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What's Happening, Trey...Mr Steal Your Girl =] How are you? I am your biggest fan because I have followed you for sooo long and I gotta say that body of yours is so damnnn finee!! I would love to meet you, such a talented singer/rapper with the sexiest voice ever!! You are 'Simply Amazing' and if you ever rang my 'Doorbell', I'd think I'd have a 'Heart Attack' but my 'Bottoms Up' for you anytime because I'd love a 'Massage' off you Trey as 'You Just Need Me' to give you one too. I know this might sound 'Unusual' but I would make you 'Say Ahh'.

God Bless, Peace Out !! xxxxxxxxx


On: Aug 03, 2012
rachelgilbo23's picture
United Kingdom