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Hey Rami,

you were previously "Rammi Songz" weren't you?

Why the name change? Is it because too many users
have "songz" in their username?

I think it's a good change anyway

Raminta is a pretty name...

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Please contact for assistance with your order.

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i dont know hun am sure this happened wen i try must b another way man cha!! dat y i hate the fact he is all over there..but he was selling some atthe concert but i neva got a chance to get one coz of the queues...x

Trey's English Diva's picture

lol yes i loved it too he came hard..went birm doe as london was sold out, but all worth it, he needs to take me on some date mate

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Hi Rammi, I feel ya on wanting to see Trey live! My city & state was skip during his promo tour as well as the BP3 tour! I'm so frustrated that I'm starting a street team! I gotta get him out here! Wish me luck!