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I guess this is true.. Because seriously so many girls are dreaming to be Trey's girlfriend, when that wont happen.. And they only know Trey as TREY SONGZ not as TREMAINE.. They dont know whats really going on in his life apart from music..
And i agree to your previous comments, when you said you go to his concert and the concert can't start because of the crowd pushing and all that. So that happened to me as well when Trey came to London and i went to his concert, he came up on stage late because people were pushing right next to the stage and when they were told to go back few steps-they didnt listen. Well i understand if you're a huge fan and you're so excited, but seriously if you really wanna see Trey, then you should listen and do everything so he comes on stage.

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On: Aug 08, 2010
On: Aug 08, 2010

I want to get the "i heart Trey"shirt, but when i try to order it it says that it can not be delivered to the shown adress.. Could it be because i live in United Kingdom ?

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On: Aug 08, 2010
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On: Aug 08, 2010
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On: Aug 05, 2010
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