette, Louisiana. I do not like New Orleans.

Replied To: #DiveIn Twitter Q&A Chat (Blog)
On: Jul 05, 2012

Love it!

On: Jul 05, 2012

I will be there follow me on twitter @rae914 It does not say what day he will be there Anybody know?

On: Jun 05, 2012
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